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Reusable Storage Bags

Plastic is out, Silicone Storage is in!

Store food in platinum silicone storage bags that transfer seamlessly from fridge and freezer to microwave.


Don't Pollute
Your Food

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Stasher Assorted Bag Set


Stash it all in this revolutionary alternative to plastic bags and containers. This set of 3 bags includes two sandwich size bags and one half gallon size bag. Made of pure platinum food-grade silicone, they are a healthy alternative that works so well you'll wonder how you lived without them. 

  •  Locking, leak-resistant, air-tight seal for convenience
  •  Perfect for storing, marinating, & freezing
  •  Leach resistant, chemically stable alternative to plastic

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Stasher Lunch Set
Stasher Lunch Set by Stasher
This 3 piece set is great for on-the-go waste free lunch.  Two sandwich sized bags + one snack bag provide plenty of space for creative healthy meals.
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Half Gallon Silicone Storage Bag
Half Gallon Silicone Storage Bag by Stasher
This large bag can handle marinating meats, hearty stews for freezing, or fresh chopped veggie prep for your favorite family stir-fry or dinner salad.
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Silicone Sandwich Bag, Shimmer Collection
Silicone Sandwich Bag, Shimmer Collection by Stasher
The classic sandwich bag with a cosmic shimmery twist.  Great air-tight, leakproof travel pouches for cosmetics & toiletries. 
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Silicone Storage Bag, Sandwich Size
Silicone Storage Bag, Sandwich Size by Stasher
Replace disposable plastic zip bags with this durable, endlessly reusable, press-n-seal sandwich bag.  Perfect for a simple PB&J or an elaborate portabello-arugula-caprese ciabatta!
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Pocket Stasher
Pocket Stasher by Stasher
This clever little pouch offers palm-sized convenience for pockets, purses and travel accessories. Lightly frosted on both sides for added discretion.
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Stand-Up Silicone Bag
Stand-Up Silicone Bag by Stasher

This bag can literally stand on its own. The 3D pocket allows for extra storage space. Perfect for bulk shoppers, coffee connoisseurs, marinade masters and Instant Pot enthusiasts.

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