Insulated Organic Cotton Lunch Box by Keep Leaf
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Reusable Snack Bag by Keep Leaf
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Reusable Sandwich Bag by Keep Leaf
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Reusable Food Wrap by Keep Leaf
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Keep Leaf Bags, Set of 2 by Keep Leaf
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Keep Leaf Bags Set of 6 by Keep Leaf
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Cotton Canvas Storage Bin, Small by Keep Leaf
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Cotton Canvas Storage Bin, Medium by Keep Leaf
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About Keep Leaf

KEEP LEAF is committed to a big idea: to create a lifestyle brand that celebrates beautiful, well designed products that make the world a better place, to use sustainable materials and responsible methods of production, and to support meaningful causes. KEEP LEAF celebrates modern, stylish products designed to last. From reusable lunch bags and baby bibs to make up bags and totes, our eco-friendly collection is made for the whole family. We believe in providing a safe work environment that supports long-term employment, education and training for employees. All products are made in a modern, clean & family owned facility. Our collections are designed with the environment in mind, promoting reusable, organic and sustainable products and materials. With less toxins and wastage going into our landfills and soil, you can help make the world a greener place for generations to come. KEEP LEAF supports organizations that empower and advance women and girls in local and global communities. We believe by giving them a chance to get an education or employment we can build brighter futures for women and girls around the world. The founder of Keep Leaf, Jaswinder Salh, developed a love for design at a young age. This was nurtured through numerous trips to India where Salh was inspired by the textiles and colors that surrounded her. Following a degree in Fashion Design, which she completed in Toronto, Salh took her skills abroad, to New York and London. There she held various senior level positions with international companies such as Calvin Klein, Niki Taylor Inc., and American Eagle. Settling for a period in London, England, Salh continued her career path as a Trend and Design Director, gaining invaluable experience in the UK and European fashion markets. After the birth of her first child, Salh decided to follow a different path: to fulfill a longtime dream of starting her own business. With a growing concern for our environment and a commitment to social responsibility the new mother promptly began developing products that facilitate the now imperative, environmentally and socially conscious lifestyle.