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Green Dishes

The Greenest Dishes in Town

Do dishes without toxic chemicals


Suds Up Brush Refill, pack of 2


This Suds Up soap dispensing dish brush refill uses a unique bristle blend. Made of natural plant bristles that will hold soap for clean, sudsy action and recycled plastic bristles. Plant fiber bristles will natural darken after soaking. All-na...
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Suds Up Dish Brush, Soap Dispensing by Full Circle
Natural bristles are tough and absorbent. Button on the handle easily dispenses soap.
Suds Up Brush Refill, pack of 2 by Full Circle
Natural bristles suds up, stand up better than nylon bristles.
Unscented Dishwasher Detergent Packs by Seventh Generation
Grease-fighting, enzyme-rich formula cleans without chlorine or phosphates.
Natural Dishwasher Powder by Ecover
Phosphate-free formula packs a punch without dangerous chemicals. Subtle citrus scent.
Walnut Scrubber Sponge (2-pack) by Full Circle
Plant-based, sustainable sponges made from walnuts clean dishes, countertops, appliances and more.
Walnut Scour Pads (3-pack) by Full Circle
Walnut shells double as durable, natural, non-toxic abrasives to scrub hard surfaces without scratching. 
Tidy Dish Cloths (Set of 3) by Full Circle
This trio of renewable, scrub-worthy cloths easily replaces paper towels.