Butter Bar Conditioning Shampoo Bar

Butter Bar Conditioning Shampoo Bar
9 reviews

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What makes it Mighty?

  • rich, creamy lather moisturizes hair from shaft to ends
  • anti-frizz coconut milk & moisturizing babassu oil
  • no plastic bottle, biodegradable packaging

Product Details

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This Butter Bar by Chagrin Valley creates a highly moisturizing shampoo enriched with organic cocoa, shea and mango butters which are protective emollients that penetrate deep to provide nourishment for the hair shaft. The lather is rich and creamy with the natural scent of cocoa butter. The natural ingredients gently clean the hair and scalp without stripping away natural protective oils.

Great for dry, course, over-processed, heat-treated, or damaged hair. 

  • Moisturizing butters nourish and protect dry, damaged or brittle hair
  • Babassu oil moisturizes for shiny, healthy-looking hair
  • Coconut milk soothes dry scalps and has anti-frizz properties that help with manageability, adds another layer of deep conditioning and imparts silkiness and shine to hair
  • A sulfate-free, silicone free, paraben free natural conditioning shampoo

Size: 5.6 oz bar

Use and care:

Lather soap bar in water then rub lather into wet hair, or rub bar directly onto wet hair then lather. Thoroughly rinse. Store away from direct water contact.

Where is it made?
How is it packaged?
Paper box
End of use:
Compost or recycle box
Is it Vegan?
Why yes it is!
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What Others are Saying

mighty bird

Overall Score

9 reviews
Why is this only getting 3 stars?? I give it 5!
Review by Heather K. on 4/5
Why is this only getting 3 stars?? I give it 5!

I love this conditioning bar shampoo and only have to wash my hair 2-3 times per week!! When I started using it I used bottled conditioner after as I was afraid I would not be able to get a comb through my hair. Turns out I CAN comb my hair with patience starting on the ends and working my way up. I have tried no poo with baking soda& water followed by apple cider vinegar & water as a conditioner and I, BY FAR, prefer this one conditioning bar over that! I have sensitive skin with an allergy to isothiazolinone, and any ingredient with that word in it. The discovery of that changed my world (it is in EVERYTHING laundry, dish soap, shampoo body cleansers, anything liquid). I also love that it comes in a recyclable box so I am helping the planet too!

Like a lot!
Review by Lori Z. on 3/30
Like a lot!

My favorite shampoo bar from Lust is no longer available. I've tried several different bars and this has been my favorite so far. Hair felt clean and easy to manage after shampooing. Price is right too. Thanks Butter Bar!

Good for dry mature hair
Review by Christina on 2/9
Good for dry mature hair

This shampoo bar left my curly grey hair soft and manageable. There was more lather than I thought there would be, it rinsed out easily. My husband immediately noticed the pleasant but not overpowering scent in my dried hair. I don't use any other products so a conditioning bar is a win win for me.
Definitely a quality bar that's worth trying.

Not for oily hair
Review by PilatesMama on 12/27
Not for oily hair

This bar didn’t work for my oily hair. After a few washes, my hair felt oily and i stopped using and went back to my other shampoo bar. May work well for dry hair. It was with a try.

I tried to like this
Review by Laura on 4/15
I tried to like this

I really tried to like this. I feel it leaves a residue on my hair. I did rinse as much as possible. I have a whole house water filter and a shower filter. I do not want to have to bring vinegar into the shower with me! I thought one time it was better and had high hopes, but the next shampoo was worse than ever. It feels ok as you are rinsing, but when your hair is dry it feels "gunky". I give it 2 stars just because my hair didn't feel like straw.

difficult to rinse
Review by Linda on 3/20
difficult to rinse

I was very surprised how quickly this bar lathers and how much lather it produced. It was a shock when I started rinsing it-it felt like I was rinsing glue out of my hair! My hair is short to medium length; couldn't imagine rinsing it if it was any longer. I use a regular conditioner afterwards. My water is normal- not hard water by any means.

Very drying
Review by Alex on 4/28
Very drying

This bar smells great & lathers up well, but it left my hair extremely dry. I have combination hair with slightly oily near the scalp & a little dry at the ends. I found that after washing my hair, my scalp felt dry & itchy and my ends were even more dry & fly-away. I think this bar might be ok for people with very oily hair, but not for normal or dry hair.

Not for oily hair
Review by PilatesMama on 10/8
Not for oily hair

I have been trying different bar shampoos and got this one with high hopes. I have oily hair and this shampoo bar did not adequately clean my hair to my satisfaction, but may work well with dry hair. It left a residue on my hair and scalp. I cannot try the other shampoo bars from this company because they have lavender, which I am allergic to.

Review by Marce Sheets on 8/29

I love the smell and the lather is just as much as regular shampoo. I get the feeling of a waxy film after and my hair is hard to brush. I am wondering if they put bees wax in it to harden it into a bar? I think the formula could improve not to make your hair feel so waxy after.

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