Tea Tree Cleansing Oil

Tea Tree Cleansing Oil
one review

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Tea Tree Cleansing Oil
8 Oz
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Tea Tree Cleansing Oil
4 Oz
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What makes it Mighty?

  • a blend of castor & meadowfoam seed oil deeply cleanses pores & balances moisture without stripping or overdrying
  • easily removes stubborn eye makeup while conditioning lashes & brows, and soothing delicate skin
  • simple formulas, clean ingredients, handmade with love in small batches in chicago

Product Details


Scratch Goods Tea Tree Cleansing Oil is a soap-free cleanser that completely removes dirt + makeup without over-drying. It will not foam or lather, and will not sting eyes - perfect for removing the most stubborn makeup. Tea Tree Cleansing Oil works as a stand-alone deep clean, or as the first step of a double-cleanse. 

  • Tea Tree: fights bacteria + refreshes
  • Castor Oil: deep cleans + balances oil
  • Meadowfoam Seed Oil: smoothes + calms

Scratch Goods uses only ingredients that are safe enough to eat, sourced locally whenever possible. Simple formulas + clean ingredients make for happy skin. Scratch Goods products are handmade in small batches in Chicago and are mixed, packed + labeled by hand, with love.

Size: 4 oz. or 8 oz.

Use and care:

Massage liberally into face + neck for at least 60 seconds. Add more oil to loosen stubborn eye makeup, or if face is not slippery with oil. Wet a small towel with hot water, wring out, then press onto skin for 20-30 seconds to soften pores and encourage dissolution. Wipe away with gentle pressure in upward + outward motions. Follow with a foaming cleanser if needed, then moisturize while skin is still damp.

Where is it made?
How is it packaged?
Amber glass bottle, PP plastic cap, PP plastic pump (separate)
End of use:
Rinse and recycle
Is it Vegan?
Why yes it is!
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What Others are Saying

mighty bird

Overall Score

one review
Gentle way to clean one's face
Review by Tracy on 9/4
Gentle way to clean one's face

I was concerned that the tea tree oil might make my eyes water, but it doesn't. It cleans well and does not leave my skin oily, despite having combination skin. It is good at removing make-up. Overall, I'm very pleased with the cleanser and feel it does as good a job as other oil cleansers that are more expensive.

MightyNest Trusted
About Scratch Goods
At Scratch Goods we're passionate about the science of skincare. We began out of a personal need for simple, affordable skincare when our co-founders, Elizabeth + Maureen, realized that while they were eating clean and local, their personal care products were still laden with fragrances + unnecessary junk - and they weren't really working. In an attempt to simplify their routines and calm their irritated skin, they slowly purged everything with potential irritants, and didn't have much left. So they rebuilt their own skincare from scratch! With natural soaps, scrubs and oils sourced from their community garden and local farms, their skin rebounded and thrived. Scratch Goods’ requirements for product development remain the same today: quality, food-grade ingredients that are safe enough to eat, and simple formulas that don't rely on intense preservatives or stabilizers. As the company grew, Scratch opened an interactive mask bar and offered wellness classes to the Chicago community and when the pandemic hit, they pivoted to online sales and virtual programming. Scratch Goods is made in Chicago — all of our products are handmade in small batches, mixed, packed, + labeled by hand, with love. Scratch Goods is woman owned — founded by Elizabeth + Maureen in 2011 with a mission to create simple, locally-made skincare + an inclusive wellness community in Chicago.

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We make it easy for families to create a healthy home. Each of our 1000+ products has been thoroughly researched to be free of concerning chemicals, and hand-picked for its quality and design. With products for the whole family, ranging from kitchenware to reusable lunch gear to skincare, it is truly better living made easy.