12oz Glass Water Bottle

12oz Glass Water Bottle
one review

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Product Details

Lifefactory’s 12-ounce glass water bottle with classic cap is an everyday favorite. Its simple screw cap just plain works and is a favorite for those who prefer to drink directly from a wide mouth. The wide-mouth access makes it easy to add ice cubes, citrus slices or tea bags and it’s ideal for juicing and smoothies.

  • Protective silicone sleeve provides a non-slip gripping surface and helps prevent breakage
  • Includes polypropylene (PP#5) cap
  • All materials are FDA approved
  • BPA-free and phthalate-free

Height: 8.25”
Cap width: 3.6"
Base width: 3.125"
Weight: 0.84 lbs
Capacity: 12 oz

Care: Dishwasher safe (place cap on top rack - no need to remove silicone sleeve)

Made of soda lime glass (the same container glass used for wine bottles and other food storage containers)
All components made in the U.S. or Europe
Product assembled in the U.S.


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mighty bird

Overall Score

one review
Solid glass bottle
Review by Robyn on 2/26
Solid glass bottle

As far as glass water bottles go this is a safe choice. It's super sturdy and holds up well. Two reasons I didn't give it five stars:

1 - The neck is super wide which is great for fitting ice cubes, but I'm someone who needs a smaller opening when drinking and it's too short to fit a straw underneath the lid. It would be great if the lid popped open in a smaller section for those of us who are incapable of drinking without spilling.

2 - The silicone is patterned which looks good, but that means the bottle sweats and I am not a fan of condensation on my desk.

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About LifeFactory
Simply put Lifefactory products look great, are made with safe non-toxic materials and function with exceptional utility. Their full line of reusable glass beverage bottles and glass baby bottles and accessories are safe and easy to use. All products have been independently certified to be free of BPA, phthalates, PVC, polycarbonates, lead and latex.

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