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Hydrating Serum

by Mother Dirt

258 reviews
$27.19 $33.99
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Postbiotic Serum
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Hydrating Serum

by Mother Dirt

258 reviews
$27.19 $33.99
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What Makes It Mighty?

  • silky serum moisturizes, balances and nourishes skin
  • postbiotics help fortify skin's natural microbiome
  • suitable for all skin types

Mother Dirt Hydrating Serum is specially formulated to nourish, moisturize, balance and renew your skin.

Squalane and linoleic acid deeply hydrate skin in a non-greasy, lightweight, silky serum. A powerful postbiotic blend of aspergillus and saccharomyces ferments can help to repair and protect your skin's natural microbiome leaving you with a radiant glow. 

Your skin will feel smooth, revealing a glowing, healthier-looking complexion. Welcome to total skin wellness.

  • Lightweight, fast-absorbing postbiotic serum
  • Plant-based ingredients nurture skin without feeling greasy or heavy
  • Tocopherol, a known antioxidant, can help calm irritation
  • Helps strengthens and repair the skin's natural barrier
  • For all skin types - dry, oily, combination and sensitive skin
  • Formulated without parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances or UV-sensitive acids
  • Dermatologically and clinically tested
  • Noncomedogenic

Size: 0.96 fl oz

(Please note, many of the reviews for this product originally posted on motherdirt.com)

Use and care:

Gently massage 1-2 drops onto clean skin (a little goes a long way). For best results, apply after prepping skin with Mother Dirt Gentle Foaming Cleanser. Suitable for all skin types.

Where is it made?
Is it vegan?
Why yes it is!
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Mighty Rating:

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Primarily plastic and recyclable

How is it packaged?
Plastic bottle with pump & cap, plastic shrink wrap
End of use:
Disacard pump and wrap with regular waste; bottle is PP #5 and is curbside recyclable.
this product scores 2
Hydrating Serum
Hydrating Serum

Mighty Rating:

this product scores 2
Has 100% ingredient visibility, includes some synthetic ingredients
Fragrance Ingredients are:
Fragrance Free.
Preservative Ingredients are:
Natural, Nature Identical.

Ingredients Details

Squalane, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Aspergillus Ferment, Saccharomyces Ferment, Linoleic Acid, Phytosterols, Phospholipids, Tocopherol

Does not contain live cultures.

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What others are saying

Overall Score

258 reviews
Review by Glenda R. on 10/12
Love it :heart_eyes:

Love it :heart_eyes:

Review by Esmeralda M. on 10/12
Great product at a great price

I am using this serum for quite some time now. I love how it gives me a great feeling of relief when I apply it on my skin. I have very sensitive skin and this product gives me smoother skin and it also serves as a great base before my daily cream. I highly recommend it.

Review by TMS on 10/12
Smooth soft supple skin

I had gotten this serum in a kit and it sat in my cabinet for a while. The first time I tried it, I thought it had a weird consistency. It wasn’t what I had expected in a moisturizer... so it sat. This is not your typical creamy moisturizer so don’t think of it as such. One day I ran out of my normal facial moisturizer so I decided to try this one again. I used it for about 3 days and I noticed a huge difference in the softness and smoothness of my skin. It was amazing. Now I use it on my neck shoulders and back as well. I swear I have the softest baby skin thanks to this serum. And I notice when I haven’t used it. The only downside is Mother Dirt reduced the bottle size. I wish the would have a second option for a larger size.

Review by Paula M. on 10/12
I love this product:raised_hands: My

I love this product:raised_hands: My skin looks super healthy with a perfect glow !
The serum is thin, soft and non greasy, it absorbs quickly. This product keep the perfect balance in my skin, it is magical:star2::two_hearts:

Review by Shannon S. on 10/12
Light but still moisturizing. Great

Light but still moisturizing. Great product for my skin!

Review by Susan H. on 10/12
A revolutionary product

I love, love, love, my Probiotic Moisturizing Serum! When I first tried it I thought it was too oily and put it away for a while. Then, I experienced severe chap and windburn while being outdoors in a storm. My face became irritated, red and itchy. This moisturizing serum saved my face! It was the only thing that gave me relief - I slathered it on, my skin started feeling better immediately and finally healed. Now I would never go a day without using it. What I first thought was "oily" actually means it is absorbed INTO my skin without sitting on TOP of it. My skin feels lighter, fresher smoother and softer since I have been using the Moisturizing Serum. I will never give it up!

Review by Thomas C. on 10/12
It's the best

The best moisturizer I have ever used. It is the only thing that works on my face.

Review by Yuko S. on 10/12
It calms down dry skin

It calms down dry skin of both my preteen daughter's and mine.

Review by Heather K. on 10/12
I love the Dry skin

I love the Dry skin relief for my face and hands. I use it on my hair sometimes as well for extra clean moisture that isn’t heavy.

Review by Lisa W. on 10/12
My skin is so clear

My skin is so clear and hydrated. I like to add a drop of this into my regular moisturizer. It adds a bit of slip, and my skin is loving this.

Review by Rachel T. on 10/12
I really love this serum.

I really love this serum. It feels light on my skin, but luxuriously light and silky. My skin feels very hydrated even the next day after using it, and I love knowing I’m giving my skin the good bacteria it needs to thrive! Mother Dirt products have changed my life and banished my adult acne for good.

Review by Edmond G. on 10/12
Very cool. I have no

Very cool. I have no allergic reaction to it.

Review by Catherine B. on 10/12
Cleanest moisturizer around!

I love this serum! It’s the only moisturizer I’ve ever used that doesn’t make me break out. I put it on damp skin after washing my face and neck, follow it up with the Mist, and that keeps my skin hydrated all day long. It makes a great base for sunscreen or mineral foundation when I need to wear it. I put on my hands, too, when I have to wash them frequently.

Review by Dina W. on 10/12
Love it

This is the best moisturizer for my skin ever.

Review by William D. on 10/12
A "biome-friendly" moisturizer that works!

Finally!! A biome friendly moisturizer that does a fantastic job. This is such a surprising product to use, it feels oily to the touch hut once you put this on your skin it is quickly absorbed and doesn't leave any oily residue. I am very happy with the results having used the product for nearly three weeks now and find that my skin is supple and has a nice healthy "glow" along with a biome healthy skin. I had been using coconut oil and Shea butter and believe this moisturizer does a better job. I find that a little product goes a long way and have been using predominantly on my face, underarms and torso. Thank you Mother Dirt for bring us this product!

Review by Helene on 10/12
Amazing for my hands and cuticles!

My fingers have been dry and peeling since I was young. Hangnails have always been a problem. After one use of Mother Dirt Biome-Friendly Moisturizer my fingers were soft instead of hard. What a wonderful product!

Review by Catherine J. on 10/12
Love it!

I was asked to test this moisturizer before it was available for sale. I love it! It is very light, goes on smoothly, is absorbed quickly and a little goes a long way. I especially like it for my face, it doesn't leave a greasy/shiny residue unlike many other products.

Review by Karinh on 10/12
My skin loves it!

Never a big user of commercial products, I had experimented with Argan Oil recently to complement my adoption of Mother Dirt products, and although my skin likes it, it leaves an oily sheen and remains a bit tacky to the touch. The new Mother Dirt Moisturizer, on the other hand, glides on easily and moments later feels velvety to the touch, with no tackiness. The smooth finish leaves no hint of dryness, and the effects seem to last more than one day! Even better, my over-60 tiny face wrinkles seem to take a vacation. I was fortunate to receive the product just after being sunburned, and it was soothing going on, as well as no sign of any peeling after. An unexpected bonus is that my cats are not repelled by it, as they are by many ordinary commercial products, and one even licked it off my hand after I had applied it to my face! Thank you to the team at Mother Dirt for another great product!

Review by Kamila M. on 10/12
Very happy!

I have been using this moisturizer for a few weeks now. When I started my skin was irritated from the sun exposure but as soon as I applied it I could feel my skin soaking it up and the following morning my skin felt noticable relieved. The oily texture actually feels very silky and I have been using it for my hair and after shaving to calm my skin too. My skin is very sensitive to commercial moisturizers so I am very pleased to find one which is so good and also biome friendly.

Review by Sharon D. on 10/12
Overnight Moisturizer

As an early adopter, I was given the opportunity to try this Mother Dirt biome-friendly moisturizer before its launch. My skin felt very hydrated with use of this oil moisturizer. I especially liked using this as a night facial moisturizer, but works well anytime to relieve dryness. Used it instead of hand cream, applied to dry skin patches, and even used it to tame hair fizziness. The dispenser is easy to use and is TSA-friendly, so you can take your moisturizer when you travel. As with all Mother Dirt products, "good science" was behind making products good for us.

Review by Alice W. on 10/12
wonderful moisturizer

This moisturizer is amazing. It feels so silky on my skin. I primarily used it on my legs, arms and face/neck
I highly recommend it and am excited to be using a moisturizer that is 'biome friendly'.

Review by Kristin/R E. on 10/12
Great moisturizer!

I really like this moisturizer for face, body, feet, hands! I use a bit more than the average person living in the hot Arizona desert, My only feedback is to you it with a bit of water to make it go further if you need a full body slather daily like I do. It isn’t a huge bottle, so may only last my a month.

Review by Deborah W. on 10/12
Nice Moisurizer

The new moisurizer works well. I initially thought the container a little small, but a little goes a very long way. It is oily rather than creamy, so I let it sink if for a few minutes before applying makeup. It has a slight odor which goes away quickly. I am very pleased with it, and I love that I can use it without annihilating my skin biome. I hope the Mother Dirt line expands into makeup to complete my skin care regimen.

Review by John W. on 10/12

Only used a few days but like it a lot so far EXCEPT that the container seems to be broken since, once opened, leaks a lot. I got a good part of the day’s needs from the outside surface of the container.

Review by Belinda S. on 10/12
Let it soak in!

Amazing product - my son has extremely sensitive skin that was dry, cracked, and bleeding, and this didn't hurt his wounds at all. He's healing well after a few days of treatment with the spray and moisturizer. My tip is to let it soak in though - we did it right before bed and his sheets got a little greasy :rolling_eyes: - nothing a warm wash won't fix, but still, worth mentioning.

Review by Shirley M. on 10/12
Biome-Friendly Moisturizer

awesome product; as are all the Mother Dirt products (I use them all)

Review by Shanda B. on 10/12
More of a serum/oil than a moisturizer

Love the new product. But be aware, it's not a cream. It's essentially coconut oil, smells nice, soaks in nicely. If you are on a budget, look into buying a high quality coconut oil instead.

Review by Kim D. on 10/12
Great but needs a different dispenser

This is a great product. I have very oily skin and have had a problem with acne. This works well, soaks into the skin and doesn't clog pores. It needs a different dispenser, though. It is very thin and a pump style dispenser doesn't work well. A simple squeeze bottle would be better.

Review by A. P. on 10/12
All products

I've tried the AO mist, shampoo, face cleanser, and moisturizer. They all work great and I've noticed a difference in skin and the way I smell. The AO mist lasts a long time, the face cleanser not so much. I use both everyday and I've gone through 3 bottles of cleanser with the first bottle of AO mist still going (and I use it generously).
I had my reserves about this as I've tried many other brands of earth friendly and natural products. Which never seem to work as well for me as the caustic and chemical laden name brand products. But, finally these products work and they work well.

Review by Jator P. on 10/12
Embrace your fear ;)

A huge shift is occuring in our understanding of the interplay between our physiology and the the "bugs" that surround and are part of us, in theory, there may be no seperation between us and them. Do yourself a favor, start to honor the relationship between you and your little microscopic friends, they will support you as much as you support them.

Review by Beverly H. on 10/12
Give this a try - it really works

The soap is pleasant and light, yet leaves you feeling clean. The AOmist is the real star - it really does leave your skin feeling softer & with no need of exfoliation. Shampoo is lovely, use very little for soft clean hair. It all looks attractive in the bathroom, too.

Review by Karen R. on 10/12
Mother dirt AO+ mist, moisturizer, cleanser & shampoo

I haven't used soap, or even the mother dirt cleanser, for 3 weeks. I clean with coconut oil and warm water and spritz with the AO+ mist. Once a week I use the shampoo because. So far, so good. Health, not stinky, skin. My family is skeptical, but I am going to continue the experiment. For now, I call it a success.

Review by Amanda S. on 10/12
Best of all- no stinky armpits!

I have always had a problem with both stinky and sensitive armpits. Even the cleanest of clean whole foods brands deodorants caused an itchy rash in my pits. So, I was left to either stink or itch. The AO+ Mist solved all my problems- no stink, no itch. Now I use other Mother-Dirt products to restore the balance of healthy bacteria on my skin.

Review by Daniel N. on 10/12
Nice alternative to multiple moisturizers

The moisturizer seems greasy but does not go on that way. It is very good, and has taken the place of a couple of products.

Review by Janet H. on 10/12
Moisturizer is great for face and neck!!

I recently started using the oil, which is what it is, but it absorbs and doesn’t make you feel greasy. I use it on my face and neck in the am and love it. It doesn’t make you break out or anything like that.

Review by Sue M. on 10/12
Bioeme-friendly Moisturizer

I love this new product which is greatly helping my very dry skin. I use all of the products and this one, and the spray and shampoo are used daily. All very healing

Review by Shosh on 10/12
Great for Winter!

I had a moisturizer that i'd been using for years down South that helped through winter. However, after moving to Boston, that moisturizer just did not cut it. My skin was dry, flaky and darkened on the skin on my hands (I'm of African descent). This moisturizer is AMAZING. I can put it on in the morning and no amount of harsh wind can penetrate the barrier. The best thing is I don't look shiny with it on, which was a concern of mine at first. The oil dissolves into skin and leaves you feeling hydrated all day. Would highly recommend this product!

Review by Keren S. on 10/12
I’d buy it.

My face felt soft, clean and moisturized - that is, not dry or stripped but not like it had a film on it or anything. Felt really good.

Review by Michayla on 10/12
Your skin will thank you, trust me.

Since my skin is super sensitive I'm hesitant to try anything if it's not rose water or castor oil, but since this was biome-friendly and hypoallergenic I decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I did because my skin is healthier and happier! It's super light and instantly absorbs into your skin upon application, leaving you with glowing, hydrated skin. I've only been using it for about 2 weeks now, but any skin discoloration that I had is gone. It doesn't work so well for spot treatments of acne (it is a moisturizer after all) but I use other methods for that. This has been a great addition to my skin care routine and I'm glad I made the jump to try it out :)

Review by Sue M. on 10/12

I love this product as my skin is always too dry, and this really has helped since I have been using it. All of their products are great!

Review by Karin on 10/12
very smoothing for my dry skin, soaks in well

This leaves my dry skin soft and moist. A little goes a long way. However (at least for the one I bought) the container leaks in a very messy way, covering the outside of the container with the contents.

Review by Matt B. on 10/12
Fantastic Moisturiser

This is the best moisturiser I have used, bar none. I use it in combination with the Mother Dirt face wash and AO+ mist. It feels incredible on my skin, doesn't leave a greasy residue and actually works. I used to suffer from frequent dry patches of skin, but since switching to Mother Dirt products they have disappeared. Though I was initially surprised at the size of the bottle, I will also say that a little goes a very long way.

Review by Elizabeth C. on 10/12
wonderful products

Customer service was fantastic with helping troubleshoot an errant initial order. I was lucky enough to get to try even more than what I ordered, and I am really happy with all of it. I have very sensitive skin, so I try new things with great care. The moisturizer is my favorite of the bunch. Shampoo is the next favorite. And the hydrating mist is wonderful. I love having that on hand any time of day!

Review by Howard K. on 10/12
Biome-Friendly Moisturizer

I truly love Mother Dirt's Moisturizer because of its versatility. I use it after I shower and shave so it nourishes the skin on my face as a moisturizer and acts as an after-shave soother. I dab it under my eyes also to help with dark circles and any puffiness. And it works just as phenomenal as a pre-shave lubricant helping to give a comfortable shave without abrasions and knicks. The blade glides easily over the contours of my face and neck. I recommend this to all the guys. It has replaced 4 of my former men's skin care products with none of the chemicals that they were filled with.

Review by Niki S. on 10/12

I love mother dirt products. I'm a woodland fire fighter so while working I get covered I get covered in sweat, dirt, and ash. I started to notice that after long work days I would break out. I came across mother dirt and thought I'd try out the cleanser. I love it! It keeps my face clear even after it covered in black ashes, smoke, and sweat all day. I do still get a few pimples around that time of the month by oh well. I've been using the cleanser since June and I'm going to keep using it. I just started using the moisturizer with the dryness of winter, and I like it so far. I got my mother the SO spray and she loves it. I'm going to get some for Christmas.

Review by Kim B. on 10/12

I am a type 1 diabetic on insulin for 42 years. My skin is sensitive and combination/ dry. I read some reviews that said a little goes a long way on using the moisturizer. In my experience, my skin seems to drink the stuff in so I generously apply and then continue to sparingly apply until my skin feels satiated. It is a wonderful product and the moisture seems to transform skin to a more youthful suppleness, looking and feeling so soft and renewed. I do a full shower cleanse using an exfoliating washcloth about every three days and always reapply to the dry areas all over such as ellbows, feet, arms and legs.... Also I always love to reapply after facial cleansing. Even though I haven't received the AO Mist yet I feel this Moisturizer will always be a must have for me. The results also are long lasting and so natural with no greasy residue at all. I feel like i have found an oasis of renewal and I coluldn't be more grateful to have come across Mother Dirt products.

Review by Corbi R. on 10/12
Biome Friendly Moisturizer

This is a great all round moisturizer that doesn’t have a scent. I use it on my autistic son who doesn’t like smells. His upper arms were very itchy and dry and after using the moisturizer with the AO Mist, his arms look great and no more complaining.

Review by Jeremy Y. on 10/12
Such a great simple, moisturizer!

Such a great simple, moisturizer! Love it!

Review by Alice W. on 10/12
excellent moisturizer

I use the moisturizer daily on my legs and arms. It's wonderful...goes on smoothly and isn't 'greasy'. With the dryness and low humidity of winter, I can't do without it !

Review by Teresa G. on 10/12
Biome-friendly moisturizer

This is a wonderful light moisturizer that works best when patted on the skin with fingertips. A little goes a long way, and even less in the hot weather.

Review by Heather M. on 10/12
Skincare game changer

Within the first few days of use my skin's appearance has already improved. It's clearer and pores appear smaller. But I'm not just using the Moisturizer; make sure to include the AO+ mist. The only thing I would say is that the moisturizer doesn't smell great and the package leaked a bit when I took it to yoga. Overall, it's so far been a skincare game changer.

Review by Carol D. on 10/12
best moisturizer

I don’t use it because of any scientific claims, just because it’s the best moisturizer I’ve found. I’m a older woman with VERY dry skin, and this is the only product that keeps my skin from feeling tight and dry. I only use it on my face.

Review by Sarah P. on 10/12

Moistureizes without getting greasy. Balances out my skin.

Review by Patrice D. on 10/12
Great Moisurizer

I like that it takes so little to feel fully covered.

Review by Rasheedah A. on 10/12
Very Nice...

I love the texture of this moisturizer and the way it smooths my skin. Using it has allowed me to greatly streamline my skincare routine. I use a serum and this moisturizer. Period. Well, except for the spritz of AO+ at the end:wink:

Review by Gardengal on 10/12
Awesome moisturizer

Love the moisturizer...glides on nicely and absorbs quickly. Leaves my skin feeling hydrated!

Review by Lisa K. on 10/12
Moist Moisturizer!

I have been using this moisturizer on my face for over a year and really like it. My face made it through last winter without feeling cracked and dry. I put it on first thing in the morning since is does take a while for the skin to absorb it. I use it again at night.

Review by Barb on 10/12
Oh so soft

I have been looking for a light, odorless moisturizer for a long time and this is it! I use it on my face and entire body, It is light so you don't feel it, it soaks in fast and holy crap my skin is soft! Sometimes face moisturizer irritates my eyes later in the day but this does not do that! I'm head over heels for this moisturizer!

Review by Toni F. on 10/12
First time purchase

I recently purchased shampoo and moisturizer as a first time customer. I love both products especially the shampoo. It leaves my hair clean and manageable without having to wash it as much. Love the moisturizer, too, as it makes my skin so much softer even during the winter. I plan to purchase the mist. Can't wait to try it!

Review by Cameron on 10/12
The most hydrated my skin has been in the winter

I was a little worried about this oil based moisturizer since I have oily skin but it absorbs really well. I love this product and have not once felt like I had dry skin so far this winter!! I have combo skin and the dryness can get bad in the winter, but not this year! Another plus, when I rubbed it on my face some often gets on my lips and my lips have been so smooth and chapless. I have been using the moisturizer for exactly 4 months, use it 1-2 times daily, and am just now about done with the first bottle. Love love love this product!

Review by Sebastien P. on 10/12
Pricey but amazing products !

Pricey but amazing products !

Review by Jaimie H. on 10/12

Absolutely amazing, it is light, long lasting and makes my skin feel amazing.

Review by Gail D. on 10/12
Yay for Changing the Packaging!

I love the moisturizer - it's the only one I'm willing to use - but didn't like the pump. I dropped mine after the first couple of uses because it leaked and the bottle got slippery. I ended up putting the remainder in an eyedropper bottle, which worked really well. I was also able to share some with a friend, who has now converted over to using Mother Dirt products as well. Double Yay!

Review by Sarah M. on 10/12
Perfect moisturizer

This is the best moisturizer I’ve ever used. Sinks in fast but lasts long. No build up. Not greedy.

Review by Katherine K. on 10/12

Gentle on my sensitive skin!

Review by Maria G. on 10/12
Best Moisturizer!

I tried so many different moisturizers, but this one is absolutely the best product ever. It absorbs quickly and creates a very pleasant feeling on my skin.

Review by Allison on 10/12
Favorite Moisturizer

I've tried many many moisturizers, including making my own. The ingredients are top notch and very clean. The first ingredient in this moisturizer is often added to lesser moisturizers down at the very end of the list of ingredients, and then marketed to have benefit. This is the real deal. Enjoying very much!

Review by Kristin T. on 10/12

I cannot say enough wonderful things about mother dirt! My skin has become clearer, softer, and brighter. I will forever use their products!

Review by Mikko Z. on 10/12
Shave burn relief

Before my review of AoMist and moisturizer I should state that I am one of those people that can be two days on a bike and barely have an odour. Wife says I just don’t smell. It’s always been like that. Since 4 years at least I use shampoo may be once a week (T-gel), and since that time I use just water for the rest. My skin is neither greasy or dry; my hair is just fine. -
Ok, my hands get soap at home and around cooking, and there is hand hygiene for hospital procedures and around patient contact.

Motherdirt moisturizer replaced the after-shave lotion I use after wet shaving - a single drop does all the previous product did without killling of what’s on my skin. Feels good.

Review by Rebecca B. on 10/12
Wonderful moisturizer

Goes on so light but keeps the moisture in!

Review by Ursula L. on 10/12
Amazing moisturizer!

I love this moisturizer! My skin feels amazing, so soft and clean. A little goes a long way, so the price for the product is well worth the investment!

Review by Emily B. on 10/12
Thank you!

Thank you so much for sending this to me! What a lovely surprise, and so appreciated!

Review by Lindsey W. on 10/12

This is the best moisturizer I have ever used. I love the way it feels on my skin. The updated bottle is fantastic and way better than the older one--no more leaks! Best of all, Mother Dirt's customer service is absolutely top-notch. I'm not a big spender, but this product and company is worth every penny. I am a customer for life!!!

Review by Sonja M. on 10/12
Good product, better with new packaging

I have been using this for a while but the old one leaked so badly that I didn't want to buy it anymore. Now that they updated the packaging it is much better. Thank you!

Review by Brittany C. on 10/12
Amazing! My skin has never

Amazing! My skin has never been so smooth!

Review by Jane l. on 10/12
Love it!!!

By far the best moisturizer I have ever used!!

Review by Karla P. on 10/12
Great product

Great product

Review by Catherine B. on 10/12
Holds in moisture well

A squirt or two of the Moisturizer mixed with a spray or two of AO+ Mist has been doing right by my face for years now. It can seem greasy at first but it absorbs quickly and holds in moisture (from rinsing my face or the Mist) for a full day or overnight, without feeling heavy or clogging my pores.

Review by Heather C. on 10/12

Best moisturizer I've ever used.

Review by Tim K. on 10/12
This product is awesome

This product is awesome

Review by Amanda R. on 10/12
Soaking it in!

I love how my skin feels after this moisturizer! The texture of my skin has dramatically changed over the last two weeks using the products.

Review by John W. on 10/12
Amazingly effective

I like this moisturizer and the new packaging, too. It only takes a little to relieve dry skin areas and it has no smell.

Review by Taya I. on 10/12
Quick absorption and non clogging

Perfect for extra dry spots- I would not recommend it as an allover moisturizer since it absorbs so fast and is expensive per ounce compared to other products. I recommend cera ve moisturizer for all over- it promotes microbiome, that along with the mother dirt spray are great for full body.

Review by Baijon R. on 10/12
The only product I need

The moisturizer and Mayo spread are the only products I need/use on my face!!

Review by Ryan M. on 10/12
Look no further for simplified skin hygiene.

This moisturizer is so good I hardly have to use it! I have now been using MD products for 6+ months and couldn't be happier. While no single product has made radical differences for me, my personal hygiene routine has never been more straightforward or easy to maintain. More importantly, using these products over the long term gives me the peace of mind that I am doing what I can to reduce some of the evolutionary discordance introduced by the modern environment.

Review by Amy C. on 10/12
So nice!

The moisturizer is hydrating, not oily, and leaves my skin feeling super soft.

Review by Aspen Janae Mulcahy on 10/12
Love it!

I love this oil! I love using oils on my skin but often feel I have to strategize when to put them on because they dont soak in. Not with this one! I can put it on any time and feel fresh and not look oily!

Review by Clayton V. on 10/12
Love it. No greasiness. No

Love it. No greasiness. No odor.

Review by madelyn s. on 10/12
Great product, fast shipping!

Love this moisturizer

Review by Preston M. on 10/12
Just what I was looking for

The moisturizer doesn’t leave you skin feeling heavy or oily, instead I feel clean and hydrated.

Review by Alexandra M. on 10/12
So nice! Great lotion alternative!

So nice! Great lotion alternative!

Review by John J. on 10/12
Good stuff

Makes my skin feel & look great

Review by Austin C. on 10/12
Dependable Product

This new design is awesome and a little goes a long way.

Review by Kelli B. on 10/12
A little does a lot!

First time using Mother Dirt products. I’ve been using the moisturizer at night for about 2 weeks and my skin feels less irritated and so much more balanced. It is an oil not a cream so a small amount can do a lot! Give it a try!

Review by Colette R. on 10/12


Review by Kayla on 10/12

This is oil is very effective.

Review by Darcy W. on 10/12
Clear soft skin

Perfect serum-like moisturizer. I started using this along with AO+ Mist (along with my long time HA serum and overnight exfoliant every few days) and my skin looks and feels incredibly clear and soft. I love the straightforward ingredients. Replaced my more “sophisticated” face moisturizer and I don’t think I’ll go back.

Review by Amy L. on 10/12
Absolutely the best moisturizer I’ve

Absolutely the best moisturizer I’ve ever had! My face has never looked so fantastic. It the only thing I’ll ever use on my face again!,

Review by Brooke B. on 10/12
I love how this sinks

I love how this sinks into my skin and isn’t to heavy or light but is just perfect

Review by Jeff H. on 10/12

Saw immediate improvements in skin condition and moisture level within the first week of use.

Review by Lawrence R. on 10/12


Review by Clare M. on 10/12
Amazing, packaging needs work

I got this in a set through fab fit fun and LOVE it! Immediate results and great for balancing oily skin. However, the packaging needs work because it leaks everywhere, including into the cap. I think it needs to go into a dropper.

Review by Lauren G. on 10/12

The moisturizer is a great product. My skin is very reactionary! But , this moisturizer did not cause a reaction on my skin. It goes on smoothly and prevents dryness without causing blemishes.

Review by Hana K. on 10/12
Never Going Back!

Mother Dirt has the best series of products I've used on my skin. Since I started using Mother Dirt about a year ago, my combination skin has been clear and has felt moisturized without feeling oily. I love knowing that my skin is absorbing natural ingredients. My go-to skin regimen!

Review by Sylvia K. on 10/12
Moisturizing and lightweight!

Moisturizing and lightweight!

Review by Laura W. on 10/12
Love this moisturizer! I use

Love this moisturizer! I use this as my AM moisturizer before sunscreen.

Review by Gail D. on 10/12
All Time Favorite Moisturizer

I love this moisturizer—the only one I use now. For me, it's gentle, only takes a few drops, and is great for arms and legs (and even heels). Doesn't leave my skin or eyes itchy, as some products have done in the past.

Review by Cathi F. on 10/12
Another favorite of mine! Love

Another favorite of mine! Love the feel of my skin after application of the moisturizer!

Review by Aaron B. on 10/12
Great Product!!

I consistently get compliments on my skin when I am using this moisturizer. I tried to change to another one that is made by a local company, but it didn't compare. Back to Mother Dirt! My skin is happy again.

Review by Mandy K. on 11/2
My skin is way better!

My skin is way better!

Review by Hana K. on 8/4
My favorite moisturizer - ever!

This serum moisturizes my skin without leaving an oily residue. I haven't had any breakouts since I started using it and it's perfect in combination with the foaming cleanser.

Review by Lora S. on 4/1
bright and youthful

I love the products from mother dirt. The serum is light and just oily enough for my post 60 skin. The AB restorative spray from the refridge is refreshing. I was working on a rash around my lips when I bought these products. I know they were helpful in the protocol and I'm back to bright and maybe a bit more youthful;-)

Review by Jennilee H. on 1/1
Love it for everyday and

Love it for everyday and post procedure.

Review by Sarah D. on 11/4
Love it!

Love it!

Review by Dry G. on 9/4
Great product!

This is my first time using a facial oil and it's been amazing! I got recommended this product by my siblings and I loved it so much that I gave to my gfs to try out (they're hooked!). A little oil goes a long way! Love :)

Review by Aly on 8/10
Great for sensitive skin

I have the most sensitive skin on the planet, and for the past few years I could only use coconut oil on it to moisturize, with a bar of soap made of only olive oil and salt to wash. After time I became allergic to this too, and found that it was drying my skin out completely. I tried other natural single ingredient oils, like rosehip and jojoba, but those broke me out an insane amount and gave me reactions too. I eventually found this one, and it's been safe to use on my skin which is absolutely RARE and unheard of for me. It moisturizes really well, but I do find I get a few small breakouts here and there with it, (nothing crazy and honestly most breakouts are probably from wearing a mask though, might not be from the serum, it's hard to say) and it's expensive for such a little bottle, which are the only downsides. However, if my skin can handle it without a reaction, it truly will be good for ANYONE'S skin. Overall I would recommend it! Thank you mother dirt for making a serum for us extremely, extremely, extremely sensitive skin folk.

Review by Niki S. on 6/3
I love this moisturizer! It

I love this moisturizer! It leaves me with smooth skin and a clearer complexion.

Review by Erin M. on 5/3

I’ve loved this moisturizer. It is lightweight and doesn’t feel like it clogs my pores. This is my nighttime moisturizer, and I’m using the acne lotion in the morning.

Review by Mary W. on 5/2
Game changer

I never review products. Everyone says that, but I really don’t. But I came here to say that I have the most sensitive skin possible—any drop of something “unfriendly” on my face and I get a raging allergic reaction—and Mother Dirt’s cleanser and moisturizer are a miracle. They don’t just NOT irritate my skin, they’ve cut down on how often my skin gets irritated in general. Seriously a game-changer.

Review by Karen F. on 1/3
Surprising results

I’ve been looking for a product to even out my skin tone and reduce my pores in the most healthful manner. I found it! Mother Dirt has provided my aging skin with benefits I never got elsewhere. I’ve spent most of my life stressing about my facial skin wishing it was so much better. This is the best it’s been and I’m going to be 60 next month. Thank you Mother Dirt!

Review by Claire B. on 12/9
Dry no more :-)

I've had really dry skin, all my life, until Mother Dirt came to the rescue. I was just using it on my face, but started using it all over about a month ago... my skin is SO much better now! T

Review by Victoria Z. on 11/10
Silky & fun

Fantastic product! Very pleasant feeling when I put the moisturizer on my face. It’s nothing like any of the creams I used in the past.

Review by Samantha L. on 8/9
No more dry skin

Love how moisturized I feel

Review by Samantha S. on 8/5
Hands down the best!

I absolutely love this product! I was skeptical at first because it feels like you're putting oil on your face but it significantly reduced the redness and dry spots that I've been dealing with for so long. Highly recommend!

Review by Liz D. on 8/2


Review by Michelle W. on 6/4
Great Moisturizer!

Mother Dirt really does seem to offer something different. The moisturizer, particularly in combination with the AO mist, is very effective. I live in a part of the world where we have very low humidity most of the time, and it is punishing on the skin. I have seen a real improvement in my skin-it looks and feels much happier-since I have incorporated these products. Highly recommend

Review by shannon on 5/7

I am and always have been a huge fan of using oils and serums to moisturize my face instead of lotions. This has definitely been my favorite moisturizer for the last few months. Going to buy for the second time soon!

Review by Amanda J. on 4/6
Really Love this product, it

Really Love this product, it makes my skin so nice

Review by Jessica T. on 4/5
Love this moisturizer

Love this product! I was nervous at first because it's an oily moisturizer, but it absorbs quickly and makes my skin feel amazing. I have very uneven/dry skin and it's been amazing.

Review by Elizabeth P. on 4/5

I use this daily and massage into my face after application. Leaves my skin soft and hydrated!

Review by Joanne M. on 3/5

My skin drinks this, and looks radiant, not greasy!

Review by Jasmin M. on 1/2
Lightweight and good

Great moisturizer with the right type of ingredients. Absorbs into skin and doesn’t leave you shiny. I appreciate how my skin benefits from this oil. Love how all the products have clean smells or none at all. Ty!

Review by Herman W. on 12/9
Great Product

Gentle but effective.

Review by Dina W. on 12/9
Finally can stop searching

I thought my search for the best moisturizer would go on and on, but this does it.

Review by Paula M. on 9/6
Best ever! My skin improved

Best ever! My skin improved 100%

Review by Kate R. on 8/7
Moisturizer 2.0

Mother Dirt moisturizer is a thin, delicate clear oil that gets absorbed really well, unlike any other moisturizer I have tried on my extra sensitive dry skin. My best results have been with my chronically dry chapped lips.
The new packaging makes it significantly nicer to use. I use Mother Dirt products for everything except hand washing and sun screen, and some cleansing with kombucha or vinegar. I have also given up swimming in chlorinated water.

Review by Kaitlin S. on 7/8
New container is so much better!

I'm so happy that they finally fixed the container for the moisturizer. I liked the product before, but the old container was awful. I'm only bummed now about how much I wasted with my last two purchases of the product when it was in the old container. Thanks for making the switch!

Review by Bryan T. on 7/8
Product review

So far the product is great. Note that at first I was not use to the typical heavy greasy lotion you buy at the stores.. this is obviously a superior high grade product..

Review by Shnayor B. on 7/6
good stuff

I love it

Review by Lawrence R. on 5/4
biome spray and moisturizer

Excellent skin care!

Review by Anita on 5/1
Everything you could want in a moisturizer

I love this product and have decided i cant be without it . A little goes a long way and you can feel good that this product is nourishing to your skin as well as moisturizing. I have tried a lot of moisturizers and they are either loaded with unrecognizable ingredients or they don’t absorb into the skin well. I feel that this moisturizer brings my skin back to a healthy natural moisture level.

Review by Colin M. on 4/12
Works great for me, but...

I love this moisturizer and it works great for my skin, but it is constantly leaking. I was hoping this issue was solved when they switched from the pump case to this squeeze bottle. It makes it very hard to travel.

Review by Cynthia D. on 4/5
Love Mother Dirt

Encourage everyone to try this unusual clean and most effective moisturizer. My skin has never been better, even in altitude’s high dry conditions. Have sent to family and friends who seem to love Mother Dirt as much as I.

Review by Cindy M. on 1/7
Great Moisturizer

I am so happy that the moisturizer bottle has been changed. The company was so gracious to give me a two free moisturizers because I inquired on the waste of the previous bottle. I have been so impressed with customer service from Motherdirt. The moisturizer is great for my skin and I am loving the results!

Review by Geoffrey F. on 8/10
Beard balm

I’ve been fighting a itchy, flakey beard for years. I tried using a little of the moisturizer every morning and the results have been amazing. No itch, no flakes.

Review by Kira B. on 7/2
Love it!

I consistently get compliments on my skin when I use this product daily.

Review by Connie W. on 5/6
Welcome, Moisture!

I love Mother Dirt’s Biome-Friendly Moisturizer! The pump works well for applying it to my skin. From time to time, I also use a spray bottle to apply it in a fine spray and even way. It’s never greasy, slick or sticky! Thanks, Mother Dirt!

Review by Yvonne E. on 5/3
This moisturizer was great however

This moisturizer was great however it started leaking soon after I got it and was told they are redoing the packaging which is a good thing.

Review by Angel M. on 2/7
Great product but container needs improvement

Over the time I've used the moisturizer I've found my skin to feel healthier and the application of it is as they say, imitates your own skin and quickly after application isn't noticeable. It doesn't smell either which is a plus. Only issue is that upon arrival the container was leaking so I have had to improvise when using it. Aside from that issue I definitely recommend it.

Review by Danielle S. on 1/6

At first I was concerned because I have super sensitive skin that breaks out so easily; I had a new blemish almost every day. When I first began using the moisturizer, I was nervous because of the consistency. It feels like a very rich serum - I just knew I was going to break out. Like everything else I've tried in the past though, I gave it 30 days to see how my skin would adjust to it, good or bad.

I cannot rave enough about it. I've been using the moisturizer for almost 3 months now and I'll never go back to anything I've ever used in the past. It feels heavy on the fingertips but goes on very light and smooth on the face and body. It isn't oily, even though I thought it would be at first glance. It feels amazing and it has made my skin feel hydrated and refreshed.

My only concern is that it leaks. As long as I leave it on my counter and keep it closed, it doesn't seem to leak out of the cap. I just use whatever is seeping through the top every time I use it. If I travel and take it with me though, I have to keep it upright in my carryon because it'll leak a lot if I put it with my checked luggage.

Thank you Mother Dirt for creating the perfect product!

Review by Ben on 12/4
Skeptical buyer impressed by product

I'm in my 40's and have been having dry skin patches for several years now. This stuff really helped with that. I've been using it for about 2 months and have had a very positive experience. It goes on with a consistency of baby oil but really soaks in and doesn't feel greasy at all afterwards - which was surprising. I've tried tons of lotions and medications that helped a bit but never really got rid of the dry spots on my shoulders and chest. The price is expensive but it beats a trip to a dermatologist and prescription creams. Highly recommended!

Review by Patricia G. on 11/6
Dry skin

I have struggled with dry patches on my legs and arms. Never seems to go away. Using the biome-friendly moisturizer after I shower has done wonders and it seems to disappear into my skin unlike others that sometimes make you want to shower again.

Review by Linda S. on 11/2
Love this product

I use the Biome-Friendly Moisturizer and AO+ Spray every day. Both products are fantastic. I’m particularly enjoying the Biome-Friendly Moisturizer this winter — my skin has never felt softer, better! Thank you!

Review by Nicole R. on 10/12
Lightweight Moisturizer

This moisturizer has the consistency of a thin oil. It is lightweight, non-greasy, and scent-free which is wonderful. I use it on my whole body and it keeps my skin hydrated.

Review by Caroline H. on 10/6

This is the best. I have tried every high end product out there and this product has changed my skin. I feel great after applying this moisturizer. Love love love it! I would love an eye cream from mother dirt !

Review by Carol G. on 6/7

It’s a little oily like at first but within a few minutes it smooths out and is fine. Love it! Keeps my skin hydrated all day.

Review by Serina V. on 6/3
Biome Friendly Moisturizer

Great product! I've always been a bit picky about moisturizers personally, and so have many of my clients. I love that I can wholeheartedly recommend this product to them and know that most everyone is going to love it. Thanks for the great product!

Review by Carol D. on 6/3
Excellent moisturizer

I had to give up the spray when I got too stinky and didn’t want to ruin my clothes (I’m not stinky generally), but the moisturizer and cleanser are some of the best ever. I have had scaly skin on my forehead and this moisturizer taking care of it.

Review by Nicole P. on 6/1
No Doubts with Mother Dirt Products

I am in absolute awe of these products. They have gone above and beyond my expectations and I am truly satisfied with the results. I will definitely continue to use these products again.

Review by Sue M. on 5/7
The Moisterizer

This wonderful moisturizer has really helped my very dry skin, and protects me for our 100 degree weather that we are now having.

Review by Paula M. on 5/3
Biome moisturizer

Great texture feels light and bright:star2:

Review by Carla E. on 5/2
Excellent for my skin

I use it on my face and body. Very moist in a clean, fresh way. I tried it on my hair. But it's too heavy for my fine hair.

Review by Kendra A. on 4/4
Excellent for dry, sensitive, problem-prone skin

This does wonders for my skin, which seems to have every problem in the book. The moisturizer is heavy-duty enough for very dry skin, prone to peeling and flaking in a very dry climate, yet it doesn't feel thick or pore-clogging at all--it has a velvety texture and absorbs easily rather than sitting on the surface. It doesn't leave my face shiny, either, and a little goes a long way, making it pretty cost-effective. It doesn't make me break out, and, amazingly, doesn't trigger redness or irritation in my highly sensitive skin--I've never found a moisturizer that doesn't cause me problems, until now. Now I just need a Mother Dirt spf product!

Review by Enrica S. on 1/2


Review by Mrs. R. on 1/1
MotherDirt Moisturizer - everything I ever wanted in a moisturizer!

I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivites and so most moisturizers irritate me or me and my skin. This moisturizer did neither! Actually it soaks right in and make my skin feel healthier and "just right" normal. Thanks so much!

Review by Brown D. on 7/12

This is by far the best moisturiser I’ve used for psoriasis, once it’s on the skin it doesn’t allow the skin to just dry out again like coconut oil does. It’s a very good external product to use. My only wish is that it’s supplied in larger quantities as the current bottle sizes for me are too small for the amount I like to use and the coverage I need…

Review by Kayla H. on 6/12
The moisturizer really rounds out the product line

I had tried the full product line before and absolutely loved the spray and cleanser; I found that the combination really helped my skin and helped me reduce the amount of acne cream I needed to use to keep my skin more or less clear. The moisturizer really brought the benefit to another level, though! My skin tends to be oily but the moisturizer doesn't seem to clog my pores, and overall since incorporating it into my facial skin-care routine, my skin has been even clearer, pimples are smaller and clear up more quickly, and my skin appears less greasy throughout the day. I do skill exfoliate once a week to prevent the build-up of dead skin (I also drink a little kefir each night since there is a possibility that healthy gut bacteria can effect your skin - so I'm not sure if that is also helping but healthier gut bacteria can't hurt!). Either way, I highly recommend the whole mother dirt line - it really has helped balance out my oily, acne-prone skin :)

Review by Deborah T. on 6/6
Gotta Have It!

Committed Mister and fan[atic] user of MD shampoo and cleanser. I have congested skin that reflects my damaged digestive system. The mist particularly seems to gently exfoliate while nourishing and hydrating my skin. I am a committed curator of my gut microbiome as well as my skin microbiome, and Mother Dirt is essential to my health care protocol. Would do without many other things rather than doing without Mother Dirt. Merci!

Review by Rebecca B. on 5/11
Amazing products, great service!

Love the cleanser, shampoo and moisturizer, so gentle but still effective. Wonderful customer service when my package got lost. Great company and products!

Review by Carla D. on 3/12
Biome-Friendly Moisturizer

Like the product it doesn't have a perfumed fragrance and it doesn't leave an oily residue. Plus it seems to work even after washing your hands multiple times.

Review by Steven L. on 3/12
Biome-friendly moisturizer

Absorbs well and feels great on the skin. It an excellent addition to a thoughtful skin-care program. Small bottle is handy for a briefcase, but it is rather pricey.

Review by Sébastien L. on 3/11
Just Perfect!

Personally, this is the moisturizer I've been waiting for! It absorbs quickly, feel light, locks in the skin's natural moisture and brakes the dry skin - oily skin cycle. I also love that it is truly unscented.

Review by Vince J. on 1/12

Great for face and hands, a little goes a long way

Review by Deborah T. on 1/11
Gotta have it!

Living in the desert Southwest and coping with serious health concerns, I am very fussy about what I use on my into-deep-middle age skin. Mother Dirt's moisturizer is a dream come true: instantly absorbed, refreshingly clean and light, immediately effective. My skin is hydrated and no longer flaky. Merci beaucoup encore!

Review by Margaret M. on 10/12
Great Product - Lousy Dispenser

The pump dispenser shoots the moisturizer in random directions.

Review by Amy S. on 10/12
Great moisturizer - packaging needs work

This is a wonderful moisturizer. It goes on very smoothly and feels great on the skin - not greasy and very soft and velvety. My only complaint (hence lack of fifth star) is that it is impossible to keep the bottle from becoming oily and hard to handle. It would be great if the packaging could be reworked.

Review by Leahs on 10/12
Good moisturizer, problem container

In general I really like this moisturizer, although the bottle doesn't lock in the closed position and tends to leak everywhere. I noticed immediately that it had a strong, oily smell that dissipates quickly after I apply it. Others have said that it's "fragrance free" so I'm wondering if the smell is normal or if it's because the bottle doesn't close properly. I've started using it more frequently in the winter, and it quickly makes that uncomfortable, tight feeling go away when your skin is dry. I would like to keep using it, I just hope they improve the bottle.

Review by Tinuola A. on 10/12
Nice smooth feeling; Drippy bottle

Pleasantly surprised by the feel of the moisturizer. For me, it's the right "weight" for the Fall/Winter season. For Summer, not sure yet, but I imagine one would have to even lighter on the application. (A little does go a long way already.) My one qualm? The bottling is a mess. The moisturizer drips all over. I wouldn't risk traveling with it. Instead I dispense it into a more secure container.

Review by Shaeffer H. on 10/12
Its really great - no frills

I LOVE the mother dirt face wash. This is my first try with the moisturizer and I love how it makes my face feel, it has a minerally/slightly metallic smell that is not offensive and goes away immediately but is definitely different than anything else you probably use on your face. I have to wait to see if there is any noticeable difference in my skin when I am done the bottle before I can say whether or not I will buy it again or go back to using plain ol' pressed rosehip oil.

Review by Pamela H. on 10/12

Container mentions that a little goes a long way. Absolutely true. However, since bottle squirts/pumps out more than a drop, you may find yourself hard pressed to use it all up, depending on how you're dressed. I found that it does not seem to soak in, which can affect your hair or clothing. On the plus side, it didn't seem to irritate my easily aggravated skin.

Review by Kristin F. on 10/12
Not a bad moisturizer

I bought this along with all the other Mother Dirt products and it works okay with my skin. I have very sensitive, dry skin and this moisturizer doesn't bother it but it also doesn't do much for the dryness.

Review by Valerie I. on 10/12
Interesting product!

Tried it out last night. I know it moisturizes. The name "moisturizer" doesn't reflect that's it actually a facial oil. The only issue I have is the "fragrance" or lack of. It's in it's natural state. Otherwise, a wonderful product.

Review by Sam S. on 10/12
Love the moisturiser but please fix the packaging!

The moisturiser feels very oily when initially put on, but sinks in and leaves my dehydrated, sensitive skin feeling soft and lovely! Unfortunately, my bottle leaks and I feel like I am wasting it. Buying this in Aussie dollars is pretty pricey, and for some of it to be wasted is pretty annoying...

Review by Elyse T. on 10/12
Great night time treatment

What they say above is true! A little does go a long way. Perfect for keeping the spots around my mouth and under my eyes hydrated during the day, and a full face moisturizer at night. A half pump is more than enough to moisturize my entire face, full pump covers face and hands. It's light and simple feeling on the face. My skin is still adjusting to the Mother Dirt regimen but this moisturizer is a keeper. Only reason for 4 stars is there is a bit of leaking from the rim under the pump and the slightly strong spoiled flax seed scent. I am used to using just rose hip oil on my face and this definitely has a distinctive smell, but I have to use so little it isn't too bad.

Review by Quinlan M. on 10/12
Love it! Great, no-fuss moisturizer.

I have combination skin that often flakes. The mother dirt moisturizer really hydrates my skin, but doesn't leave it shiny or sticky like other oil-based moisturizers. While it doesn't seem to even out skin tone or improve complexion like a more chemical-laden product, it's a great, no-fuss moisturizer for hydrated, smooth skin. Also, it does wonders for the feet!

Review by Maurycy C. on 10/12
Very good moisturizer, leaking bottle

This is an oil moisturizer. At first it feels well... oily on the skin, but it quickly gets absorbed. Keeps the skin smooth and supple. The only thing I don’t like is the bottle. The oil leaks even when it just stands upright, so the pump is constatly covered with oil, often I rub it off with my fingers and there’s enough to use it on my whole face. I would not take it when traveling for this reason.

Review by Josephine L. on 10/12


Review by Kayla R. on 10/12
Goes great with the AO Mist!

This moisturizer works well, the only difficulty I've had with it is that it is a bit oily when I first put it on.

Review by Caroline M. on 10/12
Great moisturizer, bad packagin

I love this moisturizer - it is great for my sensitive skin and is very gentle. But, I hate the packaging. I can't travel with it because it is constantly leaking a little of the precious product!

Review by Sarah on 10/12
Please update container

I love this moisturizer. I've been using it for a couple of years now. However, each time I buy it I hope the container is changed. It leaks so much that sometimes I don't need to open it. I do keep it closed after each use as recommended, but this hasn't helped. This has happened with every bottle I've bought, so I know it's not just a one-off.

Review by Lisa C. on 10/12
Love this moisturizer

I love the feel of this moisturizer and the effect it has on my skin. My only reason for not giving it 5 stars is that it eventually leaks a bit (even though I rotate/close the pump after using it)

Review by Dyan D. on 10/12
So close to perfection

I've been using this product for about three months. I love the way the product feels, and it has helped tremendously with the dryness I was experiencing. If it weren't for the packaging issues, this would have 5/5 stars.
However, as other reviewers have noted, the bottle leaks from the very first use. I think the reason for this is that the top won't sit squarely on the bottle. I've tried to unscrew and realign the top, but it always ends up cockeyed when it's fully screwed on. Perhaps a dropper top would be a good solution. What is the plan to fix this common issue? I'm not sure yet whether I will repurchase given how much product is wasted.

Review by Karen M. on 10/12

Cold weather makes my skin dry up. I have sensitive skin so everything makes me break out EXCEPT this brand.

Review by Marla on 10/12
Great efficient moisturizer

I bought this moisturizer a while back. I started using it right the way, but the spray top is difficult to handle. It does not work well. The moisturizer really works well with my sensitive skin. It is greasy at first but it absorbs well. I am getting ready to buy another bottle. I hope the issue I mentioned here has already being solved.

Review by Holly on 10/12
LOVE this but...

I love this! Was worried it would be a bit greasy but it sinks right in and my skin is super soft for it. But every time I use it the bottle leaks and gets every whereeeee. I don't think I can travel with it, and I make sure it sits on something protective on my dresser so it doesn't leave any more oily marks. But really I want to use it forever for my skin!

Review by Jennifer K. on 10/12
Great product poor packaging

I’ve been using the moisturizer since early 2017. Despite the responses from MD regarding the leaky bottle that numerous customers point out, and alleged “new packaging is on the way” - nothing seems to change. I continue end up with a puddle of moisturizer around every bottle. Curious how many leaks on the counter equal a full bottle...

Review by Lauren on 10/12
Oily moisturizer

Feels a bit heavy if your acne prone or combo like me and may make acne worse. Seems better for dry skin. But I love using it on my body all over! Only negative is that the bottle is super leaky and has gotten everywhere. I probably won’t purchase again because of this. It’s wasteful!

Review by Lisa K. on 10/12
A little goes a long way.

The Mother Dirt Moisturizer covers a lot of area with a small amount. It last a long time and keeps well. I like it, but it tends to take a long time to be absorbed.

Review by Kathryn P. on 10/12
Only loses a star because of the bottle!

So I thought I hated this moisturizer at first. It is very thin and feels almost oily and upon first application feels greasy and makes me look shiny. But, after it absorbs I can barely tell I have it on, and it evens out my combination skin perfectly! I thought my oily areas would be greasy. NOPE. This stuff is truly amazing and is a perfect compliment to the cleanser and mist. Unfortunately, I have the old bottle with the pump that leaks. So glad they changed the packaging and can't wait til mine is empty so I can re-order to try out the new dropper application!

Review by Julie B. on 10/12
Good Ingredients

I enjoy the product, but a bit too pricey to re-order. Shampoo is great but too small amount for the price. Thanks....

Review by Melissa H. on 10/12
Love the new packaging

I have been using the moisturizer for a couple years now, mostly as a conditioner for my hair. I have oily skin, so I don't need much in the way of moisturizers, except on my face and hands. This is sort of a thin but heavy oil that just sits on my skin a long time. It does absorb into my face eventually, and then I'm all dewy and soft, but it seems like it just washes off my hands without ever penetrating. Perfect for my hair, though! After I shower, I work a few drops of oil through my wet hair, then smoothe whatever's left on my hands over my face.

It used to come in pump bottles that squirted and dripped and always leaked, but now it's in a squeeze tube with a dropper tip and a tight sealing cap. Small change, but huge improvement.

Review by Christine D. on 10/12

Best oil moisturizer I have used !

Review by Katherine M. on 10/12
Nice n light

The oil is lovely. A light moisturizer that within a few minutes of application does not look oily or feel greasy. The container, however, isn't quite right: though it's a really nice idea to have a dropper-type dispenser, the product doesn't wait to be squeezed out, it just comes out n makes a mess everywhere as soon as you open the downward facing tube, maybe a slightly smaller opening would help?

Review by Christina H. on 10/12
Really like the light, oily

Really like the light, oily feel.

Review by Anne J. on 10/12
Not sure how to best use this

It seems oily, but then doesn’t leave my face and neck oily after I use it. It is a small container—I can’t see using it on large surfaces, such as my legs.

Review by Althea k. on 10/12
Skin feels amazing!

I haven’t noticed any difference in the appearance of my skin yet... it has only been 2 weeks, but my skin feels amazing!

Review by Christine on 10/12
Super gentle!

This is an oil form of moisturizer than works very well and doesn’t make your skin feel overloaded. Even though it’s an oil, my skin feels much lighter than when I use a lotion, and it doesn’t feel like it’s just clogging up pores. Definitely recommend, even though it’s an oily liquid, it doesn’t feel too oily on your skin.

Review by Anela B. on 10/1
Love the concept, love the minimalism, not entirely right for me but....

I do love the moisturizer. the facewash doesn't seem to be doing me any favors, but i also have maturing skin (41 yr old) which seems to be changing and needs something i don't yet quite know of, nor have found. The moisturizer is great because it's a squalane base but doesn't leave your skin (visually) oily at all. it seems to work well for me mostly in the morning routine because at night i have found it gets hung up on my pillowcase which i have to change more frequently - and causes oily hair. that said, it's been great to use in cold, dry northeast this season so far and i hope it continues!

Review by Addie L. on 9/11

The moisturizer is more on the oily side so it's hard to put it on in the morning if you're going to wear makeup or see people because your face will be shiny but it hydrates the skin very well.

Review by Arlene D. on 6/3

I've been using the Mother Dirt shampoo for many years now. My scalp has become sensitive and this shampoo is the only product that doesn't irritate it. It leaves me with a very clean feeling. Still hoping they come out with a conditioner.

Review by Brandi B. on 5/3
Packaging needs work

I am a fan of the serum style moisturizer and thought I'd give this one a try. It absorbs great, a little goes a long way (which is great 'cuz it's spendy) and it doesn't make my face or hands feel greasy (I have oily skin so it's a big deal). However, the packaging is not great. This leaks all over the place, including into the lid when it is stood up that way for storing. I really like the stuff, but unlikely to re-buy as I feel that so much gets wasted from leakage :/

Review by Anna L. on 4/5
Love the moisturizer, not the packaging

The moisturizer has made my skin so soft. My only complaint is that it leaks.

Review by John W. on 3/12
Hope you still offer this product

I find the moisturizer to be helpful, particularly in the winter. I was disappointed that I couldn’t find it on your website the last time I ordered.

Review by Abby C. on 11/4
Best moisturizer I've used! However...

I love this moisturizer so much! It works very well on my skin, in combination with the Cleanser and AO Mist.
HOWEVER, the bottle leaks a lot, which is annoying for how much it cost. I've just went ahead and poured it all into a glass dropper bottle so I won't end up wasting any more of it.
I hope they change their packaging for this product, because its such a great product to go to waste.

Review by Lee e. on 2/9
Definitely see and feel a change

I have been using the cleanser, moisturizer and AOB spray. I can see an absolute difference in the condition of my skin, its dewy and healthy. Love the product (s) I only wish they would be more generous on the size of the bottles as its an expensive regimen and also has a short shelf life.

Review by Samantha G. on 10/10
Leaks but good moisturizer

I like the moisturizer a lot. My only complaint is the bottle leaks.

Review by Laurab. on 10/8
leaky bottle

I have been using the moisturiser for only a few weeks now and I absolutely love how it makes my skin feel, and look. Unfortunately, the bottle wasn't sealed/secured properly, so every time I use it it leaks. I bought it through a store where I live, but I just wanted to write a review for future reference to make sure that the bottle isn't faulty. Nevertheless, I will definitely buy another one! Thanks x

Review by Rhett G. on 7/11
LOVE this product, but seal at the top is broken so it spills out if turned sideways (like in my gym bag)

One star for the bottle, FIVE STARS FOR THE CONTENTS. IF you would just fix the cap, this would be PERFECTO!

Review by Guest on 5/1
Skin feels great but...

Skin feels great but...

Review by Jamie D. on 4/12
Simple safe moisturizer

This moisturizer is thin and similar to an oil. It takes a few minutes to soak in so I don't usually wear it under my makeup. I use this on days that I go barefaced or at night. I have very sensitive skin and this causes no issues for me. I LOVE that it has simple and safe ingredients, which is of utmost importance to me. I knocked one star because of the packaging. It does leak... even when sitting upright on my counter. That is my only complaint. I will continue to order it, but man, I hope they fix that.

Review by Frankie on 4/11
Love this stuff but the bottle leaks

Absolutely loved this product - traveled around for over a month using both the cleanser and moisturizer! Only downside was that the bottle leaked all over my other toiletries. (Even when sitting up right) I saw in some of the other comments that they are redoing the bottle design/packaging so i’m really looking forward to that! Will definitely be reordering.

Review by Kira C. on 3/9

It does go on greasy at first but your skin absorbs it. It’s light.

Review by Katie N. on 2/11
Love this moisturizer, bottle needs work!

I started using the moisturizer on my face, along with the cleanser. It didn't work well for my face, caused a mix of breakout and dry skin, but that happens to me any time I try to use an oil on my face, so I wasn't surprised. My big complaint is the bottle! Most of the moisturizer ended up on my counter, the bottle leaked terribly and no amount of unscrewing and rescrewing would fix it. I lost about half the product just on my counter :( Frustrated with the daily mess, I moved the bottle to the shower and started using it like an after shower body oil (don't dry off, just rub it on while you're wet and then air dry or pat gently with a towel.) LOVE this way to use it - I never need body lotion afterward and my skin doesn't feel dry, even the next day. If the bottle gets fixed, this would be an excellent product. My only other suggestion is to offer a bigger bottle - a little goes a long way, but it doesn't take too long to use a bottle when you're applying it to your whole body AND it leaks.

Review by Jolanda W. on 2/4
Excellent novel product

Very good moisturizer ESP for those with problem skins. First bottle leaked but got a free replacement. Only down side is that the moisturizer smells a bit industrial when applying.

Review by Jean L. on 10/10

A very small amount goes a long way. Feels smooth on the skin without greasiness. A small amount rubbed into the ends of my wet hair made the tangles comb out easily and made my fly-away hair look soft, shiny and healthy.

If your products were packaged in an easily recycled plastic, I would give five stars. Hate to throw away the container when empty.

Review by Mar A. on 6/12

Very good quality product, for whatever reason I had expected a creamy, white consistency, but I like these oils vey much also, it and combine them with my home made moisturizer that contains bees wax and is a good complement.

Review by Beccagayle R. on 10/12
Leaves skin feeling smooth

I tried this new moisturizer for a couple of weeks. I loved the smooth feeling it gave my skin, but felt the need to slather it on. It seemed like it would be an oily mess based on its consistency, but as soon as it hit my skin it would be absorbed. I don't know how I would be able to put less on even though the product info advises the less the better.

Review by Bruno H. on 10/12
Pretty good

Excited about the moisturizer, so i dont have to put coconut oil on my face anymore what caused dermatitis (small red bumps) around my eyes.
Would be nice to have it in a glass bottle though. To bad the bottle is leaking and there is always a oily ring on the table and it's annoying when i take it in my bag or so. Hope its only a defect on my bottle and not normal since id definitely buy it again.

Review by Jennifer D. on 10/12
very oily....

although I am a fan of this line, I foind it difficult to embrace the moisturizer as it is very oily... i dont even feel like i should put it on my face.
Feels like a light mixture of cold compressed oils...that one would use as a hot oil hair mask.. or even as a topical face mask. Again, not on uour face as a moisturizer.

Seems as if it is missing an ingredient to make it less "raw".

Still love the mist and cleaner.

Cheers! ;)

Review by Karen N. on 10/12
Terrible container!

While the oil seems nice, the container is horrible. It leaks all over the place. It keeps seeping from the edge of the dispenser. It's an expensive product and I'm dismayed to have so much of it leaking out.

Review by Rodney W. on 10/12
Moisturizer is oily

I like the way it makes my skin feel silky but the oily texture is a little hard to deal with. If you do not wash your hands and touch your hair it gets greasy looking. The bottle (it is recommended to keep it closed so it doesn't leak but I still seem to get it on my countertop.

Review by Lauren L. on 10/12
Gentle, but too oily and doesn't help wrinkles.

I switched to this moisturizer and cleanser to try a gentler approach to my skincare. I've been using for about a month now and my skin always feels ultra moisturized, but this isn't great for anti-aging. I noticed it doesn't do me any favors in the under-eye area like other moisturizers do. The moisturizer is SO oily that it doesn't really work well under make-up either. This is the only non-essential oil moisturizer I could find that doesn't have glycerin so I'm going to stick with it for now until I can try another. Sigh. So close but not quite! I bought their products from Thrive since I get a discount there.

Review by Darica R. on 10/12
I have dry rough skin

I have dry rough skin on my face and I’m super sensitive. I haven’t had any reaction and that’s a plus, so far it hasn’t done much to help with the dry patches. Will update after I have used it for awhile.

Review by Tiffany on 10/12
Nice product but lousy delivery

The light oil absorbs quickly and leaves my face moisturized, but the packaging isn’t working. When I put this in my medicine cabinet, oil pools in the lid and makes the outside of the tube greasy, leaving a mess on the shelf and wasting the product.

Review by Jacquie F. on 10/12
Good Oil, But Pump Bottle (Old Style) Leaks Everywhere

Good moisturizing oil - my skin absorbs it well - but I just tossed a half full bottle because I was tired of it leaking all over my bathroom vanity & clothes. It looks like they've changed the packaging since I last ordered it, so hopefully the new design solves the leaking issue.

Review by katherine b. on 10/12
Mother Dirt Moisturizer dispensing bottle leaks

Gave one 3 stars, the bottle containing moisturizer leaks, its always slimy, leaks continually from dispenser top. When the button is pressed
the moisturizer dribbles down the side of bottle. I have to use my fingers to wipe the drips then wash the bottle because its too slimy to hold. You need to redesign the dispenser bottle!

Review by Lauren S. on 5/12
Pleasant products, but not seeing any difference

I bought the Mist, Moisturizer, and Foaming Cleanser. All are very nice to use - no noticeable smell, feels gentle on my skin. However, even though these products are aimed at "problem skin" I have not seen any difference in my complexion, and have not experienced any of the amazing benefits that are promised on this website. All in all, not worth the price tag for me. I will be returning to my previous regimen after these products are used up.

Review by Rabunzal on 5/9
Product leaks no matter how I store it

I love this product! The only problem is, no matter how I store it the moisturizer leaks out and I have oily residue on the counter. Stored on the flat top, standing with flat top up, or sideways (the worst). Product leaks out. I travel for my job and cannot take this with me unless I repackage it on my own.
Maybe a different method of delivery of the product to my skin?

Review by Suzann N. on 9/2
I have been using all 3 products for 2 weeks

I am not yet convinced of its powers. Will,give it 2 more weeks. I do like the shampoo so far.

Review by Will on 10/12
I miss the old one

I loved and have used the previous moisturiser (face oil) for many years. I rely on it as I have never found another like it that is unfragranced and balances my skin like yours did. Now I find it is discontinued and replaced with this one with bacteria in, smaller sized, and unavailable in the UK. Really disappointed, wish you'd kept making the old one...

Review by Jacquelyn L. on 10/12
moisturizer miss

Hi all,
I have been using moisturizer with hopes that something would shift, however since I started using I have been struggling with pretty intense break outs.
What I can say very positively is the motherdirt customer service team has been responsive and helpful. Really appreciate that!

Review by R. A. on 10/12
Misleading product information!

Too soon to say anything about the mist (I bought the starter kit), but the "moisturizer" is basically an OIL and my skin does absolutely not tolerate this - I would never have bought this product (i.e., the set, as I don't need the cleanser either), but I checked again and it says nowhere that it is oil-based (unless you expect me to understand the ingredient list). Am I really the first customer who has this issue..??

Review by Jessie on 10/12
Great product but leaked.

Feels great on my skin and can already tell it is helping with the dryness on my face. A little amount really goes a long way. Would have been 5 stars if product had not leaked during shipping onto my other products. Hard to tell how much was wasted but my 2 other products were coated in oil.

Review by Sophia S. on 1/2
Not for my skin type

After trying out the moisturizer for a few weeks, I recently gave up. I experienced unexpected break outs. This is unfortunate because I really admire with the ethos and innovation behind Mother Dirt. Perhaps this product is not for problematic and sensitive skin like mine.

Review by Brit N. on 11/2
Did not realize this was an oil

My skin does not do well with oils and I had no idea this was a a literal oil moisturizer. Its really not clear in the advertising.

Review by J G. on 6/2
sticky texture

This cream is thick but leaves a shiny slimy surface -- good for evening or home wear but difficult to wear daily, hard to put on sunscreen or makeup on top of it. Otherwise it feels good

Review by Melda E. on 5/9
Too oily, does not absorb

Too oily, does not absorb well

Review by Christa on 5/1
Leaky, awkward, not worth it - no direct contact info on website

I love the AO mist and the soap but this moisturizer seems like it's just basically a mix between fractionated coconut oil and vitamin E serum. That would be fine, though overpriced, except the bottle they used can't contain it properly. It has leaked all over the outside of the bottle and my refrigerator. I'm still using it but I'm really not happy about the packaging.

I saw packaging complaints before I ordered this product but I also saw where they said they'd addressed it and improved the packaging already. Maybe if it were a wider bottle that could stand up on its own it wouldn't have this problem but it's tall and thin so it inevitably falls over in my refrigerator.

I don't like leaving negative reviews. Especially as I really approve of this company and I'd give the AO mist 6 stars if I could. But when I tried to find direct contact info on this website there wasn't a way to reach out to them directly. If they don't want bad reviews they should have a way to reach them directly to try to resolve issues.

Review by Henry on 9/1
Love the moisturizer, not so pleased with the packaging

The moisturizer itself is 5-stars. However, the bottle itself leaks consistently—I've had this with two consecutive bottles. During both travel (locked) and normal usage, there is significant leakage. As in, I can moisturize my whole face by wiping my hand on the side of the bottle, and there's still left over. For the $35 price point (which might I add is...quite high), I really need premium packaging that's far more durable.

Review by Tricia E. on 1/3
How long does it take

How long does it take to notice a difference?

Review by Kim on 10/12
A Hard No....

I liked the previous moisturizer you carried quite a bit and have used it for some time; however, you've now adjusted the formula, jacked up the price, and reduced the size. I find that so obnoxious (developing a solid client base and then excessively inflating cost) and will be looking elsewhere from now on.

Review by Anna C. on 10/12
Really disappointed the old version has been discontinued

For years I used the old version of the Mother Dirt moisturiser, it was the only product I could put on my skin which would not make it sting and burn! I have the most sensitive, allergic, break out prone skin ever and it was just amazing and a godsend. I live in the UK so can't even get hold of the new one to try now and am feeling incredibly upset that the one product I had found that I could use on my super tricky skin no longer exists

Review by Trac on 10/12
Feels cheap...

Feels like a cheap coconut oil and it smells wierd. Do not like at all. Would not recommend it.

Review by Carol G. on 10/12

It's actually perfect but I had to give it one star to get your attention. I dropped it and the pumper broke and now I can't get it out.
Carol Goff
[email protected]

Review by Dea on 11/12
This is a face oil, not a serum

A serum is water-based and absorbs quickly into the skin, not leaving a shine. This product is an oil that sits on top of your skin, does not absorb, stays super-shiny, and rubs off on your phone and clothes. It is false advertising to call it a serum.

Review by Craig B. on 6/7
Don’t pay for “expedited” shipping.

Product is fine but customer service is poor. “Expedited” shipping cost a fortune and still took almost a week to arrive.

Review by nancy on 9/12
Not for my skin

This moisturizer not a cream, it's an oily serum- that was not clear to me. Regardless, I actually love oil moisturizers and serums but this one does not absorb. It's sit on the skin and leaves a very greasy residue. It's been an hour of this on my face and I've decided to pat dry it since it hasn't absorbed a bit. I would recommend or reorder this particular item.

Review by Sandra K. on 9/12
I have not perceived any

I have not perceived any noticable difference in using any of these products

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