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Organic Cotton Panty Liners
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Organic Cotton Panty Liners
Normal 18ct
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Organic Cotton Panty Liners
Long 16ct
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Organic Cotton Panty Liners
Ultra Thin 22ct
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What makes it Mighty?

  • certified organic cotton
  • free from plastic, perfume, chlorine
  • no synthetic materials or chemical additives

Product Details

Natracare natural and organic panty liners are soft and absorbent, and provide extraordinary everyday comfort. Suitable for sensitive skin or those with allergies. Natracare helps reduce your exposure to synthetic materials and ingredients, including plastic, perfume and dyes often found in conventional products. All Natracare products are totally-chlorine free and women can be reassured by the fact that they do not contain any chemical additives such as surfactants, fragrances, dyes, or lubricants. Natracare products are created out of concern to help protect both women's health and the environment.

  • Certified organic cotton cover
  • Plastic free
  • GMO free ingredients
  • No perfumes or dyes
  • Totally Chlorine Free
  • Biodegradable & compostable
  • Made for sensitive skin

Choose your Panty Liner:
Normal Liner — Natural panty liners for everyday. 
Individually wrapped / 18 count / 15cm length
Long Liner — Natural panty liners with a little extra length and cushion, making them super soft and comfortable to wear. Perfect for very light flow, small bladder leaks or extra protection with a tampon or menstrual cup. 
Individually wrapped / 16 count / 17cm length
Ultra-Thin Liner — Super slim fit with just cotton and leakproof backing made from plant starch.
Not individually wrapped / 22 count / 16cm length 

Materials — 
Pad: Certified organic cotton, ecologically certified cellulose pulp, plant starch, non-toxic glue 
Wrapper: plant starch
Packaging: Recycled cardboard printed with vegetable-based ink

Made in Sweden

SKU: NCLiners

What Others are Saying

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Overall Score

2 reviews
Good product
Review by Jessica on 3/20
Good product

I like these! They're lightweight, soft, and absorbent. I have a pretty light period thanks to my birth control, and these work for me.

Not so great
Review by Tiffany on 3/28
Not so great

I wanted to love these. They only last about half a day before they just fall apart, and I'm not that active. I do like that they don't make me itch or sweat like other store bought products. The LONGS are very short and I'm afraid they would offer no protection if my cup did leak. The individual packing is hardly worth it as it peals open very easily. If they were longer I would continue to use them as they are comfortable and more convenient than cloth.

MightyNest Trusted
About Natracare
Natracare stands for more than just organic and natural products. They are an award winning, ethical company committed to offering organic and natural solutions for personal health care that leave a soft footprint on the earth out of respect for our future generations. For all of their feminine hygiene and baby care products, they use only organic and natural materials that meet the highest organic, environmental and biodegradable standards, sourced from raw material producers that manage and monitor resources respectfully and share their principles.Their vision is to develop Natracare into a worldwide symbol for quality, innovation and ethics; available to all women as the natural choice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and preserving our environment”.  The founder's philosophy… “I have the philosophy that I am at the frontline of all the surviving my ancestors had to do in order for me to exist in this moment in time. With that comes a responsibility to look after what I inherited and to do my very best to preserve an environment that will allow others to look out over the earth in generations to come and to catch their breath at its beauty.”

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