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Tub, Tile and Basin Scrub Cleaner, 16 oz.
3 reviews

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What makes it Mighty?

  • nontoxic and earth friendly cleaner
  • Made with pure, therapeutic grade essential oils

Product Details

“Sink into Your Bliss” Tub Tile & Basin Cleaner by Blissful Home gives you an aromatherapy cleaning experience while tackling the heavier duties, like tubs, sinks, toilets, stovetops, pots & pans. It also works on soap scum on glass shower doors, mold & mildew and grease. Made with pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, which boosts mood & sense of wellness, and they smell amazing! This is important because when you like a smell, you tend to breathe deeper. And when you breathe deeper, you automatically begin to de-stress and relax. Which is great for your nervous system as well as how you experience your day.  

Choose your scent: 

  • Lemongrass/Eucalyptus — Beyond smelling yummy, lemongrass uplifts mood, refreshes & reduces fatigue. Feeling dull? Eucalyptus aids concentration, uplifts, clears mind &soothes exhaustion. It is also great for combating colds & flu.
  • Peppermint/Tea Tree — Peppermint promotes alertness & increased energy. It also reduces fatigue and sense of effort!

Size: 16 ounces

Use: sprinkle a scoop onto dirty surfaces, add a little water, make a paste, let sit if necessary, and rinse. For vertical surfaces, add powder to a sponge, wet and apply to surface (shower tile, glass shower doors, etc). Rinse well.  

Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), sea salt, citric acid. Plus either lemongrass & eucalyptus essential oils or peppermint & tea tree essential oils (depending on scent)

Made in USA


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Overall Score

3 reviews
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It works great!
Review by Jen L. on 1/11
It works great!

Like most, I hate cleaning my tub. This product works great, fast, and I feel ok taking a bath after vs wondering if chemicals are left.

I have magenta hair conditioner that can leave a color film tint on the tile and grout. This works wonders. I wish there was a larger container!

Review by Alejandra on 11/12

This thing works like magic. I just dampen my rag and dab some of this on it and it removes grease like magic. I use it on my stovetop, on the exhaust of my kitchen as well as on surfaces. I have always been a lover of clorox and ajax and struggled to find something environmentally friendly that compared, but this really does the trick.

Love This Product
Review by Sarah Moser on 7/28
Love This Product

It smells fantastic, fizzes pleasantly, and works well. I prefer it to any other scrub I've tried--natural or not. Highly recommended. I only wish it came in a larger container!

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About Blissful Home
Blissful Home uses simple ingredients that everyone understands. Every ingredient is food-grade and naturally safe for humans, animals and the environment. They also infuse our products with the high-vibration energy of yogic chanting. Blissful Home goes beyond GREEN. They are about the experience. They believe that we have a responsibility, not just to our planet, but to our inner bliss. Blissful Home elevates the act of cleaning to one of connection to our inner and outer sacred space. They elevate the act of breath, sound & movement as a foundational pathway to wellness, as our directive to our greatest joy.

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