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6oz Mini Seal Cup by Eco LunchBox
8oz Small Seal Cup by Eco LunchBox
20oz Large Seal Cup by Eco LunchBox
26oz XL Seal Cup by Eco LunchBox
$17.09 Sale
$17.99 Regular
Seal Cup Trio by Eco LunchBox

About Eco LunchBox

ECOlunchbox was born of the idea that change can begin at lunchtime. I wanted to make a change in how I packed my family’s lunches – to cut out the plastic and do the right thing for our health as well as Mother Earth. It seemed like a pretty simple concept. Design a food container out of something plastic-free and make it available to friends, family and through an online store. Since founding ECOlunchbox as a triple-bottom-line social enterprise in 2009, the business has scaled beyond my initial vision.