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Life Stinks Lavender Deodorant Decanter
2 reviews

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What makes it Mighty?

  • safe and effective
  • made with all natural ingredients
  • eco-friendly refillable design

Product Details

This refillable, stainless steel decanter comes loaded with a 9-month supply of safe and effective dry deodorant. Wouldn’t you love a deodorant that's good for you, good for the planet and actually works? Switch to lifestinks. Made with just three simple ingredients – aluminum-free sodium bicarbonate, tea tree oil and lavender oil – lifestinks offers 100% coverage without any toxins.

The Duggan sisters have worked with Australian botanists to ensure their botanical oils are pure, gentle and effective. Lavender, when combined with tea tree, evokes a clean, vivid, fresh sensation that offers gentle dryness while allowing for healthy perspiration. 

This eco-friendly, refillable stainless-steel decanter comes with a nine-month supply of deodorant powder. Yep, that means lifestinks costs a few dollars a month to get started and just $2 a month once you start refilling. Congratulations! By joining the lifestinks family, you have reduced your carbon footprint, improved your health and put the kibosh on B.O. 

Available in regular or extra strength.  Not sure which strength to try? We suggest that you start out slowly and gently by selecting a Regular Strength formulation — our deodorant is powerful. If you are having any breakthrough odor at the end of a few days using the regular strength of either infusion, then add one dot of the matching deodorant booster oil stinkstick® to your regimen, followed of course with the dry powder. Never wear your stinkstick without the dry version of lifestinks. This combination will do the trick for even the biggest stinkers.

How to apply: Use sparingly. (see image of hand)  Sprinkle dry deodorant onto fingertips and gently pat in armpit. The stainless-steel decanter has a sifter that is sanitary by design so the whole family can share.

  • Works. Stay dry and odor-free with top-quality, safe ingredients.
  • 3 ingredients: aluminum-free sodium bicarbonate, tea tree oil and lavender oil 
  • Can be refilled. Its revolutionary delivery system is good for the planet.
  • Won’t stain. It washes out completely.
  • Tackles other odors: Try it as a foot powder.  Can be sprinkled in shoes as a great anti-fungal foot powder.
  • Refillable eco-friendly stainless steel sifter dispenser
  • Aluminum-free. Fragrance-free. Talc-free. Stain-free.
  • no animal testing, vegan, non-toxic 
  • size: 4.5 oz/126 g

  • Made in USA

Interested in a warm, buttery, woodsy experience? Consider cedarwood

Made by Duggan Sisters

SKU: LavCan
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Customer Ratings and Reviews

mighty bird

Overall Score

2 reviews
Review by on

Love this deodorant. I feel like I've tried every natural brand out there. I'm a sweater. This stuff is able to keep up. I use it with their stink stick and I will never go back.

Thank you Duggan Sisters!!

It works!!!
Review by on
It works!!!

from skeptic to convert

I love everything about this deodorant! I am in my 50s, and have never found a natural deodorant that I liked before. Now that I am in my menopause years, (tmi), I have found myself using stronger deodorants to control the sweats. They feel bad, irritate my skin, and seem almost impossible to wash off. And what I just realized, is that they don't work as well as this stuff does. My armpits feel so liberated! It is such a fine powder you don't even feel like you have anything on your armpit. Which is amazing, because it works so so well. I am also surprised to find it gentle enough for my very sensitive skin. And, the scent is so very mild as to be almost unnoticeable. It won't clash with body lotions or any other scents. I have just been using the regular lavender. I'm surprised to find that is enough for me. If you were skeptical like me, you should really give it a try.

I love that it's natural, I love that I'm not creating plastic pollution, but more than anything I love how it works.

Duggan Sisters
Duggan sisters formed their company in December of 2003, unable to find a natural deodorant that worked, and keenly aware of its importance to lymphatic wellness, the Sisters focused their combined energies and cracked the code on natural deodorant, creating lifestinks®: a natural deodorant that actually works. Wouldn’t you love a deodorant that’s good for you, good for the planet and actually works? Lifestinks is made with just three simple ingredients: aluminum-free sodium bicarbonate, tea tree oil and either lavender or cedarwood oil — lifestinks offers 100% coverage without any toxins.

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