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Program Terms & Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions. If they don't answer your question, please contact us!

About MightyNest for Schools

What is MightyNest for Schools?
MightyNest for Schools is an internet shopping fundraiser. It's simple because it engages your school community in healthy, mindful living first. Simply get the ball rolling by promoting the program to parents at your school, then our team will keep parents engaged throughout the year with guides, new gear, and offers. Members earn for your school every month they receive their membership box, and since many members remain with us year after year, the school earnings can continue to build. 

Our flagship product, the MightyFix, is the most effective tool for fundraising with MightyNest.  For $11/month parents will receive one amazing product each month that helps their family live healthier and greener while earning $1 a month for you school. The product is always worth more than $11 retail, ships free and you get free shipping on anything else you add to your box of our over 2,000 products each month when you ship them with your MightyFix. This is prominently featured on your school page.
How do I raise money through MightyNest for Schools?
What types of schools can participate?
Can home schools participate? What about sports teams, scouts, and other non-school organizations?
How do I get started?
How do I tell my school about the program?
Who can support a school on MightyNest?
How can I see how my school is doing?
What happens if my school does not activate the fundraiser?
How can I tell that my order successfully supported my school?

Managing Your School Affiliation

 How can I change the school I'm supporting? 
Can I support more than one school with MightyNest?
An order I placed wasn't credited to my school (or was credited to the wrong school). How do I change it?

Important Program Requirements and Dates

Do schools need to activate their fundraiser each year?
What happens if my school isn’t claimed and activated by October 15th?
What are the important program dates?
Which department or organization at my school receives the donation?
How does my school / parent organization get paid?
How much does my school need to earn to receive a check?
Do earnings count in the next year if my school does not reach $100?

School Leaders: Managing Your School Fundraiser

What type of support do I receive?
How do I get added as a School Leader on my school's page?
How do I add new School Leaders to manage my school's page?
How do I set the payment details for the donation check we will receive in June?
How do I edit my school's page?
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