Refillable Zero Waste Cleaning System

Refillable Zero Waste Cleaning System
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Product Details

This system contains all the essentials for household cleaning including laundry, surface cleaning & dishwashing.  All products are made with the purest ingredients, and are packaged to be refillable & compostable. 

The Starter Pack ($29.00- 45% off) equips you with everything you need and is followed by a monthly Refill Kit ($19.99/month- 20% off) to keep you stocked. 


The Starter Pack is $29 and is 45% off retail.  It contains 6 full-sized products, including both cleaning solutions & accessories:

  • 35 oz. Laundry powder in refillable canister: derived from coconut oil & plant glycerin, gentle on sensitive skin & fabric, concentrated formula powerfully breaks up dirt.
  • Stain stick: Dampen tip of stick & rub directly into problem spot of fabric before washing.  Works deep into thef fabric to remove stains.
  • All-purpose spray in a refillable glass bottle: Simple soap flakes dissolve in water to make a grease-cutting, dirt-busting spray that can be used on any hard surface throughout the house.
  • Solid dish soap bar: Lasts 2-3 times longer than average plastic bottled soap.  Suds nicely and rinses squeaky clean.  Easily tackles caked-on food & grease.
  • Bamboo & sisal dish brush with a replaceable head: Long-lasting plant fiber bristles won't scratch surfaces but stand up to tough scrubbing.  Keep the handle and replace the head as needed (3-4 times a year).   
  • Cedarwood soap dish: Handcrafted by artisans in the Appalachian Mountains, designed to allow water to drain through and extend the life of your soap.

A month after receiving your Starter Pack, you'll receive a Refill Kit for $19.99/month (20% off retail).  It will include 3 full-sized replenishments*.

  • 35 oz. Laundry powder in a paper bag 
  • Solid dish soap bar 
  • All-purpose soap flakes canister (2 bottles worth)

*After your initial order for the Starter Pack has shipped, you will see the three Refill Items scheduled to ship in your next monthly box.  At that point, you can add or remove items from your upcoming shipment or skip/delay a shipment so you only get what you need when you need it. As with any of our subscriptions, you can cancel at any time. 


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Overall Score

one review
Great system, Amazing price
Review by Amanda on 4/24
Great system, Amazing price

I am very happy with these products! They are very affordable as are the refills. The only thing I wouldn't count on is the cedar soap dish, it bleeds brown when it's wet and it's keeping my dish soap constantly wet on the bottom.

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