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Thinksport Yoga/Pilates Mat (multiple colors)
6 reviews

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Product Details

With yoga being such a healthful pursuit, why practice on a mat full of chemicals that are toxic to both you and the environment? When creating the Safe Mat, Thinkbaby set out to find a material that was safe and adhered to their strict chemical policy. However, they didn’t stop with just a safe material but went on to develop the Safe Mat to be the highest performing and most comfortable mat possible. This Yoga/Pilates mat is free of latex and is made from safe non-toxic materials and is free of Bisphenol-A (BPA), PVC, Lead, Phthalates, Dioxins, and biologically toxic chemicals. It made from a lightweight, high performance TPE Material that keeps you steady in the most demanding poses with a textured surface allowing improved traction, wet or dry. The lack of harmful chemicals means no PVC off-gassing.

All mats are reversible

Dimensions: 24”x 72” x 1/5”

The Safe Mat is 5mm thick which is more than 50% thicker than basic mats. The increased thickness addresses the #1 customer complaint about their existing mat. While the mat is thicker for better support and comfort, Thinkbaby was careful not to make it too thick so that it became difficult for balancing poses. Due to the advanced material, the thicker mat remains remarkably light, though. Mats are biodegradable to lessen their environmental impact. For maximum product life, keep out of direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.

Care Instructions: Before first use, wipe with a damp cloth to obtain optimal traction.  You may want to let the mat air out for a day or so before use, as it has been sealed in a protective sleeve. As necessary clean with a wet cloth.  Mats are biodegradable to lessen their environmental impact.  For maximum product life, keep out of direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. 

Made by thinkbaby
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What Makes it Mighty?

  • Free of BPA, PVC, lead, dioxin and phthalates
  • made from biodegradable material
  • no chemical off-gassing

Customer Ratings and Reviews

Overall Score

6 reviews
I am chemically sensitive,
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I am chemically sensitive, and I have had trouble finding a yoga mat that does not smell too strongly for too much time. Even the eco-friendly and latex-free ones I've bought I've had to give away. This one needed a quick wipe and a few days outside, and it's fine in my bedroom. What a relief to my knees and heels to have a thick new mat, and a relief to my entire nervous system that it doesn't stink!

This is a great yoga mat. I
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This is a great yoga mat. I practice 6 days a week and this mat still seems brand new after several months of usage. It provides enough cushion for my bad knees and has great gripping power for both poses and my Manduka towel during hot classes. I figured I should write a positive review for this product since I am buying another mat for my mom as a late Christmas gift. Truly a great product!

I've been using this mat for
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I've been using this mat for a while now. I needed an upgrade from the thin mat I was using and a requirement was that it be safe and not stinky. This mat is AWESOME. It's soft to the touch so it's pleasant to come in contact with. There is no smell and it's thicker than a standard 3mm (I think this one is a 4mm) so it cushions well. No skidding, no slipping. I love it. I have this in the bright blue and it's gorgeous.

I really like this mat, my
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I really like this mat, my favorite so far but I'm using it in a hot yoga class , and it gets really slippery I might need to buy something to put on top otherwise, wonderful. I got it in green, its like a hunter green.

Mat quality seems great, I
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Mat quality seems great, I just got it in so I have yet to put it to the test. My only complaint (a biggy for me) is that the color is NOTHING like the picture - it's not nearly as vibrant an orange/red...more like a dull tomato. :(

Falling apart after 1 month not durable!!
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When I first got the mat I loved it. I really liked how much grip I had, I practice hot yoga daily and with most mats I start to slip and have issues but not with this mat. The problem is that after 5 classes the mat starting falling apart. I have had several yoga mats over the years and never had one start to deteriorate like this one. One spot started getting really torn up the 1st week and now after a little over a month several spots are rubbed and deteriorating to the point that in a few more weeks I won’t be able to use it. The last mat I had I used for a year and paid $10 less and its still in better condition then this new mat. I wouldn’t spend the money on this one if you’re a heavy user, its just not durable!

thinkbaby's products address the growing concern over toxic chemicals leaching from plastic baby products. All products are free of Bisphenol-A, Phthalates, and Lead. thinkbaby operates with the singular purpose of protecting children during their most fragile developmental stages through extensive product testing and working with leading scientists globally

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