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Plastic Free Food Wrap

Plastic Free Food Wrap

Plastic Free Food Wrap

Bye! clingy plastic wrap

Cling wrap is so 1950! Time to break up with the plastic wrap of the past and get on board with these sweet reusable wax wraps. Made from all natural beeswax, resin, & cotton cloth, these wraps create an air & water resistant seal to keep foods fresh and will last up to a year.

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7-piece Bee's Wrap Variety Set


  • 2x Large Wraps (13" x 14") Perfect for half a melon, greens, baked goods or to cover a bowl
  • 2x Medium Wraps (10" x 11") Wrap cheese, a bunch of carrots, herbs or a bowl.
  • 2x Small Wraps (7" x 8") Great for half a lemon, avocado, or snack
  • 1x Bread Wrap (17" x 23") Wrap fresh bread, cover a casserole, or use to roll dough

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that's a wrap!

Bee's Wrap, Sets of 3 Set of 3, Medium
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Covers a big hunk of cheese, bunch of carrots, herbs or a medium size bowl.
Bee's Wrap, Sets of 3 Set of 3, Large
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Covers a salad bowl, casserole dish, baking pan, half a melon, dinner plate or a head of lettuce.
Bee's Wrap Sandwich Wrap Honeycomb
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The string tie keeps your sandwich together. Also great for keeping a tight wrap on things like cheese.
7-piece Bee's Wrap Variety Set
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This seven-piece set completes your Bee's Wrap Fix!
Bee's Wrap Lunch Set
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50% of consumer plastic is used just ONCE and then thrown away!
Bee's wrap vs plastic wrap - the choice is clear

Why Bee's Wrap?

We've chosen Bee's Wrap as a simple, natural way to cut back on plastic wrap and aluminum foil. Plastic wrap can contain BPA and other chemicals that can leach into food, especially hot or moist foods. We think Bee's Wrap is mighty because it is made from renewable resources, reduces waste, eliminates toxins, and supports small business in the US.

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