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Refillable Vegan Dental Floss

Refillable Vegan Dental Floss

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What makes it Mighty?

  • bamboo charcoal floss detoxifies teeth and gums
  • refillable glass container keeps disposable plastics out of landfills
  • Vegan

Product Details

Dental Lace’s fashionable, refillable glass container is now available with vegan Bamboo Charcoal floss. The set include one Dental Lace container loaded with one 33-yard spool of vegan floss and one refill spool (66 yards of floss total). The refill package contains two 33-yard spools of vegan floss. 

"If everyone in the U.S. flossed their teeth according to ADA recommendations every year our empty containers would fill a landfill the size of a football field that's six stories high! That's why I decided to create my own fashionable, refillable floss containers" — Jodi Breau, founder of Dental Lace, Inc. Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Size: Glass container is 2” x 0.5”
Materials: Vegan floss is made from bamboo fiber, PTE, plant-based Candelilla wax and natural mint flavoring. Container is glass with stainless steel lid with floss cutter.

Made in China 
Packaged and assembled in Maine​


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About Dental Lace
Jodi Breau had the idea for Dental Lace while working as a school librarian. She needed to carry dental floss in her bag, but she rejected the standard, ugly dental floss containers available and decided to create a more fashionable option. As she worked on her design, it soon became clear that the current dental floss market created a huge amount of waste. Her goal shifted to creating a fashionable and eco-friendly dental floss container and Dental Lace refillable dental floss was born. Dental Lace, Inc. is proudly located in Maine, a state with a long history of environmental protection efforts. As much as possible, Maine businesses are used to bring Dental Lace to market.

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