Natural Fiber Dish Brush by Redecker
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Natural Fiber Dish Brush Replacement Head by Redecker
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About Redecker

The first handcrafted Redecker brushes were produced in Germany 1935. Today, Redecker stands for a combination of naturalness, function and design. It lives from a special mix of inventiveness, solid crafts and creativity. Redecker is a family – and a company. They go together hand in hand. Over the years, the business grew from small market stalls to the first regular customers and all the way to international companies. Redecker places high value on products not only being practical but also beautiful and, most of all, ecological. Natural, renewable and sustainable are the most important aspects when we choose our materials. We firmly believe that quality and sustainability always prove themselves and that this will become more and more important in our “throw-away society. Redecker brushes are, in three words: natural, practical, beautiful.