Light Face Oil by Scratch Goods
Heavy Face Oil by Scratch Goods
Jasmine Rose Skin Drink by Scratch Goods
Grapefruit Toner by Scratch Goods

About Scratch Goods

At Scratch Goods we're passionate about the science of skincare. We began out of a personal need for simple, affordable skincare when our co-founders, Elizabeth + Maureen, realized that while they were eating clean and local, their personal care products were still laden with fragrances + unnecessary junk - and they weren't really working. In an attempt to simplify their routines and calm their irritated skin, they slowly purged everything with potential irritants, and didn't have much left. So they rebuilt their own skincare from scratch! With natural soaps, scrubs and oils sourced from their community garden and local farms, their skin rebounded and thrived. Scratch Goods’ requirements for product development remain the same today: quality, food-grade ingredients that are safe enough to eat, and simple formulas that don't rely on intense preservatives or stabilizers. As the company grew, Scratch opened an interactive mask bar and offered wellness classes to the Chicago community and when the pandemic hit, they pivoted to online sales and virtual programming. Scratch Goods is made in Chicago — all of our products are handmade in small batches, mixed, packed, + labeled by hand, with love. Scratch Goods is woman owned — founded by Elizabeth + Maureen in 2011 with a mission to create simple, locally-made skincare + an inclusive wellness community in Chicago.