Goat's Milk Bar Soap by Little Seed Farm
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Organic Deodorant Cream by Little Seed Farm
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Bamboo Deodorant Applicator by Little Seed Farm
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About Little Seed Farm

Little Seed Farm makes natural Farm-To-Face (& body) deodorant & skincare to nourish and rejuvenate your body while also being gentle on the environment. Not just a name, Little Seed is a working farm with a humanely managed goat herd that’s perhaps the only 100% grassfed commercial herd in the country! At Little Seed, sustainability is the heart and soul of what we do - a constant inspiration and guiding light for our farm. We use only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients, supporting responsible farming techniques and ethical business practices worldwide. Solar panels on our farm generate 100% of the electricity used to produce our products and operate our business and farm. Intensive rotational grazing on our organically maintained pastures nurtures our goats’ health holistically and rehabilitates the earth on our 84 acre farm. The lush, healthy pastures and woodlands sequester carbon dioxide and restore soil health and native biodiversity. GOOD FOR YOUR BODY | GOOD FOR THE EARTH