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Cleaning With Water

Sparkling results using the purest cleaner of all...water!

These powerful cloths will keep the whole house clean without the need for harsh chemical cleaners that can compromise indoor air quality.


Clean Air


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Home Cleaning Set - 8 Cloths


The e-cloth Home Cleaning Set is all you need to clean your house without chemicals - simply add water and wipe away 99% of bacteria, plus grease and grime!

This 8 piece kit includes:

  •  Kitchen cloth with scrubbing pocket
  •  Stainless steel cloth
  •  Range and stovetop cloth
  •  Bathroom cloth
  •  Dusting cloth
  •  Glass & polishing cloths (2)
  •  Window cloth

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Home Cleaning Set - 8 Cloths
Home Cleaning Set - 8 Cloths by e-cloth
Clean your house without harsh chemicals, from appliances to bathrooms to windows.
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Kitchen Cleaning Set - 2 Cloths
Kitchen Cleaning Set - 2 Cloths by e-cloth
Scrubbing pocket cloth removes stuck-on food, polishing cloth leaves a streak-free shine to appliances, stainless steel, worktops and sinks.
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Dusting Cloths (2-pack)
Dusting Cloths (2-pack) by e-cloth
Trap dust, lock in allergens on wood, bamboo, steel, glass, chrome, granite, leather, plastic.
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General Purpose Cleaning Cloth
General Purpose Cleaning Cloth by e-cloth
Durable, reusable and effective on stainless steel, enamel, ceramic, glass, chrome, granite, marble, slate, quartz, tile and wood.
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Stainless Steel Cleaning Cloth
Stainless Steel Cleaning Cloth by e-cloth
Easily removes grease and fingerprints from all types of stainless steel. One side for brushed, the other for polished.
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Personal Electronics Cleaning Cloth
Personal Electronics Cleaning Cloth by e-cloth
  • Good for laptops, screens, phones and tablets. Removes smears, fingerprints, makeup, oils and dirt, without affecting protective coatings.
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E-Cloth Washing Bag
E-Cloth Washing Bag by e-cloth
Machine-washable mesh laundry bag cleans and protects your e-cloths. No fabric softener or bleach, tumble or hang dry.
Thyme Essential Oil, 10ml
Thyme Essential Oil, 10ml by Plant Therapy
A few drops of this 100% undiluted oil in a glass spray bottle  is now an all-natural disinfectant and DIY cleaning solution.
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Lemon Essential Oil
Lemon Essential Oil by Plant Therapy
A few drops of this 100% undiluted oil in a glass spray bottle can refresh and sanitize any surface or room.
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Sal Suds Biodegradable Cleaner
Sal Suds Biodegradable Cleaner by Dr. Bronner's Soaps
A tablespoon or two of this all-natural multipurpose house cleaner does dishes, laundry and floors, but is gentle on your skin.