TKWide Travel Tumbler

Goodbye toxic single-use cups & bottles 

Ditch disposable cups forever with this innovative insulated bottle

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what it is

TKWide is not a typical water bottle: it’s a multi-tasking high performance insulated container that’s been impeccably fine tuned with high quality materials and careful details. Your drinks stay piping hot for 11 hours and icy cold for 38 hours thanks to double-wall stainless steel insulation, clever internal threading, and a sip-ready leakproof lid. Fill it with morning coffee, midday smoothies, or homebrew kombucha, then grab the swing handle & go. Read more

why it matters

Americans throw away 58 billion to-go cups every year & 60 million plastic water bottles everyday! To-go convenience is a common part of daily life, but it comes at a huge cost to our bodies and the planet. Plastic water bottles and lids, foam cups, and even seemingly safe paper coffee cups (they’re lined with a thin and virtually inseparable layer of polypropylene plastic) contain carcinogenic chemicals that leach into our drinks and the environment. These throw-away cups & bottles create massive amounts of unhealthy waste: most can’t be recycled and go right into the trash (or the ocean). Read more


Don't Pollute
Your Food

What Makes It Mighty


leakproof, sippable lid, & easy-swing handle make it easy to take along everywhere you go; slim profile fits into cup-holders


toxin-free, BPA-free, won’t absorb or impart flavors or leach risky chemicals into your drink


keeps everything from hot chai to cold water at the right temperature for hours


smooth rust-resistant 18/8 stainless steel interior + chip-resistant exterior provide a lifetime of use

insider tip

“When I order my morning latte at the drive-thru, I tell them I brought my Travel Tumbler and they pour the espresso shot and steamed milk into my cup at the window!"

Linda (MightyNest Content Creator)

hot or cold, to go!

Take along TKWide Tumbler for easy sipping wherever you go, and refill it with all kinds of drinks all day long.  Commute with hot coffee. Sip herbal tea at your desk. Rehydrate with fresh water on a hot day. Chill out with a cool smoothie at the pool. Drink a hot toddy on a winter hike.  

steamy sipping

-Carry-out coffee
-Spicy Anandamide chai with almond milk
-Hot mulled cider (recipe below)

really rehydrate

-Fresh lemonade
-Homemade electrolyte water (recipe below)

keep it cool

-Cold-brew coffee
-Kombucha from a growler
-Mint sun tea with coconut sugar (recipe below)

put a NEW cap on it!

Expand the functionality of your Travel Tumbler with TKWide caps that make it easy  to transition from morning coffee to afternoon smoothies to water at the gym. Try out a Straw Cap, Chug Cap, or solid Loop Cap in addition to your Cafe Cap. Each leakproof cap includes an easy-carry swivel loop. 

use & care

Leave “breathing” room for the cap! To avoid spills, don’t fill the cup above the line below the internal threading bumps (about 1.5” from the top). 

Turn top of cap 90 degrees clockwise to lock and 90 degrees counterclockwise to open for sipping.

Hand wash only (do not wash in dishwasher).  Use warm water, dish soap & a bottle brush. Rinse thoroughly between refills.

Cap easily comes apart for deep cleaning.  Recommended as needed after milky, thick, or sweet drinks. Turn top of cap to “open,” then flip over. Unscrew fastener & gently press the screw towards the top of the cap. Separate all 5 parts, wash in warm soapy water. Reassemble when dry.

Meet The Maker

Jeff and Michelle Cresswell,
Co-owners, Brother & Sister

Headquartered in Chica, CA, Klean Kanteen is a family-owned company and certified B Corporation that’s on a mission to keep single-use waste from trashing the world. Their story began in 2002 when inventor Robert Seals used hardware store supplies to create the first prototype of a non-toxic stainless steel bottle for personal hydration. He introduced the first Klean Kanteen in 2004 before passing the torch to the Cresswell family.

In the late 2000s, the news began to spread about the dangers of BPA and plastic pollution.  Interest in “clean” containers skyrocketed, and the company’s phones started ringing off the hook. Under the guidance of Jeff & Michelle, with the mentorship of their father, Darrell, the company has continued to expand while maintaining a firm focus on charitable work. 

Today Klean Kanteen offers a full line of durable stainless steel solutions to help people replace plastic and reduce single-use container pollution and remains deeply involved with its local community. The company provides free filtered water stations at local events and sponsors & participates in community clean ups. Team members are given 24 hours of paid volunteer time annually to support diverse community nonprofits.





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