5-Piece Lys Glass Nesting Containers, Round or Square

5-Piece Lys Glass Nesting Containers, Round or Square
10 reviews

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What makes it Mighty?

  • store meal prep and leftovers safely in non-toxic, non-leaching durable tempered glass
  • stackable Clear glass makes it easy to see what is inside
  • microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe

Product Details

Duralex Lys Storage Bowls are truly a must-have for every kitchen. Duralex bowls are made of tempered glass, an amazingly durable and safe material that is 2.5 times stronger than standard glass and is very shock-resistant. They have BPA-free plastic lids.

  • Microwave and freezer safe (withstanding temperatures from 4 to 212 degrees)
  • Snap-on lids
  • Bowls nest for storage
  • Free of lead and BPA
  • No chemical leaching

The set of square bowls includes (measurement is from bottom of container):

  • 5.38 oz / .67 cup capacity (2.5")
  • 10 oz / 1.25 cup capacity (3.25")
  • 20 oz / 2.5 cup capacity (4")
  • 36 oz / 4.5 cup capacity (5")
  • 68 oz / 8.5 cup capacity (6")

The set of round bowls includes:

  • 10oz. / 1.2 cups capacity (4.75” diameter)
  • 16 oz. / 2 cups capacity (5.5” diameter)
  • 32 oz. / 4 cups capacity (6.75” diameter)
  • 48 oz. / 6 cups capacity (7.87” diameter)
  • 80 oz. / 10 cups capacity (9” diameter)

Care: Dishwasher safe

Please note: While tempered glass is very durable and much less prone to breakage than regular glass, it can still break under rough conditions.  

Made in France


What Others are Saying

mighty bird

Overall Score

10 reviews
glass containers
Review by Cara O. on 1/20
glass containers

I absolutely love these little containers, they worked perfectly for baby food, and sauces, so far we have not had any problems with leaking, breaking or lids deforming, we also wash our dishes by hand, so that probably has alot to do with lids not deforming. I do plan on buying the whole set of glass bowls so, we'll see if thoes do as well as these have. Definitely recommend.

great storage set
Review by Diana on 4/26
great storage set

I love using these glass containers to store food. They keep food very moist, and they are a breeze to clean. They also don't get stained like plastic tupperware containers. One small critique is that one of my lids has warped a bit and so doesn't seal fully - not sure what happened with that one. But other than that, I love these.

Great storage containers
Review by Sheseebrat on 1/21
Great storage containers

I received the two smaller sizes in my subscription, and love them. They are a perfect size for snacks, and safe for my child. They heat up and wash very well. Id like to buy more of the smaller sizes, they are perfect for us.

Perfect Containers for Food!
Review by Ashley Sikel on 1/12
Perfect Containers for Food!

I got two pieces of these Duralex food containers in my Mighty Nest monthly subscription and I am, once again, super pleased! I got these about 2-3 weeks ago and have used them nearly daily since! They are perfect for leftovers. And very sturdy! The lid stays on tight. I'm impressed!

Almost perfect
Review by Jenae on 9/10
Almost perfect

I initially received a container as a mighty fix and wound up buying the 5 piece set. I love the sizes and low profile. My only complaint is with the lids. Some of them have warped and won't seal properly. I always hand wash the lids and don't put them in the microwave, so I'm not sure what would cause this.

Review by Tonya Petri on 6/6

I have 1 set of the square and 2 sets of round. While I love the idea of replacing all my plastic food storage with glass I am not sure it will be solely with this line for 1 reason, the lids. They kinda suck. They are tricky to get on properly and do NOT put them in the dw for they will warp and be even harder to seat. Wish they would switch to a silicon version.

Love with few exceptions
Review by Debbie on 12/30
Love with few exceptions

Trying to replace plastic containers..love theses but one lid doesn’t stay on....and we had one too close to stove and needs to be replaced....love the sizes

Not oven safe
Review by DoubleT on 11/11
Not oven safe

I received the set of 2 for my monthly subscription. We used them frequently and they were often times in the dishwasher when we wanted to use them. I order a second rectangular one, as well as the square set. Overall, we love them. My only criticism is that they aren't oven safe. We are phasing out our microwave and eventually I won't be able to heat food in these dishes. They are fantastic for food storage and my son finds them to be extremely helpful when carrying his lunch to the local college since they have a microwave in the lounge. One of my lids warped and we can't figure out what happened to it since we don't put the lids in the microwave. I like that they are made in France and feel they are a great value for the money. They are go-to dishes in our home.

Review by Lauren on 12/14

I Received a small container from this set for our mighty nest shipment. Took it out of the fridge with some leftovers and it exploded in my hand! We had glass almost exclusively and I’ve never had this happen before!

Lids don't fit tightly
Review by Marita McDaniel on 4/12
Lids don't fit tightly

I have to say that I'm disappointed at the way the lids of these fit. I just received them a couple of days ago and started using them yesterday. Neither my husband nor I can get the lids to stay on very well, no matter which way we try. They will be okay to store and keep things around the house, but I won't be taking them anywhere because I'm afraid things would spill...:-(

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About Duralex
Duralex has been manufacturing tempered glassware for over 80 years in the heart of France. Since 1939, when Duralex invented the glass tempering process, the name Duralex has been associated with toughened glassware, utilizing their proprietary process. Their tempered glasses are equally suitable for cold or hot drinks, conveniently stackable, impact & chip resistant, microwave-proof, dishwasher-safe, & the perfect weight. Duralex is & will always remain a French manufacturer of glassware and tabletop products, and is the only glass manufacturer that makes 100% of their products in France.

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