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Our story

From the beginning, MightyNest’s mission has been to make healthy, green living simple and sustainable - from ditching disposables, to replacing plastic, to reducing everyday exposure to avoidable toxins.

In 2005, husband and wife team Chris and Kristen Conn, expecting their first child, decided to look more closely at the everyday products they were using and how they might affect the health of their growing family and, in turn, the planet. 

Turns out, doing the research and finding safe, sustainable products that actually worked (not just those labeled as green) was hard, time-consuming, and non-centralized. Resources at the time were few and far between, lacked guidance, and often left them with more questions than answers.  MightyNest was born out of the Conn’s desire to share with other families their learnings and take the overwhelm out of finding better-for-you products. 

Since MightyNest first launched in 2009, we have relentlessly searched for thoughtfully crafted products, made from the healthiest ingredients, that actually work. Today, with over a decade of expertise in healthy & sustainable product research, MightyNest is a trusted source that helps you make informed buying decisions and find excellent products that fit your lifestyle, wherever you may be on your sustainability journey. 

MightyNest consults with 12+ sources when vetting each and every ingredient, material and product, and then we share that information with our customers in an easy-to-understand way. Learn more about our high standards.

We believe a better future starts in our homes and that simple choices have a mighty impact over time.