Cedar Wood Soap Dish

Cedarwood Soap Dish
8 reviews

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Product Details

Savr Soap Trays' cedarwood soap dish with a naturally varied grain pattern is a beautiful, practical way to preserve your bar soap. Natural, handcrafted soap doesn’t contain chemicals that prevent “melting” if the bar is left sitting in water. These soap dishes, handcrafted in the St. Clair River basin of Michigan, are designed to allow water to drain through, extending the life of your soap. 

Size: 3" x 3.5"

Materials: Sustainably harvested woods including untreated Western Red Cedar from the US and Canada.

Note: Cedar is long lasting and durable even when repeatedly wet, however because it is not treated with any oils or coatings, wet wood can "bleed". This brown liquid is a natural occurrence and is not harmful.

Made in USA

SKU: 8006

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Overall Score

8 reviews
Review by Marjorie on 8/23

Love it

Great product but don't like the runoff
Review by Wendy Stechmann on 7/12
Great product but don't like the runoff

Like the other reviewers said, a brown liquid comes out of the bottom of the soap dish. I have been using mine daily for many months and it hasn't gone away. Now I just wipe the sink clean underneath after washing my dishes.

used to love it
Review by DORIS on 4/8
used to love it

I received this in my monthly shipment and loved it at first, yes it leaked brown liquid, but it adhered itself to my sink and was so easy to use, then the wood warped and wouldn't stick to the sink anymore and it was kind of a hassle to use, I couldn't just rub my sponge over the dish soap anymore without the whole thing moving.
mightynest was kind enough to send me a new one, but this one just won't stick like the original one.
I really like the concept of this, just wish it would work.

Brown liquid seeps out
Review by Karen on 6/14
Brown liquid seeps out

I wish I had read some of the reviews before purchasing this. It’s sitting on my kitchen counter by the sink and oozing brown water everywhere. It sounds like this will eventually stop but it’s pretty gross right now. Otherwise seems well made.

Discolored with Use
Review by Stephanie on 4/1
Discolored with Use

I wouldn't buy this again. Something with the cedar turns brown/black from the moisture or soap. Brown water settles below it. I'm not sure why it does this, but it doesn't feel clean, and I worry about mold developing since the wood is now discolored.

Looks great with a soap saver
Review by Denise on 2/3
Looks great with a soap saver

I use this in the bathroom with a soap saver on top, it looks really nice! My one complaint is that is somehow leaves a brown liquid on the sink after a few washes. For some reason, when the water drips down through it, it becomes brown from the cedar and it's discoloring it also. I just make sure to wipe it down every few days to not cause any damage. I still prefer this over a regular soap dish.

Brown discharge
Review by Kimberly on 4/22
Brown discharge

Product looks nice and pretty when not in use. However, if any water gets on the product while using it, a brown discharge from the wood seeps all over the counter/sink area where the product is placed. It’s annoying having to constantly wipe down the area after each use.

Wanted to love it
Review by Cheryl on 9/27
Wanted to love it

I wanted to love this cedarwood soap dish and the bar dish soap that came with it. I'm sure this soap dish might be fine in the shower, but for my kitchen sink, it was awful. Within days of using it, there was water everywhere and I had a brown mess on my counter. It ended up soaking into the grout in my backsplash tile and turning it black. Definitely disappointed. I may try it in my shower and go with an actual soap dish (non-porous) for my kitchen sink.

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About Savr Soap Trays
Savr Soap Trays are handcrafted in the St Clair River basin of Michigan using sustainably harvested woods including Western Red Cedar, from the US and Canada.

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