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Revitalizing Body Wash

by Mother Dirt

93 reviews
$22.39 $27.99
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Postbiotic Body Wash
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Revitalizing Body Wash

by Mother Dirt

93 reviews
$22.39 $27.99
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What Makes It Mighty?

  • rosewater, glycerin soap with coconut extract cleanse, hydrates and softens skin
  • postbiotics help protect the healthy microbiome of the skin
  • concentrated liquid soap cleanses without stripping, refreshing lemongrass scent

Mother Dirt Revitalizing Body Wash is specially formulated to gently cleanse skin without stripping. It contains ingredients like rose water, almond and coconut extracts to refresh and nourish while a powerful blend of postbiotics help maintain a balanced microbiome. Scented with lemongrass essential oils and extracts for revitaliized and refreshed skin.

  • Non-drying body wash made from gentle plant-derived rose water and gylcerin soap
  • Cleanses dirt and oil from skin without drying, stripping or damaging the skin barrier
  • For all skin types - dry, oily, combination and sensitive skin
  • Free from sulfates, parabens, dyes, rough exfoliants and synthetic fragrance
  • Dermatologically and clinically tested

Size: 6.8 fl oz

(Please note, many of the reviews for this product were originally posted on motherdirt.com)

Use and care:

Apply to damp skin. Gently massage, then rinse. Follow up with Mother Dirt Moisturizing Body Oil.

Where is it made?
Is it vegan?
Why yes it is!
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Mighty Rating:

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Primarily plastic and recyclable

How is it packaged?
Plastic bottle, plastic shrink wrap
End of use:
Recycle bottle, discard wrap with regular waste
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Revitalizing Body Wash
Revitalizing Body Wash

Mighty Rating:

this product scores 2
Has 100% ingredient visibility, includes some synthetic ingredients
Fragrance Ingredients are:
Preservative Ingredients are:
Nature Identical.

Ingredients Details

Water, Sodium Laurylglucosides Hydroxypropylsulfonate, Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Glycerin, Lauramidopropyl Betaine, Lactobacillus Ferment, Coco-Glucoside, Lactobacillus, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Fruit Extract, Cymbopogon Flexuosus Leaf Oil, Citric Acid, Maltodextrin, Saccharomyces Ferment, Aspergillus Ferment, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil

Does not contain live cultures

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What others are saying

Overall Score

93 reviews
Review by Annalee F. on 10/12
Gentle bodywash

Gentle, unscented body wash, exactly what I was looking for. Love the texture as well.

Review by Shannon S. on 10/12
Great Cleanser

I love this cleanser as it’s lightweight and smells nice! I love the bonus of it being great for my micro biome. A new staple.

Review by Gioanna B. on 10/12
Love these products!!

Love these products!!

Review by Evelyn N. on 10/12
Cleans well and super gentle

Cleans well and super gentle on the skin. I must say I preferred the unscented.

Review by Nancy G. on 10/12
Lasts longer than I thought,

Lasts longer than I thought, foams well for lathering, keeps skin smooth and healthy, looking forward to seeing more changes in my skin..

Review by Thomas C. on 10/12
I use it instead of regular soap

I use it instead of regular soap. It promotes microbiome health and works as well as, if not better than, other commercially available soaps.

Review by Adam w. on 10/12
Best body wash

This is the best body wash i have tried. It makes my skin feel great.

Review by Edmond G. on 10/12
The body wash is very

The body wash is very great. A lovely way to maintain the proper biome (which, I've learned, goes away really fast -- and noticeably -- with regular soap).

Review by Nicholas C. on 10/12
Clean and healthy

I've been extremely happy since beginning to use Mother Dirt products over a year ago. The body wash keeps me clean, but I have much less skin drying issues. My skin just feels better. The shampoo cleans just enough to feel good, without stripping all of the natural oils from my hair. My stylist regularly comments on how healthy my hair looks and feels.

Review by Jeremy on 10/12
Another great product!

The MotherDirt body wash is a perfect complement to the MD family of products. It works well and your skin feeling clean, but not stripped.

Review by Georgia B. on 10/12
Leaves skin so soft

This body wash is wonderful. It felt soothing, and the scent is really mild but pleasant and fresh. I felt clean too, without feeling like it stripped off my moisture barrier. Most body washes are harsh or too scented... Not this one!

Review by Naomi on 10/12
Great stuff!

It's funny that the e-mail announcement repeated that a little goes a long way, because that's exactly what I was going to say! It's totally true. A bit of body wash on a loofa or wash cloth can be enough for one shower, so it will be very economical. Even if you love the cleanser, as I do, you will find a use for this body wash -- perhaps in your pits, bits (no stinging of the female parts), or on your feet. And it truly smells divine. Lovely, gentle scent without being overpowering.

Review by David A. on 10/12
Body wash & shampoo

The new body wash is such a big improvement over commercial products. It lathers up easily and leaves your skin soft and clean.

Review by Ivy L. on 10/12
Live this!

New favorite product! Super easy to use, and I love that it barely takes a smidge to wash my entire body.

Review by Judi S. on 10/12
Great feeling of clean skin

Great feeling of clean skin using very little body wash.

Review by Marilyn C. on 10/12
Body Wash

It’s Great, it Leaves my skin Clean without drying it out!! I will continue using it and I would recommend it.

Review by Heather C. on 10/12
Love it!

Highly concentrated and lathers nicely. Leaves skin feeling very soft.

Review by Doug S. on 10/12
its simple

these products work

Review by Krista S. on 10/12

A little bit of this stuff works well on a wash cloth.

Review by Julie S. on 10/12
Does the job

It does the job and I like the results. Like it advertises, a little goes a long way.

Review by Julia S. on 10/12
Very good product

feel clean without feeling dry

Review by Ryan M. on 10/12
Look no further for simplified skin hygiene.

This moisturizer is so good I hardly have to use it! I have now been using MD products for 6+ months and couldn't be happier. While no single product has made radical differences for me, my personal hygiene routine has never been more straightforward or easy to maintain. More importantly, using these products over the long term gives me the peace of mind that I am doing what I can to reduce some of the evolutionary discordance introduced by the modern environment.

Review by Lisa S. on 10/12
Nice product

You don't need to use much of this. There is a notable difference in that skin is less greasy after use.

Review by John R. on 10/12
Easy to use and very

Easy to use and very each to apply

Review by Jay S. on 10/12
shampoo product is fantastic!

The shampoo product is the best shampoo I have ever used. I use it much less frequently than I need to use other shampoo, and my hair always looks great!

Review by Michelle A. on 10/12
Great product

I’ve been using the face wash so decided to try the body wash. Great product. Non drying. Leaves you feeling clean. Works well!

Review by Tory S. on 10/12
So natural

I just love how I can use this product everywhere knowing that it is so natural and clean.

Review by Branson D. on 10/12

A small amount goes a long way, foams up well.

Review by Jennifer M. on 10/12
You only need a few drops!

This stuff is amazing! Non-drying, non-stripping of body’s moisture, yet very good cleansing action. It has excellent lather with only a few drops, making it super economical for the price. Definitely buying again!

Review by Tawney H. on 10/12
With using this product I

With using this product I do not notice body odor

Review by Tiffany D. on 10/12
Best product ever!!

I love this body and how it works in conjunction with the AO spray. My skin has never looked or felt better!

Review by Allana H. on 10/12
Best product ever- deodorant had

Best product ever- deodorant had stopped working for me, but now after the body wash and AO mist, I don't even need deodorant! My skin has never looked better!!!

Review by Suzanne M. on 10/12
I love how this lathers

I love how this lathers and it leaves my skin very soft. Great product!

Review by Samantha Y. on 10/12
This has been a great

This has been a great product! Smooth and super gentle on my sensitive skin, irritation bumps on my legs were gone in a few days.

Review by Jessica K. on 10/12
A little goes a long

A little goes a long way!

Review by Suzette H. on 10/12
The perfect body wash for

The perfect body wash for my skin.
Doesn’t dry it out. But leaves you feeling refreshed and clean. Nice fresh scent .
I feel smoother and not wrinkly.

Review by Paul H. on 10/12
Simple wash - cap issue resolved

After a shower with this, I’m fresh and clean. At first I had trouble getting the cap to work, since it only seemed to screw off all the way. On the third day the cap twisted more gently with the white plastic moving and the interior mechanism staying in place so that the proper opening on the top was usable.

I haven’t seen a lot of foaming but enough to show it’s there. No weird scent, no soapy residue, just some good help getting clean. Will buy more when I run out.

Review by Christine on 10/12
Wonderfully gentle and not too sudsy!

This body wash is very gentle and although it doesn’t create a lot of suds, it definitely makes you feel very clean and fresh, but because it doesn’t have a strong odor, you don’t smell strongly of some sort of perfume fragrance. All of the Mother Dirt products feel gentle and free on my skin. I feel much lighter and it feels like my pores are less clogged. I really find all their products amazing and recommend you try them, especially if you have any skin issues. This really works.

Review by Terry W. on 10/12
Clean but not sterilized

I have been using this body wash ever since using the AOB. I like that it does not make my skin feel stripped of my natural oils. Every so often I use regular soap and my skin feels dry. Mother dirt products are the best.

Review by Cathi F. on 10/12
Love the shower gel! I’m

Love the shower gel! I’m always refreshed and clean!

Review by Traci C. on 11/4
This smells amazing and feels

This smells amazing and feels so smooth going on my skin!

Review by Matthew J. on 10/1
Pleasant bodywash!

The body wash smells light and quite nice. A little bit goes a long way. The texture is pleasant. The formula foams well. Shipping was quite fast.

Review by Grace P. on 7/4
Feels like a body detox

Feels like a body detox from all the unnatural ingredients in other body washes. Smooth and gel like texture. Leaves skin feeling hydrated and beautiful.

Review by MaryAnn B. on 5/1
2 THUMBS UP :+1::+1:

Works Great w/ the Body Oil!

Review by Dennis M. on 12/4
Clean feeling

It works well and is easy to use. Definitely cleans well and leaves my skin refreshed. Glad I'm not stripping my skin anymore.

Review by Sharee G. on 8/6
The smell!!

I love washing with the body wash!! And Following up with the body spray!! The smell is rejuvenating!!

Review by Marion M. on 8/1
Great product...greater company

The most conscientious company is never perfect. Every time, Mother Dirt's representatives have addressed my issues, not reluctantly, but with care and concern for ME, the customer! This is how you build a good reputation. This is how you earn loyal customers.

Review by Jim S. on 12/10
Loving the Body Wash!

The new body wash is fabulous - no more dry spots or oily skin- not sure how you do that but it’s great!

Review by Eileen G. on 11/11
Love the products

My favorite product is the shampoo - it soothes itchy scalp effectively. The mist is good, too - but I don't always remember to use it b/c it stays in the refrigerator (to keep it fresh longer) and I sometimes forget! Everything from Mother Dirt is a first-class product.

Review by Matthew M. on 10/8
A little goes a long

A little goes a long way! Don't need to use much of this product at all for it to work. I love it, but wished they offered bigger bottle sizes for it.

Review by Michelle C. on 9/6
Worth the money!

I have been using this body wash for about 6 months now. My skin is so soft! It has a very light scent, almost nothing at all which I like.

Review by Austin C. on 9/3
My favorite product here

This is my go-to all around product. I mostly use it for shaving and as a face wash, but it's great as an actually body wash as well. Cannot recommend it enough.

Review by Victoria L. on 6/1
Love the Body WAsh

I really love the Body Wash. It leaves my skin feeling clean, fresh, and smooth. I also love that it doesn't leave a filmy residue in the shower or bathtub. Thanks Mother Dirt!

Review by Rob A. on 5/6

Have been pleased with the feel of the wash on my skin. You do not need a large amount to have a positive effect. Will continue to use.

Review by Cherie B. on 4/6
very happy with the product.

very happy with the product. Does what it says it will and more. Much appreciative of quality and results in the product. Thanks.

Review by Michael B. on 4/6
Since I've started using the

Since I've started using the body wash I've found I don't need to use deodorant anymore. So that's at least one advantage.

Review by Shayna M. on 12/12
My body loves this wash

A little goes a long ways!!! Suds up great

Review by Dina W. on 12/9
Works for me!

As with other Mother Dirt products, this one is awesome. I love the way my skin feels inside my clothes!

Review by Lisa P. on 12/8

I am so over the moon with the Motherdirt products! My skin feels and looks amazing, brilliantly alive! I have never been so excited about skin care ever and I have tried hundreds of different ones. I use it on myself and my boys they love it also. Will never be with out it. I use and love it all! Thanks for such superior products.

Review by Christine T. on 12/7
Love this

I love all of MotherDirt products but this one is my favoy!

Review by Steven K. on 11/11
Love it

Love it

Review by Lauren C. on 8/7
New body wash works for me!

no issue with the small amount of fragrance- though i do not have sensitive skin. i appreciate the use of this over the foam as it can cover my whole body with a dime size amount on my scrubber. thank you for this change!

Review by Pamela T. on 4/8
Love it.

I have extremely dry skin. I don’t itch after using the body wash. A big plus.

Review by Val A. on 1/7
Love this product!

My favorite thing about this product is the value you get! I only need a little drop of the wash (smaller than a dime) to wash my whole body. Add to that how well it works and how much my skin likes it, it's a total win.

Review by Lisa S. on 10/12

The fragrance was nice and light, the body wash feels very nice however the deodorant did not neutralize even faint body odor. The oil doesn't penetrate well at all so I was disappointed but like their concept.

Review by Robin G. on 10/12
The Old Formula is Better - Bring it back please!

I love this product! Hands down the best of the rest. I wasn't aware that the old Forumla was broken and needed fixed? I still have some of the old formula and compared the two. The old forumla lathers up more with the same amount of product. So, the new and not so improved formula would have you use more product to get the same latherise. And the scent of the Old formula was more clean smelling, subtle. It didn't need to be changed at all. The new formula is a miss. I'm not sure why the forumla was changed.. unless you got thousands of messages asking you to change it? Or was that a company decision? Either way, go back to what you had. There is nothing wrong with the old formula. Thank you.

Review by Kyle K. on 10/12
Smells great, I wish it

Smells great, I wish it lathered a bit better but all around a great formula leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean!

Review by Lauren W. on 10/12
Skin Cleanser

I prefer to use the shampoo as an all-over body wash as well, because it lathers better. Still, all the products are wonderful!

Review by Julia M. on 10/12
Body Wash

The instructions say to use a pea size amount, but I find I needed to use more. I love the fact I am not stripping my micro biome, but making it healthier!

Review by Brittney C. on 10/12

Feels like a nice cleanser, very gentle. Not too good for a deep clean though

Review by John i. on 10/12
Best Products I have used so far

Motherdirt products have been the most consistent products I have used thus far. While I am not completely clear, the product keeps my face 90% clear on a consistent basis, which is much better than the countless other products I have tried.

Review by Mary P. on 10/12
I feel good about this

Loving the body wash so far! just having trouble making the cap work. I've had to just unscrew it and pour it into my hand which is fine but not as easy to tango with in the shower. Does anyone else know how to make the dispenser work?

Review by Edith G. on 10/12
Nice Product

Pretty good body wash and is good with the body lotion, but the body lotion is a bit oily and I would prefer something that soaks into the skin a bit faster.

Review by ABau on 10/12
Like the body wash, but not dispensing right :(

Been using the body wash with the AO mist for about a week. I'm liking this body wash so far - effective but gentle, no strong scent, noticed slight reduction in underarm BO.

My only complaint is that the product isn't dispensing the way it is supposed to, so I have to unscrew the cap and pour out the product to use it... Not ideal since it's harder to control how much body wash comes out but not the end of the world. Doesn't seem like others have had this issue so maybe I just got faulty packaging?

Review by Jillian C. on 10/12
Smells good, cleans well, isn’t

Smells good, cleans well, isn’t drying

Review by Kris S. on 10/12
Wish you made this even

Wish you made this even bigger and it wasn't discontinued.

Review by Jennifer S. on 12/7
Great product

Love, love, love this body wash product. Only 4 stars cuz it has maltodextrin. Would prefer no wheat or corn products.

Review by Brittany R. on 6/12
It works well. It's light

It works well. It's light and has a nice light scent. It sounds up really nice and you don't have to use a lot. It works well with my sensitive skin.

Review by Pamela B. on 4/4
Love it!!!!

It's hard to find a good body wash that's also hydrating to the skin. I have tried very expensive and very cheap, Mother Dirt is right there in the middle. It's affordable , but better yet, it works. I am also happy w the face cleanser. I wish I had found Mother Dirt years ago, but, I found it, that's what matters going forward.

Review by Kerri U. on 7/9
Issues with cap but love the product

I’m obsessed with this! Along with there AO mist and shampoo, great company! Skin looks great! Lathers well and no weird scent. The only problem is my cap isn’t working as it should. It’s very annoying I have to screw the cap off every time and it pours out if I’m not super careful.

Review by Ashley W. on 10/12
esta bien

esta bien

Review by Daniel N. on 10/12

I love the way Mother Dirt cleans without drying out my skin. It has cut down on my breakouts and feels very clean.

Review by ANTONINA L. on 10/12
I wanted to love this

I wanted to love this body wash as I have forever been looking for the right one. I don't dislike it but for the price I should LOVE it or it should be a much bigger bottle!
I am nearly out but do not plan to reorder it at this time. Although my skin feels soft, a few hours after I shower I do not feel clean. By the end of the day I feel sort of slimy as though I need another shower. Could just be me!

Review by Whitney R. on 10/12
Good but…

I can’t get the cap to work, this is the second bottle. It might be user error but if I can’t master a plastic cap- that worries me. I have to unscrew the cap and pour it out each time which causes me to use too much. I really like the product itself.

Review by Eric R. on 2/4

The new packaging is ugly.

Review by Kelly L. on 10/12
Not as good as the original

I don’t like the reformulation. It’s less concentrated and the lemongrass scent is a dead ringer for pledge furniture polish. I’ve been an avid fan, but will probably look for another soap free cleanser.

Review by heather on 10/12
Not digging the lemongrass

Hoping for a return to unscented. Are my hives solely due to stress or was it the addition of lemongrass EO to my mother dirt body wash?? Loved the unscented version & not pleased with change to my auto-ship order. Please change it back.

Review by Karen H. on 10/12
Not for me

If you prefer suds to know your product is working, then this is for you. However, it feels like this product takes more time in my routine because it takes longer to rinse all that soapiness off. Not a big deal, but my previous brand definitely reduced time in the shower and I used way less water ! Also, my skin felt tighter and drier after using this, forcing me to add a moisturizer to my routine, which I didn't need previously. This is not a time saving line of products, and I find myself having to use more product, which was not my hope. Great concept, but definitely not time saving in any way.

Review by Lisa D. on 10/12
Fairly gentle body wash.

Fairly gentle body wash.

Review by karly on 7/9
very basic bodywash at a ridiculously high price

This is a very basic body wash at a ridiculously high price point. Would never buy it again. I mean, yes, it cleans your skin. But for a few dollars, so does a bar of soap. There is nothing special about this body wash. And rhe claims that it is "concentrated" and you only need a pea sized amount is completely false. What a rip off.

Review by Patrick K. on 10/12
Newly scented! Newly made unusable!

Really disappointed in the move to add a fragrance to the body wash. The Conditioner smells like glue (not really a negative), and the body wash always smelled fine before. There's zero reason not to offer a scent free version.

Review by Tiffany on 10/12
Disappointing product

The body wash is very watery and even though the packaging says toyou use a pea- sized amount, good luck not pouring a bunch into your hand. The lid looks as though it should be a pop-up top but I couldn’t get that to work. I also can’t get it to lather so I end up using more of it to try and achieve a lather. It’s a very watery, pale milky yellow.

Review by Joani on 8/7
The new delivery of products

I've found the new spray body oil not very useful. Once I spray one leg or arm the possibility of doing the other (using my other hand) is almost impossible since my fingers are so oily the bottle slips through my hands. Also, in the shower, with the concentrated body wash, the cap to dispense the product doesn't seem to work, (so I get the right "drop"). As a result I've had to open the top and hope I can pour just a small amount.
The face moisturizer (that comes in a squeeze bottle) also causes me to pour too much out, because after I twist off the cap and dispense the oil into my hands, I have to lay the bottle down to then apply it to my face. Which causes issues because if I put any pressure on the bottle when I lay it down, oil drips out of the tip. If I place the opened bottle into the cap, while I apply my moisturizer, the oil drips into the cap, and gives it excess liquid.
I plan on only ordering the old containers, even though they too have their own issues, the new containers are more problematic. I love your products, but I find the new containers waste more of the product due to their inability to efficiently distribute the product desired without any excess being lost in the process.

About Mother Dirt

Mother Dirt’s mission is to restore the skin microbiome, revealing your most biologically balanced and vibrant skin. Using the transformative power of pre- and post-biotics and gentle botanicals, Mother Dirt products work in harmony with your natural microbiome to deep clean without stripping, balance oil production, soothe inflammation, and keep skin glowingly hydrated. Whether you’re acne prone or dry, oily or sensitive, you’ll see the same results - improved clarity and glowing, healthier-looking skin. Welcome to total skin wellness.

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