Organic Cotton Zip Lunch Bag by Fluf
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Organic Cotton Flip Snack Sack by Fluf
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Organic Cotton Zip Snack Sack by Fluf
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Organic Cotton Snack Mat by Fluf
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About Fluf

Leaving all security, credibility and good-sense behind, they decided to open a designer pillow boutique. They now design and print a collection of sustainable fabrics and create bags of all kinds, pillows and other lifestyle accessories. We’re all about sustainability, fanatic customer service, uncompromising quality products and attention to detail. They have four small children between them, and are always motivated to create products that are practical and durable – as well as beautiful. They don’t make anything that can’t be washed. They have a bag that doubles as a backpack, since they understand the need to have two hands free while also hauling groceries (or swimming gear or Lego). They're big on bags with multiple uses, things that organize and robots that fold laundry (one day). They also have brutally honest, for-real-life mini-testers that help them to make their products cooler, smarter and better. Thanks kids.