Our Philosophy

Finding healthy options for all the products we use on a daily basis can be overwhelming. We think things should be simpler.

Our expert team researches and tests thousands of products to find the ones that are the best combination of healthy, green, affordable, and that actually work! We purposely designed everything around helping you in five key areas of your home:

Mighty Choices in 5 Areas


Don't Pollute Your Food

How we prep, eat and store our food really does matter. Synthetic materials often found in kitchen products (plastic, Teflon, etc) can break down and make your organic meals not so organic. Many of these materials end up in landfills and into our waterways, food systems and back into us.


Clean Green

What goes on your counters and into the air in your home can end up in your body.


Ditching Single-Use Disposables

Each person contributes 100 pounds of plastic every year to landfills from single-use disposables. Nobody can be perfect, but we have simpler, easier options that can help to reduce our impact.


Use Safe Skincare

What goes on your body goes into your body, and eventually into our waterways and back into our food.


Breathe Clean Air

Fragrances, home cleaning products and outgassing can make inside air harmful and ultimately impact the environment.