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Deodorant Cream
31 reviews

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"The holy grail of deodorants." -Siobhan O'Connor, author of No More Dirty Looks

This all-natural yet powerful deodorant cream utilizes superfine vegetable powders, clays, and lavender, peppermint and tea tree essential oils to absorb moisture, inhibit bacteria, and ensure a long-lasting and highly effective experience. The frosting-like consistency ensures effortless manual application and quick absorption. Soapwalla's Deodorant Cream is free from harmful chemicals, petroleum, or aluminum compounds found in commercial antiperspirants (linked to alzheimer's and breast cancer), is vegan, and is never ever tested on animals.  2 oz jar.

ORIGINAL INGREDIENTS: Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) Oil*; Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Oil*; Rosehip Seed Oil*; Butyrospermun parkii (Shea) Butter; Corn Starch*+; Sodium Bicarbonate+; Kaolin Clay; Vegan Kosher Glycerin*+; a custom blend of essential oils, including: Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender)*; Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree)*; Citrus Sinensis (Sweet Orange); Mentha Piperita (Peppermint)*; Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergaptene-free Bergamot)*; Non-GMO Soy lecithin*+; Non-GMO Vitamin E*+.

CITRUS INGREDIENTS:  Butyrospermum parkii (Shea) butter*, Zea mays (Corn) starch*+, Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) seed oil*+, Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) seed*, Sodium bicarbonate*+, Rosa rubiginosa (Rosehip) seed oil*, Lecithin*+, Glycerin*+, Cymbopogon flexuosus (Lemongrass) herb oil*, Kaolin, Tocopherol*+, Citrus aurantium bergamia (bergaptene-free Bergamot) fruit oil*, Citrus aurantifolia (Lime) peel oil – steam distilled, Citrus paradisi (Grapefruit) peel oil, Litsea cubeba (May chang) fruit oil*, Vanilla planifolia (Vanilla) fruit extract.

(*: certified organic, +: food-grade)

USE: ensure deodorant is mixed completely (some separation is normal), scoop a little with your finger and gently apply to the entire armpit (don’t push hard, it’s sensitive skin). Make sure it’s absorbed completely (absorbs quickly), then go about your day stink-free!

MORE ABOUT ESSENTIAL OILS USED: Litsea Cubeba: Native to Southeast Asia, this sweet-spicy citrus is a potent antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, deodorizer, and vulnerary (heals wounds); Bergamot: our bergaptene-free bergamot (not photosensitizing) is analgesic, antibacterial, antiseptic, deodorizer, febrifuge (reduces fevers), and skin tonifier. Lime and Grapefruit; Naturally lift spirits and are fantastic antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral, bactericidal, and deodorant oils. Lemongrass; Another terrific essential oil that is naturally analgesic, antifungal, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antiviral, bactericidal, deodorant, and fungicidal. Vanilla Absolute; This thick, nearly resinous liquid paste is not an essential oil but rather a concentrated aromatic oil extracted from from the flowers and pods of the vanilla plant (part of the orchid family). This delicious smelling, slightly smoky paste is a natural antioxidant, coolant, anticarcinogenic, and quickly heals wounds.

**NOTE: In hot weather, your deodorant may arrive in a liquefied state - don't fret! I don't use any unnecessary waxes or hardeners, so temperature fluctuations will alter the solidity of your deodorant. Simply mix thoroughly to reincorporate clays and liquids, then pop in the freezer for about 20 min, until resolidified. You'll be as good as new!**

Made by Soapwalla

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Customer Ratings and Reviews

Overall Score

31 reviews
Review by on

I was a total skeptic about deodorants, and had recently tried another brand. It wasn't bad but I still had wetness. Then I got a sample of this through Mighty Nest and I am loving this! Still some wetness with the sweat, but not near as much as before. No smell, and easy to use. Minus all the chemicals I had been using for years with antiperspirants. So glad I changed over and this made it easy!

Review by on

I was a total non believer in natural deodorants. I sweat like a man, even though I'm tiny, and I usually used men's deodorants because that's all that worked to not be sweaty and stinky. I've been using this solely for about 6 weeks straight, and I LOVE it!! Minimal sweating, NO stink, and, most importantly, no harsh chemicals! I will only be using this from now on! I wasn't crazy about the citrus scent. It was a little pine sol-y, but the scent faded quickly. I ordered the original one this time:)

Review by on

I'm not thrilled about having to get this on my fingers or the citronella fragrance, but it works so well I can't believe it! The fragrance fades quickly but this continues to work and work. Amazing!

Absolutely Amazing - I can't live without it!
Review by on

This deodorant is the holy grail, folks. Just like many others here, I've tried soooo many all-natural deodorants but they either didn't work or created a nasty hurtful rash on my pits.

But this Soapwalla Deoderant Cream is ::Gollum speak:: "my precious". I live in Central Florida and no matter what I'm wearing, I'm sweating before I even get to my car. This will not disappoint, folks. I was shocked when, after driving to work with broken AC in a long sleeve shirt and long pants in the summer, working in a hot restaurant for 8 hours, I STILL could not smell any b.o. Trust me, I stuck my nose in there good to make sure. Goes on smooth, doesn't irritate my skin, and the citrus scent is oh so yummy and pleasant. The original is a little more "herbal-mediciny", but it does the trick too, just depends on your preference.

If I was on Survivor and could take only one thing with me, it would probably be this deodorant.

Review by on

Update: I have used this product for a year now and still love it and use it daily. I did experience redness and irritation like some others until I started gently dabbing the cream onto my skin. DO NOT RUB!!

Just like all the other reviewers stated, this natural deodorant is AMAZING. I have tried so many brands and even made my own several times and never got such great results. It is not antiperspirant but any wetness dries very quickly and doesn't diminish the staying power. This is a must try!

BEST, better than ANY deodorant I have EVER tried
Review by on

I live in humid South Florida. I need an effective product. But I am also concerned with commercial products and their toxic ingredients. So I have tried numerous of the natural products, heck, one still had aluminum! WHAT?

None worked well -- I would start sweating or the smell was so awful I couldn't stand the scent of the product -- then it still didn't last long.

Well, here's what I did. Based on reviews, I bought this jar AND another jar of another brand.

I showered and washed the pits (Olive and Brad). When I was dry, I applied this to the left underarm and the jar of the other under the right.

The next day, I did not shower. At all. I waited until that night, and I really got in there and stuck my fingers in the left side, and I smelled NOTHING bad AT ALL. Nothing. I couldn't believe it, I still smelled a tiny bit of product if anything.

The right side did well but -- eh, not perfect. There was some stink. This product won, hands down.

So I tried it again, only this time I put this product under the right arm just in case my right arm was producing more funk.

Nope. No smell.

Well, here's the REAL DEAL when last week, I was in a big hurry to get out of the house and, after showering, drying and dressing I had to put on deodorant. I didn't choose the natural because I have to dip a finger into it and smear it underneath my arm. That's all well and good on a typical day but I was in such a rush that I didn't want to have to wash or wipe my hands and I grabbed the stick of degree that I had been using before I received this natural deodorant.

Went about the day / evening.

The next day before showering, I decided to test.

Nope. Both pits had odor. I couldn't believe it! So not only was I poisoning myself using this stuff, but it wasn't even the best solution?

I am SO grateful to the people who stop and write these reviews because if not for them, I would not have chosen this brand. It really works for me so very well. I am a female and I do shave my armpits (well ..) so I can't tell you how well this works with wookie pits. But I can promise you that I have had no issues and plan to continue to use this.

All of the other stick "natural" deodorants that I have tried (like 4 brands / types) continue to sit in my cabinet unused. I used to save them for days when I knew I would just be hanging out at home because they were not effective for that long.

But this? This is great stuff. I trust it no matter where I am going, what I am doing and can finally - with confidence - toss the other natural stick deodorants out (wasteful, but, I will never use them).

This stuff is amazing. And thank you to the person who called it "the holy grail of natural deodorants" because that really stood out, and it's why I purchased this product.


I WANT TO ADD THAT I HAVE SENSITIVE SKIN! I am also very chemical sensitive to smells, I can't walk through a bread aisle in the grocery store at times when it's really acting up and it's hard for me to go out into public with perfumes and hair dyes -- and forget the laundry detergent aisle at a store ... This product does not bother me AT ALL. And I saw other reviews where people had sensitive skin and one got a rash, I would think that might be an allergic reaction because it has never bothered me at all. Even my allergist said my control scratches puff up like I am having an allergic reaction to nothing, that's how sensitive my skin is.

So if you have sensitive skin but no allergies to the ingredients, you may still be able to use this. I have had no issues. I have also shaved and then used it when I get out of the shower, but I always wait until I am completely dry .. It's never been absolutely "immediate". But again zero problems with this irritating my skin.

For those who do have sensitive skin and this product doesn't work, I think that this web site sells another brand in powder form that they have one for sensitive skin -- you can call customer service and ask if you want to try it. Seems to me I saw it recently but I love this so much, I have no reason to look elsewhere.

Great natural deodorant that works
Review by on

I've tried other natural deodorants and was quickly becoming discouraged as none of them worked...until I tried this one. This deodorant works very well. It does feel a little gritty going on but I don't feel it at all after the application. It smells great too.

It's a winner!!
Review by on

I've been using this for a while (just ordered my 3rd jar...and it lasts a longtime) and I couldn't be happier! I've tried a plethora of natural deodorants over the last 3 years that couldn't handle my sweating + Atlanta's humidity. I would consider myself to have sensitive skin and at one point the deodorant did give me a rash the size of a nickel. However, I soon realized that I had made the mistake of applying the deodorant right after I shaved. It's important to wait at least 30 minutes before applying after you shave. Now my routine is to get the kids to bed, shower/shave, do laundry/read, apply the deodorant before bed, and reapply in the AM (when it's summer) so I'm smelling fresh ALL day.

Review by on

Just like all the other reviewers stated, this natural deodorant is AMAZING. I have tried so many brands and even made my own several times and never got such great results. It is not antiperspirant but any wetness dries very quickly and doesn't diminish the staying power. This is a must try!

Review by on

Oh my goodness!!! This is THE MOST AMAZING stuff! My husband and I hiked to Hanging Lake in Colorado over the weekend ~ it's one mile to the lake with a 1000 foot gain in elevation. WHEW! Up and down, and I was soaked, but I DID NOT SMELL!!! This product far exceeded my expectations! I will be using this every day!

Love this product, works
Review by on

Love this product, works perfectly!

This deodorant is life
Review by on

This deodorant is life changing! I highly recommend it!

I am 56 years old and have
Review by on

I am 56 years old and have always had armpit body odor with everything I have tried. This Soapwalla deodorant is AWESOME - absolutely no odor and no aluminum chloride. Would recommend to everyone. BOOM!

I purchased this deodorant
Review by on

I purchased this deodorant for my 24yr. old son. He has tried many different products to combat odor and thought he was out of options. I read about and figured it was worth a try. So far, he is very satisfied with the results.

I was looking for a deodorant
Review by on

I was looking for a deodorant for my preteen without all of the chemicals and it works great! My son and I also use this one and it works great for us also. It is easy to use and smells good. I will continue to buy it.

This is the best deodorant I
Review by on

This is the best deodorant I have ever used! I was worried I wouldn't like the hand application (as opposed to a roll-on or such) but it's totally fine. The product is not greasy. Easy to apply AND it totally works!!! Thank you Mighty Nest for teaching me about another product I need!

I was sceptical of buying
Review by on

I was sceptical of buying this product because in the past other all natural deodorant just didnt work. But this Works great, even in the hot summer days. Also smells great too. Will buy again!

Great if your not sensitive to baking soda
Review by on

This deodorant works great if you are not sensitive to baking soda. Good moisture control compared to most natural deodorants. It worked great for a while then I started getting bad rashes. I've switched to the sensitive formula with no problems. Wish Mighty Nest carried the sensitive formula.

Works great!
Review by on

I have been disappointed with other natural deodorants as they don't work very well. This one keeps me smelling good all day and into the next. Even my kids think I smell nice! The paste is a little gritty, but it's not too messy to put on, and I am very happy with the results. I plan to have my teens start using this as well.

Love this product!!! Did an
Review by on

Love this product!!! Did an 5 mile power walk...1 hour of circuit training at the gym and no stink! Especially during the summer I have trouble with most all "healthy" deodorants. Not so with this cream. Amazing product

This is the best natural
Review by on

This is the best natural product I have found so far, and I've used a lot of them. Just a small amount eliminates odor for hours. Sometimes I do find I have to reapply late in the day, but not always. Sweating is also much less, unlike the crystal type deodorant which eliminates odor but not sweat.

Review by on

I received the citrus version as part of my mighty fix. Prior to receiving this I had been making and using my own deodorant for several months, which is baking soda based, with zero issues. I like the lemongrass/citrus scent, and thought to give it a try because a) I thought it might help me refine my homemade version and b) since I have it why not use it.

I had zero problems the first week or so, but through the second week I noticed a red rash and irritation in my armpits. I discontinued use of all deodorants until it cleared up. After it did I went back to my homemade version and had zero issues. I didn’t try Soapwalla’s deodorant cream again.

I wanted to like, and still do like this deodorant, but developing a rash means I recommend with reservations and won’t purchase it for my own use. I like the smell, the texture, and it was effective with body odor. I don’t know why I developed the rash because I haven't had irritation issues with any of the ingredients in other products. I only attribute it to this deodorant cream because that was the only new thing (i.e. food, body care, cleaning, etc) in my life.

Worked great BUT...
Review by on

I really was excited to try this deodorant cream. I really liked it and had no B.O. while using it. HOWEVER, it did darken the skin in my armpits. I didn't have any irritation, darkness almost like a bruise. I stopped using it and hope my skin will will return to its original color.

Works but irritating
Review by on

I want to preface this with the fact that I have VERY sensitive skin. So sensitive that I cannot even use baby wash or lotion the majority of the time.

The deodorant works very well. I've tried so many different brands over the years and they all left me sweaty and musky. I've been using this product for about 3 weeks now and truly believe that it works.

However, unfortunately it highly irritates my skin to the point that my armpits are now bright red and look sunburned. They don't hurt or itch, which is odd, but they are not attractive in sleeveless attire.

Sadly, for me, the search is still ongoing.

This actually worked really
Review by on

This actually worked really great at deoderizing and keeping the sweat down. A little weird in the application but I could learn to deal with that. But, it started to give me a really bad rash under one arm so I had to stop using it.

No smell but bad rash
Review by on

I agree with the other reviews. This deodorant is amazing! No smell at all for someone who has never found a deodorant that works. The downfall is that after about a week this gave me a major rash. I am going to try the sensitive skin formula and hope that it works. I can’t imagine going back to regular deodorant.

Works Great... BUT!!!
Review by on

I was unsure of this when I first got it as my Mighty Fix. “Yeah, right. This stuff won’t be able to control MY heavy sweating and that pit stank everyone gets.” But it does! No stank, no sweat, no pitting out. Unlike other reviewers, I really like the smell. But I will NOT buy it again although I initially thought I would. This stuff, for some reason, calloused my underarms and greatly darkened my arm pit skin and under my breasts (I would rub off the extra from my fingers there since it’s another spot that sweats). I have NO IDEA which ingredient in this all-natural product did this because it’s never happened to me before with other products and never with regular deodorants. I’m so sad and don’t know what to do with the rest of it. 😭

Major Irritation
Review by on

I was so hopeful about this product! I do like the scent, and I think it was effective. However, I echo a previous reviewer who stated it feels like sandpaper. Moreover, after my first full day of use I had painful rashes and irritation- as in cool wash rags, topical ointments, and sleeping with the sheets tucked under my arms to reduce the pain. I do have problems with irritation and need to rotate through a few types of deodorant to get a decent combination of effectiveness and comfort, but I don't recall any other type that affected me this bad. I was hoping this would be a great solution for me, but it is unfortunately too irritating for my skin.

Review by on

This caused hugely swollen glands under my arms. I've been using a crystal stick for years with no issues, but when this came as my monthly fix, I decided to give it a try.

After about a week, I had large, hard "cysts" in my armpits that hurt when pressed. I immediately stopped using the cream and they went away within a couple of days.

Guess there's something in there that doesn't agree with me, but I don't know what it is. I'm not usually allergic or sensitive to much.

Smelled like fish
Review by on

I received the citrus scent in my monthly Mighty Fix. The smell was citrus mixed with fish, I made my husband smell it to make sure I wasn’t imagining things. I’ll stick to my Schmidt’s deodorant.

Review by on

Used the product for 2 days and developed a rash under both armpits. So disappointed I wont be able to use this product. So much for switching to a "healthier" product.

Rachel is a Brooklyn girl and the creator and chef of Soapwalla. She started making luxury organic face and body products in her apartment kitchen to alleviate painful sensitive skin rashes caused by lupus, a chronic, inflammatory autoimmune illness.Soapwalla products are comprised of the highest quality products available, made with organic, vegan, food-grade ingredients, and never harmful or synthetic additives such as petrochemicals, parabens, pthalates, or sodium lauryl sulfate. Says Rachel, "Our skin is our largest organ and in order for it to function at its best we must feed it with wholesome ingredients. If I refuse to put something in my body, I shouldn't be putting in on my body, either."

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