Bottle Cleaning Set

Bottle Cleaning Set
2 reviews

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We all know carrying a refillable bottle is a more eco-friendly choice than using disposables, but keeping the bottle clean, day in and day out, can be a challenge, especially with insulated bottles that require hand washing. MightyNest’s Bottle Cleaning Set contains two essential items to simplify the process for you: 

  • For daily cleaning, use your U Konserve slim and flexible bottle cleaning brush to thoroughly yet gently clean your reusable bottles. The soft cotton tip and durable nylon scrubbing bristles reach hard-to-clean bottle interiors.
  • For occasional cleaning, give your bottle a brand new and fresh look with Bottle Bright effervescent tablets. These tablets provide a safe and effective deep cleaning of your water bottles with an all-natural, biodegradable, non-toxic formula that bubbles away grime, stubborn stains and odors.

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2 reviews
Amazing How Easy
Review by Nancy J on 11/21
Amazing How Easy

I used the Bottle Bright tablets for the first time in my Stainless coffee makers Carafe. I’ve never been able to remove the stains due to the awkward shape. After following directions (2 tablets, 30 minute wait) I was AMAZED!!! All, and I do mean All of the brown residue was gone. Shiny as the day it was purchased. The best part was no scrubbing required. new go to for sure. This is a must have for more than just bottles 😊

Review by Sandy on 11/16

We love the brush and use it regularly. When I finally got around to trying the Bottle Bright tablets I was AMAZED! My heavily stained commuter coffee mug now looks like new!

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