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Green Cleaning

The Greenest Clean Around

Clean your surfaces and protect the air in your home

Clean Air


Refillable Green Cleaning Kit


Get the ultimate deep green clean with this refillable set of our favorite (safe) cleaners.

  • Meliora Glass Spray Bottle with All-Purpose Soap Flakes
  • Truce Scouring Powder
  • Truce Wood Polish
  • All-purpose Scrub Brush
  • eCloth Set of 2 Window Cloths
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The Green Cleaning Kit Refill


Keep the green momentum going by reducing packaging and artificial ingredients.

Why We Love These Kits

We recommend safer options like Meliora Cleaning Products All-Purpose Cleaner and Truce Wood Polish and Scouring Powder to effectively clean your home with toxin-free ingredients and essential oil fragrances. We also support their efforts to reduce packaging with refillable bottles. Durable scrubbers and lint-free cloths greatly reduce paper towel use and save a tree or two. Make that two zillion.

Tens of thousands of chemicals in household products haven't been tested for their effects on human health.

Cleaning Green Matters

We've seen more "green" cleaning products on store shelves lately, but a quick read of an ingredient list reveals that not much has changed chemical-wise beyond the new bottle color. If you're cleaning with it and breathing it, you should be confident about what you use, and what's touching your surfaces.

Build your own cleaning kit from our Green Cleaning Favorites

Our experts research and test every product for safety and performance so you can shop confidently.