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Soooo excited to start to #livemighty with @mightynest’s help 🌵 Can’t wait to give these dryer balls a splash of essential oils and throw them in the dryer…


Doing my very small part for the environment with my new subscription @mightynest


Ah! Look at my pretty June #mightyfix box 😍🌈 I think using these instead of paper towels will be pretty easy! Cleaning, drying, scrubbing... can't wait to use them!!


I am loving my new bees wraps I got in my MightyFix monthly box from @mightynest!!! These are the coolest little wraps to use instead of plastic lids!


My first #mightyfix was great! #swedishdishcloths are awesome. It’s like a cloth/paper towel hybrid. Can’t wait for the next to come! #ditchandswitch #healthyhomes


It’s like Christmas inn July when my #mightyfix arrives! 😄👌 We have been trying to decrease our paper consumption…JUST the thing to help us do it!

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"A great way to try innovative new products & change the world one little change at a time!"

– Marilyn

"I love this company! I love every single product I've gotten from them. The MightyFix is like a little surprise for me every month that just makes me smile.

– Kelly

"I would never be able to try such a wide variety of products on my own! I wouldn’t even know where to start. Thank you for such an amazing service!!"

– Michelle

"Great eco-conscious company. The monthly MightyFix is well worth the price. MightyNest is helping us take baby steps towards big changes. Love this company!"

– Emily

"LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Have been with MightyFix for a year and will never turn back. Love all the ways I've been able to upgrade my house and how ecofriendly my home is because of MightyFix.

– Rye

"I absolutely love MightyFix! I have no idea how they do it, but a lot of the items are of such high quality that I'm always shocked to be getting them for only $13."

– Joanna

"Love getting a monthly surprise! It has helped me become more conscious of living an environmentally friendly lifestyle one little change at a time."

– Lori
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+ Can I cancel any time?

Canceling is simple. Just login to your MightyNest account, and you can manage your subscription status from the "Manage Subscription" page to quickly cancel or pause at any time.

+ I don't have kids in the home. Can you make sure my Fixes don't include products for kids?

You're in luck! The MightyFix is always something anyone in the home can use, so we will not include products that are only useful for families with young children.

+ How does free shipping work if I add items?

As a MightyFix member, you get free shipping with anything you add to your MightyFix shipment (available to members who live in US contiguous 48 states). Need dishwasher detergent or sunscreen? Just throw it in and it'll ship for free in the same box as your next MightyFix.

When you add an item to your cart, you will be given the option to ship it with your MightyFix or to ship it now. (If you don't see that option, be sure to log into your account with the Login link at the top of the page). At checkout, there is also an option to move any items in your cart to ship with your MightyFix. Feel free to add or remove items throughout the month. Whatever is in your box when your MightyFix subscription bills will be purchased and shipped along with your MightyFix.

+ Can I get only vegan products?

Yes. When you sign up for the MightyFix, you will be asked about your preferences, including if you would like to only receive vegan products.

+ Is the MightyFix shipped in sustainable packaging?

Our shipping process is completely plastic-free. All monthly MightyFix shipments leave our warehouse in recyclable mailers and boxes made from at least 75% post-consumer waste paper, and we reuse the packaging materials that we get from our partners whenever we can.

+ Can I give the MightyFix as a gift?

Yes, you can! The MightyFix is the perfect gift to help your friends live more sustainably. Your gift recipient will also get free shipping on anything else they want to purchase from MightyNest. It's the gift that keeps on giving! You can buy gifts from 3 months to 12 months in length and once the last gift is sent, we'll automatically pause your recipient's shipments.

+ If I live outside the US contiguous 48 states, can I still sign up for the MightyFix?


For US addresses outside of the contiguous 48 states, we do offer the MightyFix, but can not always offer free shipping if you are purchasing other items. See our shipping details for more details about the shipping discounts we do offer for US addresses outside of the contiguous 48 states.

If you live in Canada or Australia, you can also sign up for the MightyFix! A small shipping fee ($3 CAN and $4 AUS) will be applied each month you receive the MightyFix.

+ My credit card expired, how can I update it so that my amazing Fixes keep coming?

To update your credit card:

  1. Login to your MightyNest account and go to "My Account"
  2. Find the "Billing Information" section
  3. Click the "Edit" button and enter your updated card information.

You should be able to quickly update the credit card number or expiration date. If you have any trouble finding that option, just call us at (847) 905-0567 or reply to one of the MightyFix emails and we can help you out.

+ What if my gift recipient already has a MightyFix subscription?

If a gift recipient already has an account or subscription, your gift will be added to their current subscription as long as they are logged into their MightyNest account when they redeem their gift code. Using the same account will also ensure that they won't receive duplicate items.