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Waste Free Grocery

Waste Free Grocery

Waste Free Grocery

Let's replace plastic produce & grocery bags

Pass on the plastic produce and grocery bags by switching to reusables. Durable fabrics make it easier to carry home heavy loads of groceries so you can make waste-free trips to the supermarket and farmer's market.

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Reusable Grocery Set


Our Reusable Grocery Set makes it easy to pass on plastic bags the next time you're at the store. This exclusive set includes five handy mesh produce bags and two nylon shopping bags (one Navy and one Teal) from Flip & Tumble. 

  •  Keeps disposable plastic bags out of landfills & marine ecosystems
  •  Extra durable grocery bags carry up to 35 pounds
  •  Lightweight mesh produce bags are breathable and machine washable

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green up in the produce aisle

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