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PitPack gently fights odor every month

Choose from two trusted deodorants

Schmidt's Stick

Schmidts charcoal 500x375

The easy-on stick with anti-odor minerals and skin-soothing shea butter fresh rain scent

$9.00/mo $10.00
Save 10% monthly

Soapwalla Cream

Soapwalla deodorant 500x375 v2

The long-lasting cream with absorbent natural powders and pure essential oils citrus or original scents

$16.19/mo $17.99
Save 10% monthly

Save 25% on your first month with code TRYPITPACK

mighty bird Which is right for me?

Both PitPack deodorants are safe, gentle and effective. MightyNest-tested and approved!

Choose Schmidt's if you:
  • Prefer a traditional deodorant stick
  • Want magnesium's anti-odor power
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Choose Soapwalla if you:
  • Want to explore an innovative hand-crafted cream
  • Prefer a uniquely green choice with reusable tub
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How PitPack Works

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Pick one deodorant for monthly delivery. Change or cancel at any time. Questions about which is right for you? Chat with us!

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Save 25% on your first month with code TRYPITPACK

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Why You'll Love PitPack


Our two favorite deodorants meet our tough criteria: safe for your body and the planet, and when it comes to your armpits, they truly perform!

Confidently fresh & safe

Every month, PitPack has you covered with a healthy green deodorant that really works! Fight odor with safe ingredients.

100% pure – 0% yuck

It's a stinky fact: conventional deodorants contain toxic and irritating ingredients that can clog pores, trigger allergies, disrupt hormones and may even contribute to cancer. PitPack deodorants are made with safe, pure ingredients —and smell great!

Pit pack ingredients 400x600 v2
MightyNest Approved - Safe, Healthy, Non-toxic
  • Gentle and effective
  • Safe natural ingredients
  • Essential oils & botanicals
  • No aluminum
  • No parabens
  • No phthalates

Why We Created PitPack

Deodorant: it’s where MightyNest began! Our co-founder learned about the risks of conventional deodorant when she was pregnant with her first child. She worked hard to discover better options, and wanted to share her findings with others. We created PitPack to make it easy for anyone to find non-toxic deodorant options (without the extensive research).

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Save 25% on your first month with code TRYPITPACK

No-Risk Trial

We passionately believe that everone deserves to try this important healthy alternative to an everyday essential. That's why we provide this offer for 25% off your first month!

Confidently make the change! The MightyNest team is here to help you discover the safe option that works best for your body. Call us at 847.905.0567 or chat online with any question.

Safe Deodorant: The Facts


Choose non-toxic deodorant made with food-quality ingredients to keep your armpits and body comfortable, safe, and fresh.

+ Why it matters

Your armpits do more than sweat. They can soak up deodorant ingredients. This matters because many lymph nodes and hormone receptors sit just beneath the armpit surface. Conventional deodorants can include questionable additives that can accumulate in your body, distress immunity, and disrupt hormonal balance.

+ What to avoid

  • Aluminum clogs skin pores
  • Parabens disrupt hormones
  • Phthalates disrupt hormones, possible carcinogen

+ What we look for

  • Safe natural ingredients:
    • Vegetable powders and clays absorb moisture
    • Plant-based butters nourish skin
    • Essential oils fight bacteria and smell amazing
  • Handmade in small batches
  • Gentle and effective

Frequently Asked Questions

Does natural deodorant really work?
Yes. You can rely on both PitPack products to keep you fresh. We’ve tested dozens of safe deodorants, and these are the best.
Which brand is right for me?

All PitPack deodorants are safe, gentle, and effective. It’s purely your preference.

Schmidt’s provides the simplest healthy change: it looks and feels familiar and applies like a traditional stick deodorant. Soapwalla introduces a refreshing difference: it goes on like a lotion and smells so good that you can’t wait to use it!

Choose Schmidt’s if you:
  • Prefer a traditional deodorant stick
  • Want the health benefits of magnesium
Choose Soapwalla if you:
  • Want to explore an innovative hand-crafted cream
  • Prefer a uniquely powerful and sustainable solution

More questions? We are here to help! Just call or chat with our friendly Customer Service team for suggestions. You can change your choice at any time.

Can I change the deodorant in my PitPack?
Yes. You can change or cancel at any time.
Will PitPack deodorants stop me from sweating?
PitPack deodorants lack the toxic pore-blocking additives of conventional deodorants and anti-perspirants but do contain effective ingredients to fight odor and absorb moisture.
What if PitPack doesn’t work for me?
Please reach out to our Customer Service team. We are here to help you. We will work with you to find the best deodorant for your body. Our solutions cover a wide range of needs and we want you to have a successful experience.
How does free shipping work?
Every month your PitPack ships for free in your monthly box. Anything else you add to your box from our shop ships free too! Free shipping is available in the contiguous 48 United States. In other states, territories, and countries, a shipping fee will apply.
What’s the catch?
There’s no catch! You can change or cancel your subscription at any time without penalties. We think you’ll love PitPack!