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Pet Machine Replacement Filter

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Product Details

Replacement filters come with pre-filters in a choice of two different colors, white and black.

If your Austin Air Purifier is Sandstone or White and select the White color option. If your Austin Air Purifier is Black or Silver select the Black color option.

Austin Air Machines manufactured before August 1995 (may say HEGA on the label) require the use of an Allergy Machine Replacement Filter (FR405). Healthmate, Healthmate PLUS, and Pet Machine replacement filters will not fit earlier model machines. If there is a question about this, please contact us with the serial number and text printed on the label located on the bottom of your machine. We will contact Austin Air to verify the correct replacement filter.

Austin Air Replacement Filters come with a 5-Year Pro-Rated Warranty.

Manufactured in Buffalo, NY, USA. Made by Austin Air
SKU: PFilterB_B
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Austin Air
The Austin Air Healthmate was born out of necessity as President, Richard Taylor, undertook the task of improving what many doctors and specialists couldn’t - his wife’s quality of life. Since his wife, Joyce, was a child, she had difficulty breathing. An endless round of doctors and specialists didn't make any difference; neither did medications or dietary changes. She suffered from this debilitating condition for years, until Richard realized the obvious. The air Joyce was breathing was contaminated. Drawing upon technology used in medical facilities, Richard reproduced the only environment where Joyce had relief of her symptoms, “the hospital clean room.” Using True Medical HEPA, surrounded with Activated Carbon he created a filter that addressed all the issues related to environmental particulate contamination and chemical toxicity. Within a week Joyce was finally sleeping undisturbed through the night. Today, at 480,000 square feet Austin has the largest air cleaner manufacturing facility in the world, producing everything in house from filter, to metal forming, to the final paint. Austin air is extremely proud that the Healthmate is the air cleaner of choice by leading doctors throughout the United States and many other parts of the world. As a matter of fact, there is hardly a country in the world today, where an Austin Air cleaner is not hard at work cleaning the air in someone's home.

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