Goodbye plastic bags. 
Seal the deal on keeping baggies out of the landfill with reusable airtight silicone.


what it is

Stasher bags are endlessly reusable storage solutions made from food-safe, pure platinum silicone. The Pinch-loc™ seal provides an airtight and waterproof environment to keep foods fresh and prevent leaks. Unlike flimsy plastic baggies, Stasher bags are conveniently flexible but have a durable integrity that holds its shape so you can bring food on the go without it getting mushy & mangled. The pure silicone construction is dishwasher safe, temperature tolerant (freezer & microwave safe), and is chemically stable to minimize the risk of leaching toxins entering your food.

why it matters

Disposable zip-top baggies may be convenient but they pack a heavy burden on the planet and your health! They release toxins into your food, then bypass recycling because they’re contaminated by grease and debris. After just one use, they go from trash to the landfill or ocean where they spend the next 500+ years releasing harmful chemicals into the environment.  Invisible but dangerous chemical degradation of plastic happens with exposure to oily or acidic foods, sunshine, heat, cold, friction, time, basic use— to intermingle endocrine disrupting molecules into your food and body, yikes!  Stasher keeps your food safe and breaks the cycle of single-use disposables time & time again!


Don't Pollute
Your Food

What Makes It Mighty


durable & strong, lasts for years


keeps food fresh & delicious


resists bacteria and odors


100% pure platinum silicone

insider tip

Keep tabs on your leftovers & lunches.  Use a dry erase marker to label & date Stasher bags.

so many ways to stash! 

lunch on-the-go

Just right for a simple PB&J or a fancy arugula, portabello, caprese ciabatta!  Layer salads or poké toppings and eat right out of the bag.

smoothie prep

Pre-slice, chop, & sort your fruits & veggies into Stasher bags and toss in the freezer. Grab a bag, add to blender with nut milk or coconut water for an easy & fast healthy morning smoothie.

gift baked goods

Stasher bags are a perfect way to (double)gift an eco-friendly batch of brownies. 

travel & organize

Transport toiletries, cosmetics, passports, earbuds and travel essentials in the leakproof and TSA size-approved Stasher sandwich bag.

use & care

Add food at any temperature— up to 400° F (liquids, sauces, or solids).

"Burp" the bag to release excess air as you pinch, press and seal to create an airtight seal. 

Hand wash with soap & water or place on the top rack of the dishwasher.  Do NOT turn inside out as it can compromise seams.

For stubborn stains & odors, make a baking soda paste with vinegar or water. Apply to the bag for at least 20-30 minutes then rinse & wash as normal.

Meet The Maker

Stasher CEO & Founder: Kat Nouri—
a rebel with a cause!

The word “no” has never slowed her down, but rather challenged her to get more creative. As an immigrant, a woman, and a mother of three, Kat is committed to standing up for the rights and opportunities of other women, and to motivating people to protect our planet. 

“Growing up, healthy choices were a natural way of life,” says Nouri. Her father was an athlete, and a serial entrepreneur, with a background in agriculture. Her mother was a PhD in nutrition with a strong sense of spirituality. “My mom was obsessed with reading labels of packaged foods, and she always said what you cook and store your food in should be just as important as what you eat. She never let us wrap our food in foil or plastic and basically taught us to be health-conscious consumers from the get-go.”

Kat discovered a passion for sales and marketing at IBM, but was constantly drawn to design and innovation, itching to carve out her own path, always looking for new adventures.  “A big turning point was when I got involved with other mission-driven social entrepreneurs who believe it’s up to manufacturers to create responsible products. This drove me beyond my own ambitions to take action,” she explains.

And that’s when Stasher was born. “I built the company that I wished existed, centered on positivity, activism, wellness, and transparency.” As a Certified B Corporation and a 1% for the Planet business partner, Stasher takes pride in accountability. The company supports non-profits in environment conservancy and female empowerment through philanthropy, volunteering, and community activism.

“Business has the power to be a champion for society and the environment,” says Nouri. “We’re out to make big changes by giving people beautifully designed alternatives to single-use plastics that are more functional, save consumers money, and give everyone the ability to feel good about positive choices that benefit future generations."


How can I remove hard water spots, stains, or odors? 
Silicone tends to pick up (harmless) hard water deposits in the dishwasher.  You can add a rinse to your dishwasher cycle or wipe bags with vinegar to remove spots.   

Since Stasher bags do not have any synthetic coatings, acidic foods like tomato sauce can cause some staining.  To remove stains or odors, make a baking soda paste with vinegar or water.
Apply to discolored container, let sit for at least 20–30 mins, rinse and wash the bag like normal.

Or toss your Stasher in the sun for a natural stain remover.  Those powerful sun rays will zap any stain!

To minimize odors, wash bags immediately after use.  For any stubborn odors, repeat stain treatment steps listed above and leave a lemon wedge in the bag overnight. 



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