kids bamboo utensils

Kids Bamboo Utensils, Set of 6
2 reviews

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What makes it Mighty?

  • made from sustainable and renewable bamboo
  • lightweight, durable, and naturally anti-bacterial
  • keeps single use plastic utensils out of landfills and marine ecosystems

Product Details

Buh-Bye Plastic, Hello Bamboo! For little hands and big hearts, these reusable utensils are made with beautiful, durable, and renewable bamboo. Hand-finished with a food-safe coating, and dishwasher safe, To Go Ware utensil sets are a long-lasting alternative to disposable silverware. Soon to become your little one's favorite utensils! Perfect for at-home feeding, or tote them to playdates, picnics, school lunches, day trips, campouts, and restaurants.

  • Set of 6: 3 spoons and 3 forks
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Food-Safe
  • Phthalate-Free & BPA-Free
  • CPSC Tested & Approved
  • Made from Renewable Materials
  • Won't Stain or Absorb Flavors
  • Ages 18 months+

Made in China

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What Others are Saying

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Overall Score

2 reviews
Great for Kids, Travel or Parties
Review by PilatesMama on 2/8
Great for Kids, Travel or Parties

I travel with this size cutlery and the original pack I had is wearing well. This size is also great for putting in dips or appetizers and my little one can use this size well for everything.

I purchased these for my 18
Review by Jodesy on 3/21
I purchased these for my 18

I purchased these for my 18 month olds and they've become their favorite utensils to use at every meal. They're able to hold them very easily and I like that we can avoid plastic. The forks are sharp enough to pick up many food types like chicken and vegetables, but not sharp enough to hurt toddlers learning to use them properly. The spoons are a bit large for them yet, but they work well for yogurt and sticky oatmeal. I may have received one spoon with a minor defect in the wood because one broke oddly very cleanly at the end from dropping it on a rug after washing before the first use. I checked the others for flaws, even trying to break them, and haven't had any more issues since. Because my two kiddos use them for at least 3 meals a day, sometimes snack, I would gladly pay a little more if they were available with 4 of each utensil.

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About To-Go Ware
To-Go Ware's mission is to make available innovative products that provide a solution, tell a great story, and are enjoyable to use. To-Go Ware seeks to stimulate positive practices for the way people live in relationship with themselves, their neighbors and the planet. They hope to empower people to participate in the process of changing the world they live in by providing them the tools to do so. Life is moving fast for everyone these days, and sometimes that can cause us difficulty in making conscious lifestyle choices-especially when it comes to food! With the explosion of "to-go" culture, there is no shortage of disposable containers and utensils crossing our paths everywhere we go, and we've all started to feed the landfill more than we may realize. How many plastic forks and spoons do we toss away each week? How many plates, to-go boxes, napkins and cups? Start to do the math and see what that adds up to per year-you may be surprised at the impact you are having. If they cannot abandon our need for "to-go" convenience as we move through our busy lives, they can certainly integrate ways of being more mindful and conscious of the impact our lifestyle has upon the planet...their hope is that To-Go Ware can provide you the tools to make that difference, allowing you to be a Solutionary in these to-go times. To-Go Ware is 1% for the Planet and carbon neutral.

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