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Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant

Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant
one review

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What makes it Mighty?

  • safe and effective without any petrochemicals or irritants.

Product Details

Infused with a touch of lemon and vanilla, Good Clean Love Almost Naked Personal Lubricant is an organic, aloe-based lube that’s lightly scented with organic flavors. Designed for even the most sensitive skin types, Almost Naked Personal Lubricant is formulated to provide the same long-lasting glide as conventional lubricants without all the irritating chemical additives. Respect the most sensitive tissues in your body with organic ingredients and enhance your love life naturally. It is water-based, so it's safe to use with latex condoms.

Good Clean Love’s line of personal lubricant has been named one of the safest products of its class in independent scientific research, including a recent study funded and endorsed by the mothership of medicine, the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Also a national study found Good Clean Love personal lubricants to be the most similar in cellular weight and salt balance to natural female lubrication. 

  • Size: 4 oz.
  • 95% Organic
  • 100% vegan and gluten-free
  • NO petrochemicals or Parabens
  • Latex and polyisoprene compatible
  • certified B Corp
  • MADE SAFE™ certified
  • Coop America Green 
  • certified cruelty-free
  • NSF certified

Ingredients: Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Xanthan Gum, Agar, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Lactate, Benzyl Alcohol, Lactic Acid, Natural Flavors

Made by Good Clean Love

SKU: 223805
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one review
High cost
Review by Theresa on 3/15
High cost

Love this product but Target carries same size for $10.99

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About Good Clean Love
We’re a certified B Corp, we’re MADE SAFE™ certified, and we’re an approved Coop America Green company. We believe that the “good” in Good Clean Love depends on our commitment to align our business with the greater good. What you’ll find in all of our products is good and clean enough to put on your most private parts. Whether we’re making personal lubricants, natural aphrodisiacs, or our signature Bio-Match™ products, we take great care to select organic ingredients and create product formulations that work with your body, not against it. We only use the finest ingredients — no petrochemicals or parabens. You can enjoy all of your intimate moments without worrying about any adverse reactions before, during, or after. Good sex isn’t about side effects!We pay close attention to the science of our ingredients. Good Clean Love’s line of organic personal lubricants has been named one of the safest products of its class in independent scientific research, including a recent study funded and endorsed by the mothership of medicine, the National Institutes of Health (NIH). As a member of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics — a branch of the Breast Cancer Fund — we ensure that all of our love products are free of petrochemicals and parabens, which have been found in breast cancer tissues and identified as potentially carcinogenic.Good Clean Love has obtained MADE SAFE™ certification for its most popular products: Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant, Bio-Match™ Restore Moisturizing Personal Lubricant, and Bio-Match™ Balance Moisturizing Personal Wash. These products have passed MADE SAFE™’s comprehensive human-health-focused safety screening, meaning that they are made entirely from safe ingredients — that is, ingredients that are not known or suspected to cause human health harm as determined by scientifically recognized lists from around the world.

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