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Replace Paper Towels

Replace Paper Towels

Replace Paper Towels

Roll over, paper towels

Switch to renewable, all-purpose, organic cotton cloths to eliminate 2+ rolls of disposable paper towels from your weekly trash pile. 

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Tidy Dish Cloth Multi Set


Feel good about reaching for renewable, organic, 100% cotton Tidy Dish Cloths instead of paper towels. This set offers the ideal amount of cleaning support, and extras for any surprise spills. Machine washable and dryable. Choose a set of 12, 15, or 18 cloths to meet your needs!
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wipe, dry, repeat

Tidy Dish Cloths (Set of 3)
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This trio of reusable, scrub-worthy cloths conveniently replaces paper towels & napkins with durably soft & absorbent organic cotton.  The textured stitching wipes clean sticky surfaces and sops up spills with ease.  
Wire Storage Basket
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