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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions. If they don't answer your question, please contact us!

About MightyNest for Schools

What is MightyNest for Schools?
How do I raise money through MightyNest for Schools?
What percentage of each purchase goes back to my school?
How do I tell my school about the program?
How can I see how my school is doing?
What type of support do I receive?
What types of schools can participate?
Can home schools participate? What about sports teams, scouts, and other non-school organizations?
Which department or organization at my school receives the donation?
How does my school / parent organization get paid?
We pay schools each June when a minimum of $100 has been raised. Unpaid balances accrue in the school's account. We'll notify school contacts or supporters when a payment is ready to be claimed.
How do I get started?
How do I get added as a School Leader on my school's page?
How do I add new School Leaders to manage my school's page?
How do I set the payment details for the donation check we will receive in May?
How do I edit my school's page?

Uploading photos

 Why won't my photo upload work? 

Managing your school affiliation

 How can I change the school I'm supporting? 
Can I support more than one school with MightyNest?
An order I placed wasn't credited to my school (or was credited to the wrong school). How do I change it?
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