Charcoal Water Filter Stick

Charcoal Water Filter Stick
3 reviews

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What makes it Mighty?

  • Binchotan Charcoal from sustainably harvested wood
  • incredibly porous charcoal attracts ions of contaminants and retains impurites
  • releases minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium back into the water which enhances its taste and health benefits

Product Details

black+blum’s charcoal water filter sticks are a natural and easy way to improve the taste of your drinking water. Simply fill your bottle with (potable) tap water and wait for the charcoal to filter out impurities. You will taste the difference after just one hour (and get even better results if you filter overnight). 

It may seem counter intuitive to purify your drinking water with a stick of charcoal, but the Japanese have been doing it for centuries. Binchotan charcoal is an active carbon made from tree branches and is renowned for its ability to soften water, add good minerals and absorb unwanted tastes and odors, such as chlorine. Binchotan charcoal has an incredibly porous surface with tiny cavities. The ions of contaminants are attracted to the surface of the charcoal and are held there. At the same time, the charcoal releases minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium back into the water which enhances its taste and health benefits. 

  • makes tap water taste great
  • lasts for 6 months (boil to renew effectiveness after 3 months of use)
  • vacuum foil packed
  • pre-washed and ready to use
  • can be used in any jug or bottle

Size: 4.7”

Made in Taiwan

SKU: BB-cwfs

What Others are Saying

mighty bird

Overall Score

3 reviews
Best tasting water in years!
Review by Cheryl Boggs on 8/16
Best tasting water in years!

These are the best filters I hgv ave ever tried! We gave water filters for our home and also in the refrigerator, so I thought we were getting good filtered water! Once I put this filter in my water bottle it was amazing how much better the water was! I use to gave those white floating particles and a white film on the bottom of the bottle, no more with the charcoal filters! The water now reminds me of the wonderful pure spring water I drank as a child, absolutely wonderful!

Great product!
Review by Amanda on 3/26
Great product!

I really enjoy the charcoal stick! I placed it in a jug that takes filter cartridges and I keep refilling it. The taste of the tap water is just as if I ran the water through the jug with the name brand filter. I'm happy to find this because it greatly cuts down on the plastic and waste from the traditional name brand monthly filters!

Love these
Review by Julia on 7/9
Love these

They remove the chlorine taste from water really well.

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