Better Life All Purpose Cleaner Clary Sage

Natural All-Purpose Cleaner, 32 oz.
2 reviews

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What makes it Mighty?

  • No VOC's SLS, SLES, Parabens, Ammonia, Phthalates and Ethoxylates
  • Completely Safe for Pets and Kids
  • Naturally scented using only essential oils

Product Details

Better Life's natural All-Purpose Cleaner packs a punch, outperforming cleaners that sting. Simply spray, wipe, and watch as it tackles scuff marks on the wall, spilled juice on the floor, peanut butter on the counter, bacon grease on the stove, toothpaste on the vanity, or coffee spills on the couch. Use on toilets, countertops, appliances, upholstery, baseboards, walls, floors, tables, showers, boats, cars, sporting equipment, toys – whatever! Safe for kids and pets. 

Choose: Clary Sage & Citrus or Unscented

  • No rinsing, no residue
  • No VOC's SLS, SLES, parabens, ammonia, phthalates or ethoxylates 
  • Naturally scented using essential oils
  • Gives a streak-free shine to granite countertops
  • Gluten free & hypoallergenic
  • Completely safe for kids and pets 
  • Not tested on animals
  • Safe for waterways & marine life

Directions: Turn nozzle to 'ON' position. Aim and spray. Wipe with a cloth, sponge, old shirt, or that odd sock that lost its mate.

Ingredients—Unscented: Purified water, decyl glucoside (plant derived), lauryl glucoside (plant derived), disodium cocoyl glutamate (plant derived) quillaja saponaria bark (soap bark) extract, methylisothiazolinone (preservative, less than 0.01%)
Ingredients—Clary Sage & Citrus Scent: Purified water, Caprylyl/capryl glucoside, Decyl glucoside, Lauryl glucoside, Disodium cocoyl glutamate, Quillaja saponaria bark extract, Salvia sclarea extract, Clary sage, Lemon peel extract, Orange peel extract, Methylisothiazolinone (less than 0.01%)

Made in the USA

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What Others are Saying

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Overall Score

2 reviews
Perfect for everything!
Review by rebecca on 6/20
Perfect for everything!

I tried this on almost every single thing in my house and it really cleans! A little bit goes a long way, I cleaned my entire stove with two squirts. From top to bottom, enamel, glass, plastic, and cooking surface were all sparkly clean. I spot cleaned floors, tables, countertops ànd cupboard doors, everything! The smell is very nice and light, just a mild citrus. I am adding another bottle on my next order already, I don't want to run out! Try it, you won't be sorry that you did!

Review by justmel74 on 8/8

We recently moved and have granite countertops in out kitchen and so I began searching for something that I could use on them, that was also good for the environment and found Whatever. It works great and really does a fantastic job of cutting grease and caked on bits of food, etc. Highly recommend.

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About Better Life
In 2007 two life long friends, Tim Barklage and Kevin Tibbs, were watching their toddlers crawl across the floors and climbing up and around on all kinds of surfaces in the home (and then put their little fingers in their mouth of course). As concerned new parents, they began discussing the dangers of traditional cleaners and the toxic residues they leave behind. Tim (always the optimist) challenged Kevin, an innovative formulation chemist, to create a new line of cleaning products that set the standard in safety and work better than anything out there. No small order, Kevin began his work in the lab with his plant-derived ingredients and Tim got to work on building the brand. The result of their efforts are a line of products that keep kids, pets and the planet safe. No more harmful chemicals in the air and on the surfaces of our homes and planet. Better Life set out to not only create a better product but a better solution for all.

About MightyNest

We make it easy for families to create a healthy home. Each of our 1000+ products has been thoroughly researched to be free of concerning chemicals, and hand-picked for its quality and design. With products for the whole family, ranging from kitchenware to reusable lunch gear to skincare, it is truly better living made easy.