Deodorant with Lemongrass

by Mother Dirt

29 reviews
$12.79 $15.99
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Deodorant with Lemongrass

Deodorant with Lemongrass

by Mother Dirt

29 reviews
$12.79 $15.99
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What Makes It Mighty?

  • postbiotic blend helps maintain healthy microbiome and skin ph to ward off odors caused by imbalances
  • potato starch & arrowroot powder absorb moisture, sunflower & jojoba oils glide on smoothly
  • light & refreshing lemongrass scent from essential oils

Mother Dirt Deodorant effectively fights and neutralizes body odor. A powerful blend of postbiotics helps preserve a healthy skin microbiome and regulate odor-causing bacteria. Potato starch and arrowroot powder absorb sweat and moisture while sunflower, coconut and jojoba oils give a smooth glide to keep skin nourished. Lemongrass essential oils and extracts provide a light and refreshing scent.

  • Effectively fights and neutralizes body odor
  • Free from synthetic fragrance, phthalates, alcohol, and aluminum
  • Dermatologically and clinically tested

Size: 2.4 oz

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Use and care:

Gently apply a small amount to clean, dry skin. Formula contains baking soda.

Where is it made?
Is it vegan?
Why yes it is!
this product scores 1

Mighty Rating:

this product scores 1

Primarily plastic and recyclable

How is it packaged?
Plastic tube
End of use:
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Deodorant with Lemongrass
Deodorant with Lemongrass

Mighty Rating:

this product scores 2
Has 100% ingredient visibility, includes some synthetic ingredients
Fragrance Ingredients are:
Natural, Nature Identical.
Preservative Ingredients are:
Natural, Nature Identical.

Ingredients Details

Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax/Candelilla Cera, Maranta Arundinacea Root Powder, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Solanum Tuberosum (Potato) Starch, Isoamyl Laurate, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax/Copernicia Cerifera Cera, Lauryl Laurate, Astrocaryum Vulgare Kernel Oil, Sodium Bicarbonate, Yeast Extract/Faex, Bacillus Ferment, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Jojoba Esters, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Extract, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Extract, Tocopherol, Isoamyl Cocoate, Cymbopogon Schoenanthus Extract, Cymbopogon Flexuosus Leaf Oil, Citral, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool

Does not contain live cultures

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What others are saying

Overall Score

29 reviews
Review by Machelle N. on 10/12

I have been searching for a deodorant that works great and doesn’t make me break out! I have finally found it! Thank you for a wonderful product !

Review by Ellen C. on 10/12

I am very happy with the deodorant. I have had an issue with under arm odor since childhood and have a diffucult time finding an all natural product that works. So far this one is working. Very happy

Review by Evan K. on 10/12
love it

works great, smells great. will probably never go back to what i was using b4.

Review by Paul B. on 10/12
Perfect for minimalist routine

This antiperspirant is great for a minimalist routine. It allows you to sweat naturally which is healthy and normal. But allows balance so you don’t stank. This paired with the mist is epic! Perfect smell too. Im so happy with with my selection.

Review by Leann H. on 10/12
Great for Sensitive Skin

Goes on nice, not chalky... the best thing is that I'm not allergic to it! No overpowering scent. I use this Deoderant with body oil. It's a great combo

Review by Kyle K. on 10/12
Goes on easily, smells great,

Goes on easily, smells great, could be better at stopping perspiration but works well.

Review by Katherine L. on 10/12
Great Skin solution for Tene acne

My daughter has been using this for about 2 months. Her skin has improved so much! The probiotics in the skincare line have helped balance out her skin. She loves it! We order it every 2-3 months now!

Review by Brenda M. on 10/1
No residue, smell is neutral

No residue, smell is neutral and I don’t normally use antiperspirants due to the harmful ingredients but I like Mother Dirt!

Review by Laurie O. on 9/1
I tried Mother Dirt deodorant

I tried Mother Dirt's deodorant as soon as it was offered and have been very satisfied with its effectiveness. I am a heavy sweater with sensitive skin. Since switching to this product, I have not experienced any underarm break outs, plus I do not smell myself coming and going. Is it perfect? No! But when I put all the Mother Dirt products together: body wash, postbiotic deodorant, AO mist - I feel ready to take on the day!

Review by Reid K. on 2/1
The deodorant works much better

The deodorant works much better than I expected. Very well and doesn't leave a sticky residue

Review by Marcia P. on 12/6
One of the best deodorants

If you've shied away from "natural" deodorants because they often don't work well -- shy no more! This one works very well at keeping stink away from your pits. The fragrance is fresh but not overpowering and not a cover-up. I put this on after showering in the morning and it usually lasts all day -- on warmer days when I'm exercising I may need to rinse and refresh. Yes, a bit pricey, but worth it.

Review by Michael V. on 12/6
It works

I like the scent and how it feels on my skin

Review by Jolie on 6/12
The best!

This is my favorite deodorant! 5 stars! Amazing Quality!!

Review by Maia N. on 10/12
Almost my favorite

This deodorant would get 5 stars if the scent was better. The lemongrass smells like mosquito repellant and isn't very attractive. But otherwise, it's great! Glides on clear and not sticky at all, leaves no residue on clothes. But most importantly, it keeps odor away. My pits definitely smell if I don't apply deodorant, so this deo passed the test. Only lasted a day for me, def need to wash a reapply the next day. So, hopefully they'll come up.woth some new scents and then I'll have found my favorite deo!

Review by Shanda B. on 10/12
A little hard on the skin

It doesn’t go on as easily as I would like but works really well

Review by Mary E. on 10/12
What’s it for?

I don’t know what it does but I sure did smell bad when I use it over the deodorant. The deodorant is fine by itself.

Review by Genevieve W. on 10/12
Smell is good even though

Smell is good even though I don't love ginger. Feels lightweight especially considering how some natural deodorants leave a thick, oily residue. I do still smell of body odor before the end of the day.

Review by Brittany R. on 6/12
Seems to work well. Light

Seems to work well. Light fresh scent. I still sweat with it but it doesn't smell, so I'm good with that for an all-natural deodorant.

Review by Julie N. on 4/7
I don't feel like I

I don't feel like I am a super stinky sweater, more of an average sweater... This stick works good for me in the odor control department. The only drawback is it seems to leave an oily stain on my clothes.

Review by Kelly L. on 10/12
Works well

This product works better than I expected. The lemongrass scent is unpleasant, but fades quickly. Would love unscented or lavender, tea tree, neroli, or sandalwood

Review by Theresa B. on 10/7
Wanted to love it but.... irritates my skin. It works as far as a deodorant is concerned and the smell is great. Unfortunately, those same things that make it smell good are probably also the things that are making my skin itch. I hope they come out with a non-allergenic version.

Review by Grant B. on 8/11
Didn’t stop armpit smell. Wished

Didn’t stop armpit smell. Wished it would have…..

Review by Vanessa on 12/29
Not for me

Aplication is a little dry. This deoderent doesn't keep my BO away. I work outside and sweat alot, this deoderent just didn't keep up. Might be great for someone who sweats less. It does seem like it would last a while.

Review by A on 10/12
Oh, well ...

Unfortunately this only worked for three or four hours, and that's not enough. "Natural" deodorants usually don't work for me, but I'd been hoping this one would. Oh, well. I sweat a lot, which may be making the deo's job harder, I don't know. I usually use a baking soda based deodorant that's free of antiperspirant. Occasionally, if I have something high-stress going on, I'll use regular commercial antiperspirant/deodorant. But generally I prefer to avoid the antiperspirant compounds--I sweat so much anyway that they're only effective for maybe an hour or two, which isn't really worth the chemical exposure. I assume baking soda--lowering the skin's pH--kills off the AOB. It'd be nice to find a product that didn't do that while also keeping my "bad" bacteria in check, but it looks like it would have to use some other approach than what's being used in Mother Dirt's current formulation.

Personally, I did like the lemongrass scent. I like it even more in the body oil (my favorite MD product other than the mist).

Review by S. N. on 7/6
Strange Scent

I really wanted to give this a chance, along with the full range of products I purchased a few weeks ago. The deodorant is the only one I’ve completely stopped using because the way I smell an hour or two after I use it. I’ve been a natural deodorant user for about 8 years now and this, by far, has left me with the weirdest “natural” scent. I don’t love the lemongrass smell in any of the products, but this combination of fragrances is completely unbearable.I went back to my old-faithful natural deodorant after only 4 or 5 days of using this one.

Review by Jody O. on 10/12
Deodorant and AO+ mist

I've given it time for adjustment (I'e been using natural deodorants for a while), but this combo does absolutely nothing to neutralize odor for me. I had faith that you'd put out a good product, so I purchased 2 deodorants! I'm so disappointed!

Review by Heather K. on 10/12
I didn’t feel it lasted

I didn’t feel it lasted through a good workout or last all day for smell relief. I did enjoy the over all smell of the product. I didn’t experience good antiperspirant relief either.

Review by Mary S. on 10/12
Ultimately Doesn't Work

This is one of the weaker and least effective natural deodorants that I have used. I smell bad after a few hours. I might as well not use deodorant over using this one.

Review by Ann W. on 12/10
I do not like this

I do not like this deodorant at all. It just doesn't do the trick for me. It doesn't last for protection for me. I feel like I smell when I use it. I purchased it on recommendation from a friend.
I would like to return it as I'm not happy with it. What do I have to do.
Thank you.
Ann Wiest

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Mother Dirt’s mission is to restore the skin microbiome, revealing your most biologically balanced and vibrant skin. Using the transformative power of pre- and post-biotics and gentle botanicals, Mother Dirt products work in harmony with your natural microbiome to deep clean without stripping, balance oil production, soothe inflammation, and keep skin glowingly hydrated. Whether you’re acne prone or dry, oily or sensitive, you’ll see the same results - improved clarity and glowing, healthier-looking skin. Welcome to total skin wellness.

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