Guppyfriend Microfiber Washing Bag

What makes it Mighty?

  • Prevents shedding microfibers from synthetic fabric from washing into waterways
  • Protects fabric fibers in wash cycle to prevent breakage & shedding
  • Garments will last longer to reduce textile waste

With each wash, countless plastic fibers from synthetic textiles are making their way from washing machines into rivers and oceans. Every textile loses microfibers, but it is the synthetic materials (polyester, acrylic, nylon, etc.) that shed the harmful fibers. The Guppyfriend Washing Bag is a patented solution that filters out the tiniest microfibers released from textiles during washing. The bag also reduces fiber breakage, thus protecting your garments and reduces wear & tear and shedding so you can enjoy your clothes for longer – another sustainability benefit of the Guppyfriend.

Guppyfriend is only a first step towards a holistic solution to microfiber pollution. Our overconsumption needs to change radically, and new materials, manufacturing techniques, clean washing machines and more effective sewage treatment plants need to be developed. This might take a while. Until then your Guppyfriend washing bag is a practical and effective way to reduce plastic pollution in our rivers and oceans.

Size: approximately 19.5” x 29”

Use and care:

Separate colors. Put synthetic textiles into the Guppyfriend (fill bag only halfway). Put Guppyfriend into machine with the rest of your load and wash as usual. Remove wet textiles from the bag after washing and dry as usual. Fibers will collect mainly in the corners and nestled inside the seams.  They can be hard to see and oftentimes you will not need to clean the bag after each use.  Do NOT rinse the interior of the bag.  Collect fibers and dispose of them properly (trash or special recycling). Do not use in the dryer.

Where is it made?
Is it vegan?
Why yes it is!
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Mighty Rating:

this product scores 3

Package free; primarily compostable except very minor components (e.g. plastic toggles or small stickers)

How is it packaged?
Paper box
End of use:
Recycle paper box
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Guppyfriend Microfiber Washing Bag
Guppyfriend Microfiber Washing Bag

Mighty Rating:

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Single use but compostable; reusable but primary functional material is synthetic; post-consumer recycled plastics & bioplastics

Materials Details

100% Polyamide 6.6

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About STOP! Micro Waste

STOP! Micro Waste is a non-profit organization initiated by LANGBRETT, a group of surfers and nature lovers. We link education with activities in nature to raise awareness about (micro)plastic pollution. With the STOP! Plastic Academy we share our (micro)plastic knowledge based on our research findings, experiences and scientific papers. Our Train-the-Trainer program enables school children and company representatives to share the acquired knowledge to their colleagues, customers and peers. Raising awareness about microplastic pollution is fundamental, but at the same time we need hands-on solutions. We develop pragmatic filter solutions, like the Guppyfriend Washing Bag, to educate costumers about microplastic pollution. Thereby, people reflect on their buying- and washing rituals and start changing their behavior.

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