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Beehive Hot Water Bag, Small

Beehive Hot Water Bag, Small
2 reviews

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What makes it Mighty?

  • Old fashioned charm, modern design
  • BPA Free Silicone with knitted sleeve
  • Hot Water and Freezer Safe

Product Details

The Jordan & Judy hot water bag is perfect for keeping hands and feet warm and relieving sore muscles. The modern design, reminiscent of the old-fashioned hot water bottle, has a beehive pattern and comes with a matching cozy sweater cover.

  • Includes coordinating cozy sweater cover
  • Can be used hot or cold - hot tap water and freezer safe
  • Soothe sore muscles, relieve aches and pains
  • Safe BPA free, silicone material

Dimensions: 3.94” x 2.28” x 5.3”, holds 11 oz. 
Made in China


What Others are Saying

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Overall Score

2 reviews
Small but strong
Review by Jessica on 2/27
Small but strong

I've had other water bottles this size and did not find them effective, so I thought you had to go big or not bother. But this one is outstanding in staying hot and transferring a cozy warmth. The texture is wonderful - that lovely velvety kind of silicone - and the shape is really handy. I can fit it in my large coat pockets, or it fits snugly against your body without flopping over. I'm honestly surprised and pleased to have my water bottle game improved this much.

Cute But Leaks
Review by Kristen on 3/24
Cute But Leaks

This thing is adorable. I chose this for my 4 year old who wanted his own hot water bottle, but I tested it out first as I had injured my ankle. The bottle doesn’t seal well and if squeezed even slightly (as a toddler does) water comes out around the seal and leaks. It retains heat way longer than my ancient water bottle and I would definitely consider purchasing the large one.

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About Jordan & Judy
Jordan & Judy is a creative design-based fashion brand. It focuses on innovative thinking and the modern design of products, upholding the spirit of innovation and change to create exquisite goods of value and a new fashion experience. It aims to deliver an artistic atmosphere to modern families and provide a more interesting, beautiful and comfortable lifestyle. Jordan & Judy -- Jordan is a design fanatic who maintains a creative and innovative lifestyle. Judy is an intellectual who seeks out the practical functions of art. Inspired during a vacation, the happy couple strives to create a brand that balances beauty, practicality, innovation and taste for leisure, work, gatherings and even shopping. Design Team -- Jordan & Judy employs more than 20 senior household appliance designers and exclusive designer teams at home and abroad (including the senior household appliances designer team in the United States) to create original and unique products with an international vision, and to maintain competitiveness with the latest products. Manufacturing -- Jordan & Judy has 6 self-owned factories, each of which is staffed up with a team of professional structural designers to support the realization of original ID design, and effectively protect product quality with advanced technological standards, as well as strict control of manufacturing and pricing. Technology -- We only use High-Density Borosilicate Glass for our water bottles and glassware. The addition of Boron Oxide produces a glass that can handle temperature changes, is resistant to thermal shock and less likely to break and shatter. Borosilicate glass is BPA free, BPS free, Lead free and Pthalate free.

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