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Silicone Spatula

Silicone Spatula
7 reviews

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What makes it Mighty?

  • made from 100% heat stable, non-leaching, food-grade silicone
  • handle reinforced with inner iron rod for sturdy construction
  • strong but flexible tip is the perfect scraper and won't melt in hot pans

Product Details

These colorful spatulas are sturdy right up to the edge to make scraping nooks and edges a piece of cake, or pie, or cookie dough. Made from 100% food grade silicone, with a 5mm iron rod inside for stability. They are heat resistant to 425°F and dishwasher safe.

Size: 11″ overall length

Made in China


What Others are Saying

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Overall Score

7 reviews
Silicone Spatula/Spoon
Review by Nancy on 7/18
Silicone Spatula/Spoon

I was excited to receive this set for my monthly fix! I was in desperate need of new utensils and these certainly fit the bill. I love the fact that they are dishwasher safe and can be used while cooking without the worry of melting and emoting toxic chemicals into my food.
Thanks Mighty Nest for another great Fix!!

Silicone Spatulas
Review by Patrice Kumaran on 5/2
Silicone Spatulas

I was so excited when I opened my April MightyFix and found this pair of Silicone Spatulas/Spoons. They were just what I needed. They are heavy duty, but protect my cookware. Love them!

Review by Courtney H on 4/5

I was looking for new cooking utensils and these arrived in my monty box and were right when I needed them! I love that they are not wood or plastic. I love how easy they are to clean. I made rice krispy treated and use them to spread it onto a tray to cool and I didn't have to put any spray on them to keep it from being stuck to them and get the krispy treat off.
These are great! I will have to get some more!

Color is vibrant, fun and the spatula is awesome
Review by Y Kim on 12/28
Color is vibrant, fun and the spatula is awesome

It is truly nonstick, helps reduce food waste by helping me scrape every last bit, I can use it on heat, I use it for baking.

Review by Katie K on 7/18

This silicone spatula is perfect for all of your cooking/baking needs. It doesn't melt, is totally durable and most importantly (to me), it cleans easily. It hasn't faded color either from the continued use and washes. Totally recommend!

Review by Anna Morrow on 6/5

Love this spatula! Durable and it doesn't melt on a hot stove. I only wish they made one to "flip" food on the skillet, but this one will work for that too!

Review by Jennifer on 3/10

I got this in my Mighty Fix box and was excited to see it, with the similar spoon. I love the color, and it did a good job scraping the bowl. But it tore during the first use at its thinnest part, I noticed the first time I was washing it afterward by hand. Not quite sure how it even happened, disappointing.

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