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Wool Dryer Balls 3-Pack

by MightyNest

115 reviews


this product scores 3


this product scores 3

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Wool Dryer Balls 3-Pack
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Wool Dryer Balls 3-Pack

by MightyNest

115 reviews


this product scores 3


this product scores 3

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What Makes It Mighty?

  • 100% unbleached new zealand felted wool
  • conserves energy, reducing drying times by 25%
  • dryer balls last for over 1,000 loads

This set of 3 dryer balls are made of 100% premium New Zealand wool. Adding wool dryer balls to your dryer will help soften your clothes (without the use of synthetic chemicals found in dryer sheets), decrease drying time significantly (saving money on utility bills),  and save the landfill from disposable dryer sheets.  By circulating the air in your dryer more efficiently they can also help reduce wrinkles and static.

Use and care:

Toss all 3 balls in at the beginning of the cycle. They last for over 1,000 loads and will save you both time and money.

TIP:  Dryer balls significantly decrease drying times by aerating clothes.  We recommend switching to no heat or low heat settings with dryer balls to conserve energy, prevent static, and prolong the life of your clothes & fabrics.

TIP: For a light natural scent, add a few drops of lavender, lemon or orange pure undiluted essential oils to the balls and toss in! Let the essential oils soak into the balls for at least 10 minutes before adding them to a low heat dryer.  

TIP: If you have static, reduce your drying time since over-drying increases static electricity. Another idea is to fasten 3 large safety pins to some old socks and keep those in the dryer as well (the metal helps break up static bonds).

Where is it made?
this product scores 3

Mighty Rating:

this product scores 3

Package free; primarily compostable except very minor components (e.g. plastic toggles or small stickers)

How is it packaged?
Muslin bag
End of use:
Reuse bag
this product scores 3
Wool Dryer Balls 3-Pack
Wool Dryer Balls 3-Pack

Mighty Rating:

this product scores 3
Reusable and all natural materials, may have very minor synthetic components for functionality (e.g. gaskets)

Materials Details

100% premium New Zealand wool

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What others are saying

Overall Score

115 reviews
Review by Jasmine on 11/27
Dryer balls

I’ve never actually used them until now an I can say it is very great quality works great I love it.

Review by Ramona Doran on 8/29

Love these have been a knitter for years and that’s where I first saw them at a knitting convention. You can even put a few drops if essential oils on the wools balls to sent your laundry

Review by LaDanna on 4/4
No more drier sheets!

I have been wanting to try these. I am hooked. Drying time is less and leaves clothing soft and fresh.

Review by Amanda on 2/1

Our son was born with breathing issues, and we were advised to stop using dryer sheets because of their toxins. I love these dryer balls as an easy, and reusable, option to help dry my clothes!

Review by Teresa Wickboldt on 1/26

Love the dryer balls and customer service person
I have ordered for next months box
Looking forward to products

Review by Brandi Hampton on 12/14

I started using mine two days after I received them in the mail and oh am I so hook on these.
They seem to help dry my laundry quicker and I love the smell is staying with it.

Review by Susan Williams on 12/2

These are wonderful. They help to separate your clothes so that they dry faster. I had 3 small ones that worked well but the large are even better.

Review by Janet on 11/14
Recipient of mightynest as a gift

I love the wool dryer balls!!! I was using dryer sheets especially during winter months when there’s a lot of static in laundry, but after using these balls in dryer I am hooked!!! No need to go back to commercial way of getting rid of static!! So happy with this product! Going to purchase some for all my family!!

Review by MGx2 on 10/14
Dryer Balls

I love these dryer balls. I use them every load. They do reduce the drying time!

Review by Jennifer on 9/12
Very useful

At first when I received this product in my 1st MightyNest box I was skeptical. But after using them to dry 2 loads of laundry I realized their value. Normally my drying time was 60 minutes per load but it only took 40 minutes when I used them. Great item!

Review by Catao on 8/23
Great little things

I absolutely love this. Leaves close soft with no additional smells

Review by Deanna Bridges on 7/28
Welcome box subscription

I received my first order from Mighty Nest today. I loved what they ship out in my monthly subscription. It was wool dryer balls. 💕💕💕
It came quickly and was in nice packing and a card telling you about your item. Love it.

Review by Angela Carden on 6/8
Dryer balls

I didn't believe they would work. But low and behold, they are wonderful. No wrinkles and no static

Review by Cindy on 5/3
Dryer balls

I've been using these for almost a year and I love them.

Review by Michelle on 5/3
These are great!!

I love my dryer balls. They really work well and I feel so good about leaving dryer sheets behind.

Review by Tabatha on 5/2
Dryer Balls Review

I was able to review the Mighty: Dryer Balls thru the website MightyNest. Mighty: Dryer Balls made my family's clothes super soft. It's mind blowing. Only wish I would had them sooner. Thank you for giving me the chance to test this wonderful product.

Review by Christa on 4/21
Good quality

I was so excited to get these wool balls. I already use wool balls for my laundry but was wanting to build my numbers so I was glad to get them. They have been used in quite a few loads already and are holding up really well. They have not lost shape at all so I’m anxious to see how long these last compared to the ones I already have.

Review by Idagrace on 4/2
Drier Balls

Love them

Review by Judy on 3/5

I love using dryer balls.

Review by Diana Christiansen on 2/5
Quiet and effective

The balls bounce around quietly which is great with our office next to the laundryroom! They are also very good at keeping the static away!

Review by Eloisa on 2/2

I loved the dryer balls!
It works great.
Thank you so much!
Ill recommend UT to everyone i know..

Review by Jennifer Andrews on 1/29

I love these. They keep static out of clothes. They also help wrinkles stay out too

Review by Victoria on 1/27

I am glad I tried these. I never would have even considered it before. I used to have to run my dryer on the Heavy Duty setting and sometimes our jeans were still damp. Now with using these dryer balls for 2 months, I noticed can use the normal setting and nothing has been damp. Not even heavy comforters. I used to have to run my comforters 3 times before they would ever be dry but not anymore. Thanks MightyNest for my MightyFix.

Review by Ariel Justinger on 1/25
Dryer balls

I absolutely love these have been wanting to try and glad I did with mighty nest !!

Review by Vinny on 1/23

These wool dryer balls are great! I had a 4 pack from Trader Joe’s and lost one of the wool balls. I took them on a long work trip but lost one at the laundromat. I bought a replacement from here. Now I have 6 dryer balls and my laundry love it! They’re exactly the same as Trader Joe’s, but the TJ ones are half the price as here for four wool balls. If you don’t have a Trader Joe’s near you, this is the same product. I haven’t used dryer sheets for years since these wool balls do the job.

Review by Maralina on 1/4
Dries Faster

These work great! I've had these for a while now and they dry my laundry so much faster than they did before!

Review by Sandy on 1/1

Love these dryer balls. Have been meaning to try them. My favorite item so far!

Review by Crystal on 12/20
Love these!

I no longer buy dryer sheets! My clothes don't have static and I love how they prevent wrinkles! Best product ever!

Review by Jeanni on 11/18
Dryer Balls

I have used dryer balls for a few years and love them. The ones I got from Mighty Fix are larger than the ones I have, and I LOVE them!

Review by Autumn on 10/22
Love em!

They work great and are so easy. Ya just leave em in the dryer!

Review by Elizabeth Davidson on 10/17

I was quite apprehensive about these dryer balls as I’m sure you understand. I can’t begin to tell you have the light and I am that they actually work better than dryer sheets!!!
What a happy find!!!!

Review by Lori M on 9/18

I was skeptical at first, but have used them anyways and so glad I did. I have NO static in my clothes and love them. I about had a heart attack when I found out my sister had done her laundry and used my dryer balls and DRYER SHEETS at the same time!!!!! I hope it didn't ruin them, but I since have them put up where she won't get to them.

Review by Lori Miller on 9/10

Thank you so much for the dryer balls.I am really enjoying them.

Review by Candy on 8/15

Love these dryer balls! My husbands grandmother is a big fan of dryer balls but I wasnt convinced. I finally decided i would give them a try when MightyNest offered them. I am now a fan myself! No static, clothes are softened..everything you get from dryer sheets except you reuse them instead of throwing them away! Thank You MightyNest!!

Review by Tiahna on 6/28

These have actually made me want to do laundry MORE OFTEN! I used to begrudgingly wait until my basket was overflowing, but now these have made me happy to do laundry. I absolutely love them. MightyNest asked me to review them a little too early (after one load), and I left a 4-star review... After 5 loads, I will openly say I WAS WRONG! These are amazing, and I will never, ever go back to dryer sheets. Ever.

Review by Joyce on 6/27

Best thing ever. I doubted them at first but I have been won over. Love them

Review by C. Nichols on 6/21

i love these things. i had two i bought a while back so i "retired" those to use these ones. they are great they help things get dry faster, stay softer, and if you add oils smell better. i am playing on getting ready for the rest of the laundry stuff that they have.

Review by Lilly on 5/16
They work!

They are the ideal size and they do what they say they do... they dry clothes faster. My dryer takes for ever and I usually have to put 3 cycles so clothes can get dry. I'm down to one to two cycles now. Thanks!

Review by Catrina on 4/28
Dyer Balls

Absolutely love them! They are amazing! I love the fact that they don’t have any scent! Definitely a must have!❤️

Review by Kerry Ann Gregoire on 4/14
Dryer Balls

Honestly I was thinking there is no way these will keep my clothes soft and wrinkle free. Well to my surprise these are so much better than dryer sheets that I will never have to use the sheets again. Please try these you will not regret it!

Review by Brandi on 4/10

I got these as a Fix and I actually bought more. I use these with essential oil instead of dryer sheets and I am NEVER going back. My drying time is cut by 15 minutes at least and leaves my clothes with a light scent of my choosing. They also collect the hair that's on my clothes for easy cleaning at the end.

Review by Jaime on 3/17
Dryer Balls

I was so excited to get these. I have never had them before & have been wanting to try them. Thank you.

Review by Amanda on 3/11
First Fix!

My first fix were the dryer balls, and I must say that I love them! I put some lavender essential oil on the balls before throwing them in the dryer, and it makes my clothes smell amazing. I honestly wasn't expecting them to work as well as they do, but my laundry dries so much faster. They keep my laundry lint, and static free, and bulky items like sheets don't get all tangled together like they used to! Overall, super satisfied with this product.

Review by Diane O on 3/4
Pet hair magnets!!

These dryer balls are amazing!!They do cut down my dryer time even with jeans and towels.My laundry has been coming out much softer and retaining the smell from the detergent which makes them extra fresh.I have cats and of course they love to sleep on a coat or laundry basket leaving behind so much hair!!I was astonished when I took the balls out of the dryer and saw how much per hair stuck to them but none on any of the laundry... Amazing!!

Review by Leslie on 2/28

So I already knew about these gems because my daughter-in-law is an environmental engineer and turned us on to these! It never hurts to have more than three! We use them and do not even miss dryer sheets! I have not tried using essential oils on them but may venture out and try some lavender or similar scent. These things are GREAT! Highly recommend!

Review by Karla on 2/18
Dryer Balls recommended

I liked the mighty fix I received. These balls have been in my dryer since I received them. I likes that there was no additional plastic packaging, which is part of what I want when I order items.

Review by Carly Smith on 2/12
Great product!

I love dryer balls! I gave up dryer sheets long ago, these were a great replacement for my super worn ones! Definitely an easy swap that makes our family healthier and eliminates some chemicals!

Review by Alexandria on 1/15
The Object I Didn't Know I Needed

I have read and heard from sone individuals in my life that dryer balls are the way to go. I was never so sure about that, but I would nod and smile while listening. Finally, someone directed me to Mightynest, where they can send products like dryer balls directly to the door. I bit the bullet at got my own set.

It was the best thing I ever did.

My clothes feel softer and closer to the real-deal without that unpleasant feeling left between your fingers from over-scented dryer sheets. The drying time is reduced, which is always a plus, and I know I am doing a tiny part in helping my environment.

I will say, the worst part about the dryer balls is the terrible thumping that is left when they are cycling around. It's pretty spooky when you walk into your quiet-as-the-grave home to hear the rhythmic thumping of an unknown entity... only to find out It was the dryer balls.

If that is the only downside... then we are doing extremely well with this simple but effective product.

Review by Kaytea May on 12/4
Best Alternative to Dryer Sheets!

I LOVE these! They still. have tons of life left after a few months of use, and I love adding essential. oils, for an added little umph!

Review by Renee on 9/27

I love my Wool Dryer Ball. It cuts my drying time and I add Lavender Essential Oils to them and it makes my clothes smell fresh. I'm not worried about the chemicals on my clothes.

Review by Emily on 7/15

Happy to be saving money and the earth at the same time!

Review by Jamie on 7/1
3-pack Wool Dryer Balls

I just received my first subscription box today and it had these GREAT wool dryer balls in it! I am sooo very excited to try them out! I have been wanting to see how they differ from dryer sheets for a long time, and since I have recently started to adjust my life to be more "greener" I feel this is a GREAT and easy 'small' step! I will try them with a few drops of essential oil (as recommended), honestly I am a bit nervous, like most people, because I'm so used to how dryer sheets leave my clothes soft and smelling good, but don't want to keep adding to landfills un-necessarily (I think that's spelled right, lol). I can't wait to get my next box!!

Review by Lauren on 6/18

just moved to an apartment with my own washer and dryer and i love these they live in my washer now! it says they come with a bag which i did not recieve but otherwise wonderful easy to use product that works!

Review by Erin on 5/10

These are absolutely amazing! With three small children, my family winds up doing a TON of laundry! We used to go through a lot of dryer sheets, so we switched to silicone balls. However, these created a lot of static in our clothes. However, when we switched to wool dryer balls, all our problems were solved - and our clothes started to get dry faster as well (which is awesome when you're doing so many loads of laundry)!

Review by Angela on 4/24
Such a Plesant Suprise

I have never been interested in dryer balls, and I thought these would be a waste of money, but they showed up in my monthly mighty fix to try. I figured, why not give em a go? I am SO glad I did. I run my dryer for about 1/4 less of the time that I used to and my clothes are still soft and smell great. I have officially ditched dryer sheets!

Review by Tara on 4/3
Works Great

I really like these. They work great. They are a big help with towels. One does get stuck in the corners of fitted sheets now and then. I think the only one who likes the more than me is our dog. We've lost one or two that way.

Review by Nancy on 3/6
Fabulous Find!

I received the 3-pack Wool Dryer Balls in my first subscription shipment. Skeptical at first but now a lover of these (have used now for two months). My drying time was actually reduced by 20-30 minutes depending on load size. I have only experienced minimal static electricity and that was drying multiple fleece garments.
Suggesting to all my family and friends!

Review by Brittany Moses on 3/4
Love love love it

I love them! They cause no static IF USED CORRECTLY! No need for dryer sheets and clothes come out softer than with dryer sheets!

Review by Michelle R. on 2/11
So Happy I Switched

I'm sensitive to fragrances, so I've been using scent- and dye-free dryer sheets for years. Unfortunately, I found that those sheets didn't help reduce static at all.

Not only did these dryer balls cut down on drying time -- thereby saving money on electricity -- but they also helped reduce static. Plus I don't feel guilty after doing load after load of laundry because I'm no longer throwing away those dryer sheets.

Review by Amber on 2/8
Very awesome concept!

I am not sure exactly how much time I have saved drying laundry, but I HAVE noticed they aren't static-y and I have not had to use dryer sheets. Saving money already!

Review by Michelle Saddlemire on 12/7

We already use dryer balls and these just added to our collection. They help our clothes dry faster than they do without them. I recommend them to everyone

Review by Kristina on 10/29
High quality dryer balls

I was an avid laundry sheet user filled with fragrances until I learned that I had a sensitivity. I found the non-fragrant sheets not doing a good enough job with static. I was stuck with static sweaters. Until! Mightynest came into my life. High-quality fibers that completely eliminate static and lessen dry time.

I don't see them falling apart anytime soon.

Review by Marlena on 10/13
Just what I've been looking for!

I love these dryer balls, especially since I can add my own scents!!! My cat eats dryer sheets and it makes him ill, because no matter how hard we hide them, he still finds a way to get to them. This is a lifesaver, especially for my cat who can't seem to control himself!

Review by Patricia Barnes on 10/13

absolutely love these I used them right after opening them from my subscription today! my clothes felt fluffier after using these insead of dryer sheets

Review by Madison Jones on 10/8
Love these!

I'm obsessed with these dryer balls. They are so soft and I love that they aren't full of gross chemicals.

Review by Nicole on 9/16
No static and my clothes smell great!

I received thos set of wool dryer balls with my subscription and I LOVE them. My clothes have no static and they smell great as I added lavender oil to each ball. Can't wait to see what I get next month!

Review by Kristen on 8/28

I love dryer balls, and to receive three for $10 was an amazing value! These are unscented, but they do have a gentle scent anyway. I added a few drops of wild orange essential oils to mine, and they smell divine!

Review by Bettina Harding on 8/15

I love these and no more dryer sheets!! I added Lemon Essential oil to it and the clothes came out smelling fresh and no static
Thank you!

Review by Jayme on 4/7
Absolutely Perfect!!

I am completely satisfied with this set!! I couldn't believe it when the drying time was cut in half!! I will no longer use dryer sheets because these are amazing!!

Review by msa on 3/27
I like them but the dogs love them more

These dryer balls work great. Unfortunately they are way too attractive to the hounds and every time the dryer gets left open I am down another ball. I'm ordering yet another set but if the dogs steal these I may have to give them up.....

Review by Kelly on 3/26
Really works!

I received these in my Mighty Fix box and I’m really loving everything that is sent. These dryer balls are fantastic. I don’t use dryer sheets anyway, so these dryer balls are perfect. I’m not getting zapped by static and more. These really cut down the dry time for sheets and comforters, as well as making sure they completely dried. Thank you, Mighty Nest, for the wonderful products.

Review by Rochelle on 3/3

I love these. I got them as a part of my mighty fix subscription. My husbands work shirts create so much static that I would find toddler socks on them after I hung them up. Since using these, static is no more and the drying time is faster. The only negative I have to say is at the beginning of the cycle I can hear the balls clubking around but if I disperse them while adding the wet clothes it helps.

Review by Rachel on 2/9

I absolutely HATE the smell of dryer sheets; the smell is way too intense for me. These wool dryer balls are perfect. I can use essential oils to lightly scent my clothes if I wish or I can use them without. I haven't noticed the dry time being shortened by using these but, my clothes definitely come out fluffier and static free!

Review by Lori on 1/25

When I first received these dryer balls in my Mighty Fix I was very excited, since I had been thinking about ordering some. I have been using them about 1 year and love them! My clothes rarely have static and are very soft. I sometimes put a few drop of essential oils on one of the balls, which gives off a subtle sent (not super strong like dryer sheets). I am ordering more now!

Review by Y Kim on 12/28
Love my clothes smelling like lavender

I really like that I can pick and choose which scents, without the overwhelming artificial scents of drier sheets or residue. I also like that I don't have to keep purchasing drier sheets and that these help fluff up jackets and blankets as well.

Review by Cj on 12/11

These thinks work wonderfully. They have effectively eliminated dryer sheets from my home. They last longer, so they save me money AND save the environment from unnecessary waste.

I add a drop of lavender essential oil to each ball before drying bedding and pajamas. And I add a drop of lemon when drying all other clothes.

Review by Ashley Sikel on 11/20

Love these! Great gift idea, too! Maybe make a little basket with them in it, along with a couple essential oil scents.

Review by Gayle Kesinger on 11/12
Exceptionally pleased with this product

This product definitely shortens the drying time. Not sure why other reviewers are having a static problem as that has not happened with my experience. Highly recommend this product.

Review by Betty Johnson-Horn on 11/3

My mightyfix arrived today, and I'm over-the-moon satisfied! Three beautiful white wool dryer balls! I was hoping this would be my fix this month, love the fact they are undyed. The pups are excited as well, since they get the old tennis balls from the dryer now. Wool is so much better, since there are no plastics, and my oils won't hurt them. Love that all it took was a haircut for a critter for me to have these! Thank you, MightyNest, I am blissed!

Review by Tabitha on 9/19
Work great

My dad does the laundry for my sons and I and is very set in his ways on how he does it. When I got these as a Mighty Fix, he tried them and now only uses the dryer balls instead of fabric softener.

Review by Mama Bear on 8/13

I received these in my August MightyFix. I'm admittedly a little off put by the wool. I really hope it was kindly sourced. Seeing the type of company MightyNest is, I have high hopes it is. I'm also a little bummed I didn't get the reusable storage bag with mine. But let me tell you what, I LOVE these things! We've recently started the journey of becoming an eco-friendly, cruelty free, non toxic home. Starting with the laundry room. So these for right in! As far as static goes, I honestly haven't seen any more or less. We have a cat. His fur is EVERYWHERE. But we don't mind. Even when It sticks to our clothes. I have noticed that the dry time is less. And I've definitely noticed not having to buy & throw away dryer sheets. I've also noticed a lack of weird reside on our clothing. I use all 3 each time & just toss them back in the dryer for the next load. The SLIGHT noise took a LITTLE getting used to. I love these so much, I'm getting a set for my mom for Christmas! If on the fence, don't be! Give them a try! You'll love them!

Review by Melanie Nichols Kiser on 8/5

I love these! I always hated how dryer sheets would leave that film behind or make towels less absorbent. Not an issue anymore!

Review by Melankalia on 5/27

I'd been wanting to try these for a while, so I was thrilled when they showed up in my third Might Fix shipment. And all I can say is, I don't know why I waited so long! They really do live up to the hype of drying clothes quicker and helping to soften without chemicals.

Review by Cindy P. on 5/24
Love, love, love!

Just got my set of dryer balls along with a bottle of orange oil and have now done a half dozen loads of wash - I'm in love! The balls have made my clothes come out soft and wrinkle-free, and I have had no static issues. The balls seem to cut down the needed drying length by maybe 10 minutes, which is great! And bonus, the house smells yummy from the fresh orange oil. I look forward to seeing how the balls help fluff and refresh down comforters and feather pillows as well. Though I may have trouble finding them, as my husband has also taken to juggling them : ) Anyway, thanks for such a great solution to dryer sheets - no need to purchase those ever again!

Review by Jessica on 5/17

I'm in love with these wool dryer balls. I have tried a variety of more natural dryer sheets and regardless of the drying time still end up with staticky laundry and waste from the sheets. With the balls, I've never experienced that and the clothes come out soft as ever. I'll probably get another set in color because the white ones can be a bit hard to keep track of and I'd be so sad if they were lost.

Review by Mindy L on 4/23

I sell Young Living oils which my son loves, and he likes to put our oils on the will dryer balls and throw them in the dryer to help me noa.

Review by Hilary on 4/9

I got these wool dryer balls last month in my mighty fix and love them! I've had no issues with static at all and my clothes are super soft. I just added some essential oils to my order this month , I'm excited to try them with the oils!

Review by SN on 3/18
New additiion

I love these dryer balls. I got them when I was about to put on a load of laundry. So it was perfect timing. They helped in drying out the laundry quicker and faster. I have not tried them out with the essential oils as yet. But I am certainly going to be saving up on buying any more dryer sheets. I would recommend these to all. Infact I might even buy these as gifts too.

Review by Denise McManus on 2/25
Goodbye softner and dryer sheets forever

I absolutely love these dryer balls . It is reassuring to buy a product that actually works and is healthier for me and the planet . Thank you mighty nest for teaching an old dog some new tricks . Looking forward to next month's shipment

Review by Happy on 2/22

My kids have sensory issues and having scratchy clothes cannot happen in our house. They also have allergies so using fabric softener is out of the question- even unscented ones can have irritants in them. I swear by these dryer balls- my clothes are softer, dry more quickly, and if I want I can add a few drops of an essential oil that no one is allergic to for a light scent. If these ever wear out I will replace them. I've been using them for over 6 months and we do a lot of laundry due to the allergies and they are like new.

Review by ktkreitzer on 9/14
Must Have!

These are the best ones I've used to date! They are large and very soft! Sprinkle a drop or two of your favorite essential oil, let it soak in and then use! Your laundry will be soft and smell fresh! I love using these with every load - especially our towels. I can personally tell a difference when I use these!

Review by jnifer2626 on 9/8
Wool dryer balls

These are fantastic! My clothes and even my fleece blankets are static free, soft and everything dries faster. I'm going to use some lavender essential oil on them for my bedding :)

Review by jerihiggins on 8/28

These really do work! During our winters in Arizona I often use anywhere from 3-5 balls in a load depending on what types of fabric I have in the dryer. Finding unscented dryer sheets was always a challenge.

Review by Sjorgen5 on 8/18
So excited!

I was so excited to receive these in my mighty fix! I've ben wanting them for so long. I've used them few time and absolutely love them. So excited to not buy dryer sheets anymore. I may buy some as gifts.

Review by cg10103 on 7/29
It's love.

I've always had an issue with dryer sheets. Mostly because I don't like the smell of them, but also because they are an annoying waste that stick to your clothes. I also have an issue with fabric softener; if I grab a towel to dry off, I want to it DRY ME OFF. I feel like when you use fabric softener your fabrics are coated with slime that never goes away. These dryer balls are the perfect medium for me. They make my clothes soft, without adding a slime or scent and I can reuse them. So happy these exist!

Review by Creolebelle on 9/18
Reduced Dryer Time

I love these. Reduced Dryer Time and softens clothes in cycle. I've also added essential oils to them to add a scent to the clothes in the dryer.

Review by Tiahna on 6/11

While they don't help my clothes smell good, and I'm a little worried about dropping essential oils into the wool over and over, I will say they did make my clothes much softer, like my dryer sheets did. They also help my clothes become more dry. Happy to use them from now on. I recommend.

Review by Lindsey on 8/20
Overall they do a great job

These really do cut down on drying time and for normal loads of clothing most of the static is kept bay. However, for blankets, sheets and towels there is still a LOT of static after I dry them with only the dryer balls.

Review by Twilight on 5/11
Home mom of 4

Received this item in my April 2018 mighty fix. Work really well. I can put my husband's black work shirts in the dryer without them getting over dried and risk shrinkage.
As for cling, someone is always leaving paper in their pockets and these help those bits shake off.
I don't know how long they'll last but I think they are getting the job done.

Review by Rachel B on 9/3
Love them wool balls

I got these in my mighy fix and I had just been thinking about buying these. This seems to happen a lot. I'll be thinking about buying something and then...boom..mightyfix sends me what I need. Very handy. Anyways. I love these balls. They are great. They work well. The only issue I have is that sometimes they get "lost" but getting stuck in sleeves and pants legs and I can't find them. But otherwise they are great.

Review by hc.conng on 12/25
Dryer balls

These don't work quite as well as dryer sheets, but I think the difference is small enough to make them worth it :) I like not having to throw away a dryer sheet with every load. I would add more than just a drop or two of essential oil though!

Review by nwhitern42 on 12/5
Color me shocked!

I have to admit, I was dubious about these things. I really didn't think they'd work. I'm a fabric softener sheet junkie. I HATE stiff clothes dried without dryer sheets. But these really do work as well as my dryer sheets at fabric softening! I'm amazed!

We're just now entering the really dry season here, so I'll soon find out whether they get rid of static as well as my beloved dryer sheets. I sure hope so. I'm getting used to my towels being both soft and more absorbent without the wax from the dryer sheets all over them.

Review by Mrscampbell on 9/27
Worked well

Enjoyed getting these as a surprise with mightynest monthly. They work well and have lasted over a year so far.

Review by Tina on 7/15
OK but not great

I was really looking forward to trying the wool dryer balls but I was less than thrilled with them. There is a little bit less static but nothing significant. And, I thought my clothes needed MORE drying time with these - not less. The thing I really don't like is the noise! My dryer is pretty quiet but now running the dryer is really loud with the "thumping" sound the dryer balls make. I'm pretty much 50/50 on these - I'm going to continue to try them for a bit longer but so far, not very impressed.

Review by kylehiggins on 10/23
Dryer Balls

I like these much better than the homemade ones I was not very successful at... but... my laundry is much more static - everything clinging to each other. I do like adding drops of essential oil for a fresh smell... despite the static (which I figure by now, I am used to), these are so much better than dryer sheets - no toxic stuff for me!

Review by Chris on 3/12

While I feel the dry time and softness are a plus, there is so much static in my clothing that I end up using a dryer sheet anyway. We have pets and the clothing was so full of hair after drying that they needed to be rinsed in the washer and dried again with a dryer sheet. Disappointed.

Review by mlizebv on 1/3
Lots of static

I really wanted to like this product because the idea of not having to buy dry sheets with harmful chemicals is always a plus. Unfortunately, the static was just too much, especially when drying blankets. I'll probably only use it for my kids clothes. I did notice that the drying time is a lot less so that part is great.

Review by Ashlyn Simon on 3/19
They transfer fibers to your clothes~

I can only use these for my towel load, because they transfer white fibers to all shirts, pants, etc. and make a big mess.
They have already lost their shape after using them in 6 different towel loads. My husband threw them away because of the mess they made in a load of his work clothing.

Review by Lisa on 2/23

I really wanted to be excited with this product and yes the dry time is cut down, but my clothes come out with more static that if there was nothing in there. I don't use traditional fabric softener, I just use white vinegar. I tried them for a solid 2 months and it was horrible. I went back to using the plastic dryer balls.

Review by no mo on 6/25
not worth it!

I just received these in my subscription box and I'm super disappointed. I wish I had the option to return, or opt out, or say that I don't want anything with 3 or less stars in my box, I've tried these before and they don't work for me, and based on the reviews, many others. I'm tempted to cancel my subscription based on the fact that I don't have any input as to what is mailed out. My only option with things that I don't like is to "gift to someone else." Not worth $99, if I have to gift it out every month.

Review by Kimberly on 5/22

Really really wanted to love these, but the static is horrendous. I actually get less static when using nothing. These seem to produce more static than using nothing. Serriously wonder if it's because they are from wool. I've always associated static electrity with wool and thought it was weird they were made from wool. I only got these because they were part of my monthy Mighty Fix.

Review by Jodi P on 3/26

I prefer nubby plastic dryer balls, which produce no static, and fluff and soften nicely.

I use natural free and clear liquid laundry detergent (without any fillers), and no fabric softener at all. My laundry mostly cotton, which does not generate static as much as synthetics. Yet these wool dryer balls turn all of my clothes into velcro. And I have to hunt for the balls, and untangle and PEEL the clothes off of them. I've used them a dozen times, hoping for a different result, to no avail. I even put them all in a fine mesh lingerie bag, and still the static. I might keep them to use for a few air-dry cycle items, maybe they won't create as much static without heat.

Review by Teresa Locklear on 3/5
So disappointed!

When these showed up last month I was super excited. I had heard so much about these over the years, but just had never tried them myself. I've used them every time I've done laundry since they arrived and I've gotten the same result... STATIC!!!!!! I'm so disappointed in this product. My laundry is so full of static when I take it out of the dryer. If I could ask for a refund on this item I would for sure. These don't work and overall just aren't a good product.

Review by Mindarella70 on 1/16
Dryer Balls = More Static!

I was really excited to get these dryer balls in my introductory offer but the amount of static is unbelievable. I never used dryer sheets and I had less static than I do using these dryer balls. I'm really disappointed.

Review by hanff06 on 12/11
Not Impressed!

I got these in my monthly order and they do NOTHING to help with the static. I've tried using Essential oils on them too and that did nothing either. Not impressed...

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