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Ditch Plastic Bottles

Stay hydrated and healthy by sipping from a safe glass bottle.

Keeps flavors clean & pure inside non-toxic soda-lime glass. These wide mouth bottles are perfect for ice cubes, citrus wedges, smoothies, teas & more. Durable, 100% recyclable and endlessly reusable. Let’s raise a glass to keeping plastic out of landfills!


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12oz Glass Water Bottle


This non-toxic 12 oz water bottle by Lifefactory is just right for fresh squeezed juice, a smoothie, or H2O on the go. It keeps flavors clean and fits into your purse and cup holder. The silicone sleeve provides superior grip and protects from occasional bumps.  Five bright colors, get one for everyone!

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16oz Glass Water Bottle
16oz Glass Water Bottle by LifeFactory

An elegant, healthy bottle for filtered H20, DIY cucumber spa water, iced tea or coffee.

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22oz Glass Water Bottle
22oz Glass Water Bottle by LifeFactory
Large size provides all-day hydration on any adventure. Pop ice cubes into the wide mouth opening, grab the loop cap handle, and go!
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Press-N-Go Cap for Lifefactory Bottle
Press-N-Go Cap for Lifefactory Bottle by LifeFactory
Easy open & close leak-proof sipping cap, just click with one hand and go! Perfect for spinning class, driving, & one-handed cartwheels.
Charcoal Water Filter Stick
Charcoal Water Filter Stick by black+blum
Tackle tap water on the go! This slim bamboo charcoal stick slips easily into your bottle & purifies water by pulling out impurities.  
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Bottle Cleaning Brush
Bottle Cleaning Brush by U-Konserve
Keep your bottles clean with double textured brush.
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Every minute people buy over 1 million plastic bottles. Less than ⅕ get recycled, and the rest end up in landfills and oceans. The numbers are staggering and continue to increase everyday. Using a high-quality glass water bottle feels good and it’s an easy way to make a difference.