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Our story

It all started in 2005 when my wife, Kristen, was pregnant with our first child. The reality that our decisions impacted another human caused us to take a closer look at the products we used every day. 

We were startled to find that many items contained potentially harmful chemicals linked to unnecessary health risks. We quickly became determined to learn the truth about cleaning supplies, food storage, body care…you name it…to provide the best for our growing family.

Turns out, doing the research and finding actual safe, sustainable products (not just those labeled as green) was hard, especially between diaper changes and midnight feedings. The resources we found were few and far between, lacked guidance, and often left us with more questions than answers. And we weren’t alone. We encountered many others who wanted to make better choices for their families and the planet but felt overwhelmed by the process and decisions. There wasn’t a good way.  So, we created one — MightyNest.

our mission

The MightyNest mission, passion and reason for being is to make healthy, green living simple and sustainable.

We are your source for eco-friendly products, providing inspiration to make meaningful changes such as ditching disposables, replacing plastic and eliminating toxins. We are here for every step of your journey, helping you learn about and find healthier, greener choices, whether it be by shopping our site or joining the MightyFix, our monthly subscription service. It’s all about making an impact, in your home and in the world as a whole.

our difference

Since MightyNest first launched in 2009, we have relentlessly searched for thoughtfully crafted products, made from the healthiest ingredients, that actually work.

From the beginning, we set extremely high standards. We know not all ingredients are created equal. And we know everyone has their own criteria for what they are looking for in a product. That’s why we consult with 12+ sources, including government regulatory groups (like the EPA and the EU), chemistry databases (such as PubChem and PubMed) and advocacy groups (including EWG and Women’s Voices), to learn everything we can when researching every ingredient.

We strive to be 100% transparent on everything we sell. Our product selection process, criteria and ingredient disclosures are available for all to read.

We believe a better future starts in our homes, and we want to make it easy for you to make small steps that will add up to a big impact over time.


Live Mighty!

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