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Swedish Dishcloths
22 reviews

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Product Details

This marvelously absorbent dishcloth from Sweden is a wonder in the kitchen. You'll never want to go back to sponges or regular cloths when you see how it works. It softens when wet & dries like a dream. They absorb 15 times their own weight, making them the premier cloths on kitchen surfaces.  Kitchen surfaces are virtually streak-free. Made of earth-friendly cellulose & cotton with water-based inks so they are compostable. Lasts about 9-12 months 

This amazing, natural dishcloth fabric was inventend in Sweden in 1949.  These cloths are durable enough for repeated machine-washings. 

Cleaning instructions:

Can be cleaned in the washing machine or in the top rack of the dishwasher.
Can also be boiled or microwaved (when damp) for 30 seconds.
Hang over the faucet or lay flat to air dry. Do not tumble dry.

Dimensions: 6" x 8" 

Made in Sweden

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What Makes it Mighty?

  • made from natural materials
  • replaces paper towels

Customer Ratings and Reviews

Overall Score

22 reviews
Love These!
Review by on

I’ve never been a sponge person because to me sponges don’t dry so quickly and so take on an odor, but not these. Perfect for clean up and they dry really quickly. I toss them into the dishwasher to refresh them. I’m finding I’m even using them Instead of paper towels.

Works well
Review by on

I've always been a sponge girl. When it comes to washing dishes, rags just don't do it for me. I got these in my MF along with some dish soap I just happened to order the same month. I figured I'd give it a shot. These things definitely work. I may still use my sponges from time to time, but these cloths will definitely be a new addition to my kitchen.

Swedish Dishcloths are just the thing!
Review by on

I LOVE these Swedish Dishcloths. Quite a few years ago I started eliminating unnecessary waste from my life. I use dish towels instead of paper towels, have glass storage containers for leftovers, I've got lots of mason jars. carry reusable bags. I've got a steam cleaner for cleaning the floors and bathroom surfaces. All in all its been great. The one thing I hadn't be able to part with was a sponge to do my dishes. Dish cloths just didn't absorb enough, in stepped these and man on man! They are perfect, they absorb like a sponge and was up like a dream. I just throw them in the washing machine (don't have dishwasher)and hang to dry.

Great reusable "paper towel"
Review by on

These things are great to use in place of paper towels. One use I found handy: you know how it's a good idea to include damp paper towels when wrapping up some veggies for storage? You can use these instead. They stay just the right dampness and keep their shape.

Swedish Dishcloths
Review by on

Absolutely love these. So nice to use... Everyone that sees and uses at my house loves them! Lifetime customer right here!

In love
Review by on

I am absolutely in love with these dishcloths. I've used one to clean my sink, counters, tables and stovetop. It is super absorbent, cleans without streaking so far and is all around amazing. I haven't used them to wash dishes since I have something else but theylse are probably going to replace my ppertowels in most instances. Fabulous product.

Review by on

I love this. It really does a great job on my black range. It's the only cleaning product that hasn't left streaks. This has always been a big problem. I have used it for days and it still doesn't smell bad either.

Great paper towel replacement
Review by on

These are super absorbant and no gross smell. I have used them to clean up spills on laminate floors, quartz counters, stove, and microwave. They are much more absorbant than paper towels . Just ring them out and continue wiping. Easily wash them on the top rack of the dishwasher or use hot soapy water in the sink. Also great on cleaning dishes.

Love these!
Review by on

I enjoy these cloths! They do a wonderful job of cleaning dishes, dry quickly, and do not develop the mildew smell. I launder them every few days. Mine did not have a sulfur smell at all, so perhaps the other reviewers got a bad batch?

Love these!
Review by on

These dishcloths come in bright, pretty designs and are wonderful to use. They dry quickly after use and don't get musty smelling like all cotton would. They are best for wiping down surfaces and washing flat dishes; not ideal for scrubbing.

Review by on

I love the designs and how getting them wet enhances the textures. Mine did not have an odor when dry and only a faint trace when wet. I prefer a scrubby sponge for dishes but like rags for cleaning surfaces. I am curious how they are with staining.

My favorite😀
Review by on

This is the best cloth I've used in years. Love it.

Great item!
Review by on

Am bringing a few as gifts to my daughter and also a couple of friends when I visit next month. I think they can't help but love them too. Would be nice if there were a discounted price when you purchase more than one....because price is my only hesitation.

Cheery dish cloths
Review by on

I've just ordered my third because i am in love with these dish cloths! They clean so much better than my regular dishcloths and even take care of all the water spots leaving my kitchen all sparkly. Love that they are so durable and fun at the same time! Makes doing dishes and cleaning my kitchen that much better!

Swedish Dishcloths are my new favorite!
Review by on

These are the best dishcloths! They are just the right size and are very durable. It doesn't hurt that they have nice little patterns. I'm getting more!

Review by on

These are very surprising-in a good way! I wish they were a little bigger. I think they are on the small side when washing dishes.

Great Texture, but how do you get them clean?
Review by on

The texture and material is great for cleaning. But how do you get them clean? We've washed in clothes washer & dishwasher. I think the instructions said "no conditioner," but can't find the card. We've had ours about 5 weeks. Ugly brown stains, probably coffee spills and stove cleanup residue.

A bit overrated
Review by on

These are decently absorbent, but for the price I think they're overrated! I can get regular cloth dishcloths for way less and they work just as well. These also have a funk for the first couple of times using them.

Rotten smell
Review by on

Looks like I got a bad batch, too. When I first wet my washcloth, I got a huge waft of rotten egg smell. I emailed MightyNest about the issue and was told the following:

We did hear this complaint from a handful of other customers who received product from the same batch of towels. We reached out to the manufacturer and they explained that the biodegradable materials of the cloth are blended through a process that utilizes a sulfate mineral in the process. When the batch does not have ample air time prior to packaging, the smell is strong like you have experienced. It will dissipate over time and with air exposure.

Over time the smell has died, but I wish I would've been compensated for the inconvenience.

Smells bad
Review by on

I really like the idea of these, but they smell so bad! My whole kitchen smelled of sulfur. I've only seen 1 other person complain of this so I don't know if we got a bad batch or what. I would love to use these, but I don't think I can. I just got one wet and the smell got worse.

Not what I was hoping for
Review by on

I loved the designs, so, without giving it much thought, I ordered several for myself and some more for gifts. Fortunately, I tried them before giving any away. I'll just say that mine only got used once, and all the others I ordered are still sitting in my closet and I have no. earthly. idea. what to do with them! They get so so stiff after use, and the smell is another matter entirely!

What is that smell?
Review by on

I never got to try these because they smelled so bad. As soon as i opened my package all i could smell is rotten eggs. I tried to wet them thinking that the smell would lessen and it was worse. We had to put our garbage in the garage because the smell was so strong and wouldn't go away. I liked the design on the towel but that smell just ruined it for me.

Cose Nuove
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