Dish Soap Bar

by Meliora Cleaning Products

47 reviews
$7.99 $9.99
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this product scores 3


this product scores 3

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Dish Soap Bar
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Dish Soap Bar

by Meliora Cleaning Products

47 reviews
$7.99 $9.99
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this product scores 3


this product scores 3

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Out of stock
Dish Soap Bar
Variant selected
Out of stock
Dish Soap Bar
Variant selected

What Makes It Mighty?

  • concentrated formula outlasts liquids and keeps plastic bottles out of landfills
  • simple vegetable soap is palm-oil free with no preservatives or dyes
  • rich lather powerfully cuts through grease and rinses off squeaky clean

Meliora has taken their approach to simple, effective, people and planet friendly cleaning and brought it to your kitchen sink. The Dish Soap Bar is an awesome plastic-free, zero-waste option to wash your dirty dishes, pots and pans.  Rich lather powerfully cuts through grease and rinses off squeaky clean.

Size:  7 oz. puck; approximately 2.75" height x 2.75" base diameter x 2.5" top diameter.

Use and care:
  • Place dish soap on a soap dish, coaster, or right on the edge of your sink.
  • Wet your sponge/brush and rub on the soap bar to lather.
  • To soak pots and pans, hold the dish soap under running water while filling the sink or pot.
Where is it made?
Chicago, USA
Is it vegan?
Why yes it is!
this product scores 3

Mighty Rating:

this product scores 3

Fully compostable; plastic-free except minor components for functionality (e.g. lids/pumps)

How is it packaged?
Paper box
End of use:
this product scores 3
Dish Soap Bar
Dish Soap Bar
Scent: Lemon

Mighty Rating:

this product scores 3
100% natural ingredients
Fragrance Ingredients are:
Preservative Ingredients are:
Not Required.

Ingredients Details

Vegetable Soap [Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Sunflowerate, Glycerin, Water, Organic Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Organic Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil], Organic Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Peel Oil

Dish Soap Bar
Dish Soap Bar
Scent: Unscented

Mighty Rating:

this product scores 3
100% natural ingredients
Fragrance Ingredients are:
Fragrance Free.
Preservative Ingredients are:
Not Required.

Ingredients Details

Vegetable Soap [Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Sunflowerate, Glycerin, Water, Organic Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Organic Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil]

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What others are saying

Overall Score

47 reviews
Review by Vanessa on 12/29

We have tried several bar soap options for our dishes. This one is the winner, 5 starrs from all 4 of my dishwashing helpers.

Review by Dianne on 3/28
Lemon dish doap bar

Very nice and sudsy cleans well love the lemon scent!!❤️❤️

Review by Sandy on 12/18
It really works!

I was skeptical. I set the soap on the wooden base and half-heartedly tried it - wetted a walnut scrubbiewith water, and rubbed on the top of the soap with the scrubbie - I used it on a few dishes, rinsed, and they came out shining and clean. Best of all - I used a fourth of the water (as opposed to filling the sink, washing, then rinsing). So easy and effective! I LOVE having the soap bar as a convenient and an attractive option. I did put a small Swedish dishcloth (cut down to fit) underneath the wooden base to prevent staining of the porcelain sink edge. This works!

Review by Lauren on 9/14
Love it!

This is one of the few natural dish soaps that actually fully clean dishes and doesn't leave behind grease.

Review by Yuanyuan on 7/12
Pleasantly Surprised

I was not looking for dish soap when I found MightyNest through a web search, but thinking this is an interesting idea. I am glad I tried it. I am actually not using it primarily for dishes. This is because I accidentally found my 3M cleaning cloth became whiter after I use it to wash it. Then I started using it for spot treatment for laundry. Everything become cleaner and whiter without extra bleaching. I still use it for dishes sometimes combining my current Mrs. Meyer dish soap. I would love to use more products from Meliora! The only thing about this one is there is no lemon smell even though it marked as Lemon on my box. A little disappointed on the smell, but this is trivial.

Review by Lizz Plummer on 3/23

I love this bar!!! The lemon actually pulls the onion smells out of things. My dishes are literally "squeaky clean".

Review by Nicole Adamski on 1/18

I absolutely love this soap. Not only does it cut through the grease but it doesn’t dry my hands out!

Review by Dawn on 1/3
Very impressed!

I was skeptical about how well this would work. Of course, being used to bottled dish soaps I wondered how well it would suds up as well as clean my dishes. It does both remarkably well (we do have soft water, which does make a difference with how soaps react with your water).

I'm excited to ditch the bottled dish soap and use this eco friendly product instead. Love discovering new products with my monthly Mighty Fix!

Review by K on 12/28
I love this stuff - people who had a film leftover; a second wash gets rid of that first pass film

I LOVE this soap. I like it better than any bottled dish soap I’ve used. It washes really clean.

I was reading the other reviews and people noted a film left on their pots and pans after washing. I get the same film after the initial wash. It’s almost like the first pass emulsifies the grease and stuff; the second washes it away. So just do a second quick wash and that solves the problem with the greasy stuff.

Despite the above, I still like this soap better than Dawn or the bottled “natural” alternatives. Things just feel super clean after this soap - like literally they “speak”. I finally understand where the phrase “squeaky clean” comes from. I never get that level of clean with the other stuff.

Review by Pistu on 8/29
Best dish soap ever!

We received this dish soap from Mighty nest and absolutely loved it. It stayed on wood base when you rubbed on it with the sponge and it cleaned dishes very well. We totally recommend it and will be getting some more os this soap!

Review by Beth on 8/9
Great Product

Definitely loving this dish soap so far! A little goes a long way. It's a huge soap bar, so I know it's going to last a long time. I appreciate the short ingredients list and lack of harmful chemicals. I would definitely recommend purchasing this if you haven't already.

Review by Brandie on 8/8
Made the switch

I love how much longer this soap last over bottle soaps! I made the switch and glad I did.

Review by Dara on 7/24
It works really good!

I for sure thought this wasn't going to work as well as it does. I'm surprised it cuts through grease so we'll. The only con is that when you are getting the soap on the brush, it sprays everywhere, and it leaks thru the wooden holder I bought with it. Not a big deal, I will be buying this from now on, saying no to plastic bottles is one of my many missions on this planet.

Review by Elizabeth on 5/19
Excellent Bar

I love this bar soap for dishes. I use it when hand washing greasy pots and pans that sometimes the dishwasher or liquid dish soap don't get clean.

Review by Kristine on 12/23
Just right

Easy to use with a pleasant smell. I'm very happy to find a soap that replaces the bottles of dish soap we've been using.

I like the scent of this better than the bottled soap and it seems to last well.

Review by Amanda on 11/29
Great product!!

I love this product! Not all eco friendly products work but this one does and not only that but it is plastic free and inexpensive. We are a homeschool family of 4 and I wash a lot of dishes as we eat 80% of our meals here. I do run my dishwasher but hand wash pots and pans plus any dishes that don’t make it in the washer. This has lasted us 8 months already and is still going.

Review by Marjorie on 8/23

Love this dish soap

Review by Nicole S. on 8/4
Gets stuck on grease off when others won’t!

It smells like lemonade, feels like a conditioner bar or soap bar, and works like magic. I had run one of my pans through the dishwasher twice to no avail but this cut through the grease in seconds. I will be using for things I need to hand wash. I can tell it will last a long time, much longer than standard liquid soap.

Review by Liz Rick on 7/30
I was skeptical but DANG

I have to admit this was not a product in my house I wanted to change. I love my dawn dish soap, I wont even buy off brand. I use it for wash, for dishes, everything, but I knew it needed to be changed. So I bought this to give it a shot, really expecting to hate it.

I left a pan with chicken broth sit for a day, just so I could test this when it came. I just got done washing it and I cannot believe how good this stuff works!!!!!!! I have sent it to all my friends telling them to buy it!

Review by Lezlee on 7/8
LOVE this dish soap bar!

Love this dish soap bar! Cleans dishes and rinses well. Its also gentle on my hands, so no more need for handsoap on kitchen counter as well! Smells great and cleans well!

Review by Lucinda on 7/1
I haven't bought liquid dish soap since buying this

I love this product! The lemon scent is not too overpowering. I keep it in a small dish next to the sink, and I have a handheld brush that I get wet and brush in circles on this to lather it up.

Review by Morgan on 5/24
Easy & Effective

This is how green cleaning should be—easier and just as effective as the alternative! We find this option paired with the scrub brush easier than “traditional” dish washing and actually helps us keep dishes from piling up. It’s easy to just wash one dish and be done with it! It lathers well, and of course the minimal packaging is great. We’re converts.

Review by Brandi on 4/10

I began using this into my switch to minimizing and low waste and I am pleasantly surprised! The leather is amazing and works just as good as Dawn which I swore by. I feel better knowing its not full of chemicals too.

Review by Lori on 4/7
This is great!!

I bought this on a whim because it looked cute. Yes, I liked way it looked! But boy am I glad I did! It makes a great lather and cleans amazingly well!!!

Review by denelle on 3/30

wow, i am loving this stuff! I
there is a body wash bar that i used once, and i was amazed at how squeaky clean i felt after. that is exactly what this bar does to dishes...leaves them squeaky clean!

now i actually looking forward to doing dishes, because i love how they feel after i have swiped them with the bar! i LOVE Meliora products!!!

Review by safety conscious mom on 3/28
best item from Mighty Nest

no plastic dish washing

Great lather

really cuts grease - cleans well

Best item from Mighty Nest

Review by Alicia on 2/12
Love this soap!

I was a little worried about how easily this soap would be to use, and whether or not it would cut grease/oil well enough. I am almost through my first bar now, and I love it! I have the lemon sent which makes my dishes smell clean, and I have used the bar both on my pop-up cellulose sponges and the Full Circle dish clothes I got in my MightyNest subscription. It works well on both, though I found that the lather is actually better when I use the dish cloth, and speaking of lather, it lasts for a while on my dish cloth, so I don't have to repeatedly rub more of the soap on it, which is really nice, and makes the bar go farther. So far one bar as lasted me a month, and we don't have a dishwasher, so we wash everything by hand using this soap. I highly recommend this soap!

Review by Rae on 2/9
This soap has a learning curve!

I’m pretty traditional and like to fill my sink with soapy water to do dishes. I wouldn’t recommend that with this soap. This works best if you dampen your dishcloth or sponge (I use the Swedish dishcloths), rub a little bit of soap on the cloth (seriously like one or two swipes on the soap bar), and then wash the dish. It produces a great lather and rinses clean. I usually fill my sink an inch or two with clean water to get the dishes wet enough to produce a lather and then add small amounts of soap to my dishcloth as needed. I’m very happy with the result and would recommend this wonderful product!!

Review by Holly on 1/5
Smells great

Very handy. Smells good. Looks cool next to the sink and super convenient to get the right amount of soap without making a mess with liquids

Review by Lisa on 9/29
Best natural dish soap I've used

We got this in our mighty fix pack last month. It is by far the most effective natural dish washing soap I have tried. I appreciate that it has minimal packaging and all non-plastic. This is going to be one of our go-to items going forward.

Review by Shelly on 8/7
Works amazing with our Hard/Well Water

We usually have soap scum or residue, it is hard to get our dishes to sparkle (we do not have a dish washer).

This soap is amazing! Not sure what is different about it.

The best dish soap we have used (natural and non-natural)

Review by April Groover on 9/12
Love ❤️ it but....

The soap is great! Cuts grease, cleans well but, the soap dish is a little frustrating because the water leaks out underneath it. I put a cloth underneath it but, it gets so wet and stains it brown. Just needs a better design or purchase the round soap dish sold on here.

Review by Betsy on 8/7
Water saver

I love that I am using half the water I was! Sometimes I have to do a second wash on greasy items, but I often had to do that using Dawn. This is now my go-to dish soap.

Review by Andréa on 7/19
Good, not perfect

I really do love the dish soap bar, but as others have said it doesn't really cut through grease. I use dawn for the greasy messes and this soap bar for everything else. I do use for most things and it works great for me with the Bubble Up Refill Brush. I will buy again.

Review by Amanda on 4/12
Gave it a test on lasagna dish and ground beef pan...

I made lasagna and soaked the dish using this soap...then the next morning I used my bamboo scraper, walnut scrubber and this soap. No grease, very happy! I also used the soap on a very greasy pan that cooked 80/20 ground beef. I would have needed to give it one more wash to get ALL the grease off, but overall very good job. I will say I sit this on the cedar wood tray on this site and the bottom does not dry. I'm not sure if that's going to be a problem going forward.

Review by Ana on 3/15

Does clean and smells nice! However, it leaves streaks and a odd waxy looking coating on dishes - no matter how much a scrub or rinse.

Review by TR on 10/9
It washes

I was wanting to love these more than I do. I do love that it is minimal waste and sustainable without harmful ingredients, however, I do not think it smells that great not even close to lemon anything. I also think the washing could be better, it does get bubbly but it leaves a foggy film. For the price, I do not love.

Review by Shagah on 9/8
Great supplement, still needed liquid

I really wanted to ditch the dish soap in plastic containers but this was just not cutting it. It's fine for washing simple things but just the adjustment from liquid to solid was not easy. It doesn't quite foam the same way and I still had to buy a bottle of liquid. Great as supplement but not sure its going to work as my only product.

Review by Kia on 2/1
Didn't quite cut through the grease

I love the idea of this, but it just didn't meet our needs. While it did provide some suds, they didn't last long and didn't do much to cut through grease. We'd think our dishes were clean until they dried and were a greasy mess. This works alright for cups, cereal bowls, etc., but any cooking ware, anything that had butter in it, etc., it just doesn't get the job done.

Review by Kia on 1/28
Not great on grease

I love the idea of this soap and it works decently well for standard messes, but it just doesn't do the job when it comes to anything greasy, oily, etc.

Review by Charlyn on 10/25
Nasty Mess at the Sink

I've got the bubble up dish, so I thought I'd give this a try. It fits perfectly in the dish allright, but using the soap has presented problems. It does not cut heavy grease. We keep the brush nearby and give it a rub to "load" the brush, but repeated reloads are necessary and this leaves grit in the dish soap.

Review by Rumsita on 10/12
nice idea, but...

I applaud the idea behind this product, but it just doesn't work that well for me. The soap is weak on the degreasing front, which is not a good match for the kitchen. The little wooden stand for the soap is also a nice idea, but could use some major improvements. I have to prop it up on a sponge so it sits at an angle to encourage the drips to run into the sink instead of just pooling under the wood.

Review by Emily on 4/4
Stuck in grease

I ordered a 2-pack of these dish soap bars, and the day I got my box was like Christmas morning. I’ve used the first bar completely and am about a third of the way through my second, and, honestly, I’m quite disappointed. The soap works up nice suds on my dishes, but if I used any oil for cooking at all, it doesn’t wash off and winds up all over my sink. I’ve had to scour my sink almost daily since I started using this product, and I have to wipe residue off my dishes with a towel once they’ve dried. I really tried to love this product, but the amount of cleaning products I have to use to clean up after, and time I spend scrubbing my sink simply can’t justify ordering again.

Review by Grace on 12/30
not buying again

this leaves a film on my stainless steel and when dishes dry there are filmy spots. I wanted this to really work. Will not buy again,

Review by Jenny on 11/29

I love the smell and the feel but it leaves a very gross residue on my pans not a fan ☹️

Review by deborah on 9/12
didn't love

I wish I had the experience of other reviewers but this didn't work for me. I've found some shampoo bars and conditioners that I love but this didn't clean, last or rinse well. I ended up using it as a hand soap in the kitchen.

Review by Lise D on 1/27
Didn't work well for me

I wanted to love this soap, but unfortunately, it left a film on my dishes so that they didn't really feel clean. We have fairly soft water, so whether this works for you likely depends on what kind of water you have.

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