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Healthy Laundry

Healthy Laundry

Healthy Laundry

tumble into non-toxic laundry

Bury your nose in warm towels and breathe in the safe freshness of natural laundering. Our simple & effective solutions are free from harsh detergents, great for sensitive skin & cleaner indoor air.

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All Natural Laundry Powder Canister

$17.99 $14.39

All natural laundry powder derived from simple plant-based ingredients and scented with pure essential oils.  Each canister contains enough powder for 128 HE loads.

  •  Powerful effective detergent that is gentle on even the most sensitive skin.
  •  3 simple ingredients, sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, & coconut oil derived soap.
  •  No synthetic fragrances, phthalates, dyes, 1,4-dioxane, optical brighteners.

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Wool Dryer Balls & Essential Oil Kit


  • Scent your laundry naturally with anti-bacterial, therapeutic grade essential oil.  Add a few drops of oil directly to the wool dryer balls to give your clothes a refreshing aroma.  Dryer balls reduce drying times by up to 25%, fluff & soften clothes, and are free from over-powering, toxic synthetic fragrances that coat clothes and contaminate indoor air quality.  Kit includes:

  •  Set of 3 pure, unbleached, hand-felted wool dryer balls in a drawstring muslin bag.
  •  1 x 10 mL bottle of essential oil: choose from relaxing Lavender, zesty Lemon, or uplifting Sweet Orange.

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load up on clean laundry essentials

Wool Dryer Balls 3-Pack
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Pure unbleached New Zealand sheep's wool balls that fluff & aerate clothing to speed drying times and soften naturally without synthetic fragrance or harmful chemical conditioners.
Natural Laundry Powder Refill Bag
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Highly effective, simple safe ingredients. Recyclable paper refill for the Natural Laundry Powder canister.  
Laundry Stain Removal Soap Stick
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A safe, all-natural alternative to conventional stain removers. No plastic packaging, free of fragrance, dye, & harsh synthetic surfactants.
Lavender Essential Oil
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Add a relaxing lavender scent to your dryer balls.
Lemon Essential Oil
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Add a zesty fresh lemon scent to your dryer balls.
Orange Sweet Essential Oil
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Add an uplifting sweet orange scent to your dryer balls.

Why We Love Healthy Laundry

We believe that doing the laundry should leave your indoor air and clothes fresh and clean without introducing unregulated toxic chemicals or excess waste. Natural & effective laundry products are an easy way to make a healthy choice for your family and the planet.

Simple choices. Mighty impact.

At MightyNest, we like to keep it simple. Our Collections help you discover healthy green changes that make a difference. Each Collection introduces a goal-driven family of products plus ideas for using them.


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