Our Pledge To You

1. Keeping Your Family Safe

We make sure all products are toxin-free
  • Every product is screened to be free of known toxins such as: BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead and other heavy metals, melamine, chemical flame retardants, parabens and other harsh chemicals.
  • We interview each manufacturer about their product ingredients, overall manufacturing processes and safety testing. If there is even one slight component that doesn’t meet our criteria, that product is not selected.
  • We are very discerning about whom we work with, and we choose reputable manufacturers to ensure all of their products meet our high standards for each specific category.
We go a step further and look for the safest materials
  • We select stable materials that are non-leaching such as: medical grade silicone, glass, food grade stainless steel, organic cotton, natural rubber, water-based paints and low-impact dyes.
  • We strive wherever possible to find alternatives to plastic. The small handful of items that do contain plastic are all made by reputable manufacturers and tested to be free of BPA and PVC.

2. Saving You Time

We've taken out the guesswork
  • Every product we sell is hand-selected by us (the founders) and extensively screened for maximum safety so you don’t have to second-guess your purchases.
We choose the best products in each category
  • Rather than scanning through hundreds of products to try to figure out which are the safest and highest quality, we narrow it down to the cream of the crop.
Research and shop all in one place
  • We offer both a resource center and marketplace on our website so that you can research issues and purchase safe products without jumping around to different sites.

3. Easing Your Mind

We do this because we believe it is important
  • Everyone should be armed with information so they can make the best decisions for their family’s health and safety.
We're more than a store
  • Our Learn section helps you stay informed on important topics. Our blog and facebook page provide a community to connect, ask questions and get answers.
We want to help you
  • If you call, you have a really good chance of speaking directly to us (the founders – who personally selected and tried out all of these great products), and we will help you with any questions or issues.